Criminalizing Policies Which Counter the British Empire

The process of fraudulently criminalizing policies which undermine the “divide and conquer” intentions of the British Empire and its assets in the US has taken another step forward.
We have seen how Special Counsel Robert Mueller, based on the discredited “cash for trash” document prepared by former MI6 official Christopher Steele (and promoted by Obama’s intelligence team), is in the process of running a coup attempt against the President of the United States in order to prevent his policy of establishing friendly and cooperative relations with Russia and China.
Any cooperation with Russia is criminal in the British view. Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, told CNN on Nov. 12 that Trump’s effort to work constructively with Russia is “a peril to this country” and a “national security” threat.
What is this but criminalizing policy based on the British geopolitical division of the world into warring factions, the hallmark of Empire?
Today, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post launched a campaign declaring Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump’s first National Security Adviser, to have broken the law by promoting a “Marshall Plan” for the Middle East, to build nuclear power plants to advance the economies of the Arab nations.
“It was a business proposal in the form of a policy paper,” an “unnamed source” told the Post in regard to the proposal advocated by Flynn while he was in the White House. The supposed “crime” is defined as corruption, simply because Flynn, before joining the government, had promoted the plan as a consultant to companies that could potentially benefit. The Post adds that the issue has been referred to Mueller’s witchhunt team.
In fact, this demonstrates clearly that development itself is seen as a crime by this gang of economic hit-men. President of the EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker earlier had said that the EU fully intended to block Chinese investments in Europe under all kinds of pretexts, while the Western press is full of warnings that China’s Belt and Road Initiative is an attempt to take over the world from the U.S..
And yet, reality is showing these thugs to be nothing but a modern version of the emperor with no clothes. Across the world, nearly every nation is embracing the New Paradigm of peace through development. This week alone, conferences on the New Silk Road are taking place in Hungary (between China and the 16 Central and Eastern European nations), and in Uruguay (the China-Latin American-Caribbean Business Forum), as are several bilateral meetings between China and other nations. The idea developed by statesman Lyndon LaRouche over the last half-century — that only a total reorganization of the world financial and economic order based on real development could prevent the descent into depression and war — is becoming manifest through the Belt and Road Initiative.
Trump has become a threat to the British Empire by positing that America can only be great again if it drops the anti-industry, anti-science, greenie ideology, crushes the (British) Opium War against the United States and the world, and joins with Russia, China, and other nations in peaceful development programs.
The danger the world avoided when Hillary Clinton was rejected by the American electorate in 2016 was on full display Tuesday in a video presentation by Hillary to the annual conference of Caijing business magazine in Beijing. Just days after Presidents Trump and Xi Jinping dedicated themselves and their nations to cooperation in resolving conflicts around the world, Hillary ranted that Xi Jinping was guilty of an “unprecedented consolidation of power” and warned against China’s “secret military build up on contested islands” and “bullying smaller neighbors.”
To the contrary, China’s “smaller neighbors,” and others around the world, are joyfully greeting China’s Belt and Road as the means to liberation from the colonial and neo-colonial backwardness imposed upon them for centuries by the European imperial powers and the “debt slavery” under IMF dictatorship.
As to the response in the United States, take five minutes to watch the LaRouchePAC video “West Virginia Joins China’s Win-Win Cooperation,” to see how China’s New Silk Road is already contributing to making America great again.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

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  1. To the contrary, China’s “smaller neighbors,” and others around the world, are joyfully greeting China’s Belt and Road as the means to liberation from the colonial and neo-colonial backwardness imposed upon them for centuries by the European imperial powers and the “debt slavery” under IMF dictatorship “What more can I say” other than dump the debt banking crisis.

    1. So what has this to do with anything? Their significance is purely as figureheads in a circus to prevent a class analysis of capitalism which will enable us all regrdless of religious afiliations ot overthrow capitalism and establish a post-capitalist world of common ownership, democratic control and production for use with with free access, run by us al a sone human family, wihtout nation states, governments and parasitic elites.

      1. i.e.Communism. The “human family” does not understand what a Family is, first the “old” establishment has to be taken down, in process, before a “new” understanding establishes itself.

      2. You mean go back to communism – common ownership. Great more christianized atheism from Americans. We do not know what capitalism is because we have not seen capitalism that havent been rigged or manipulated by a nefarious group of individuals, which is the subject of the above articles and the underlying theme of every article under this heading, nor is it lawful.

  2. Yes great news, for world development, we have been devolving for years under the Jew Rothschilds Cabal, lets face it they run London head of the snake, avast avast you devil serpent Ha Ha. Soon a new renaissance YO, Can,t wait!

  3. This article doesn’t really clarify the factions within the UK. It is similar to the USA in that it has a Deep State, a Zombie Corporate Press & a paralysed legislator.
    It has also been assumed that The Queen pays no part in UK politics or Geopolitics.
    The Tory party appear to having a battle with someone who could be very well connected. This could be opposition to the Global Banker Government.
    As the Cameron criminal cartel left the Tory Party with a policy of creating Chaos & Destruction it is unclear which faction has this policy.
    Similarly to the USA it is assumed by casual observers that the vocal Corporate Media & the Banker elite have control of the country but this is only an illusion which they conjure up. The power of the media in this current situation has become reversed. They have lost the ability to string a constant narrative together to indoctrinate the population. The only people left who follow the MSM narrative are now the MSM themselves & those paid to repeat the lies & propaganda.
    We also seem to have a lot of Soros type influence coming from the United Nations as they continue their plan to Rule The World.
    They have implemented an education curriculum into our schools which is blatantly multi ethnic, anti Christian, multi gender, anti family & promoting Paedophila as normal.
    So while chaos & destruction reigns in our Western Corporate States, the UN is covertly taking over our societies with Sanctuary Cities from within our bureaucracies.

  4. The British Empire is at a fork in the road as it decides whether to carry on with a War & Fraud economy or take the Asian route to peace & prosperity.
    The Tory Party have appear to have opted for a roundabout.

      1. The British Royal Crown subverted this nation 150 years ago, the fact the you believe that it doesn’t shows you how effective they have been. You can not oppose something that you do not think is there.

    1. The Law is ultimately in the interests of private property of the ruling class. Our intersts should lie in abolishing social classes and having a commonly owned post-capitalist world of free access, production for use and democratic control by social equals.

      1. Law is classless, and lawlessness only plays to those elite who dont follow the law and able to get away with it. Do yourself a favor, unlearn everything you were taught at the government schools and educate yourself. Your eyes will be opened.

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