The US and Israel’s New “Secret” Anti-Iran Plans

While Russia strives to move Syria on from a stage of war and bloody anarchy to one of peace, stability and reconstruction — by inviting all parties to next month’s Sochi conference to agree a roadmap including a new constitution and presidential and parliamentary elections – the US and Israel are drawing up plans to detonate the region and plunge it into new wars on the pretext of confronting the Iranian threat.
Israel’s Channel 10 has revealed that a secret agreement was reached on 12 December, following talks between Israeli national security advisor Meir Ben-Shabbat and his US counterpart H R McMaster, for the two sides to take action and devise scenarios against Iran on several fronts. This reportedly entails measures aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear and missile capabilities, rolling back its presence in Syria, and confronting its ally Hezbollah in Lebanon. The White House later confirmed the existence of the agreement after news of it was leaked to media.
Two major developments are expected to unfold in the region in the new year. First, the collapse of the Islamic State (IS) and its loss of most of its territory in Syria, and secondly, the defeat of the American project in Syria. This was based on using armed opposition groups to topple the regime of President Bashar al-Asad, and was thwarted by the Syrian Arab army’s steadfastness, the intervention of Russia, and the support of allies like Iran and Hezbollah, putting Syria on the threshold of a new phase of national reconciliation and renewal.
Against this backdrop, the current US administration fears its influence in the region is receding in favour of Russia and China and of regional powers such as Iran and Turkey. The Israeli occupation state, for is part, is alarmed by the strength of Hezbollah and its growing military capabilities, and fears the consequences of it emerging triumphant from the Syrian conflict and being able to devote is attention fully to confronting the Israeli threat and opening new attrition fronts against it in South Lebanon and southwestern Syria.
Neither Channel 10 nor the White House gave away details of the plans and scenarios that the US and Israel might pursue against Iran and Hezbollah. But it is obvious that one of these scenarios is to try to destabilize Iran from within by engineering disturbances or protests and activating a number of armed separatist groups. Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin-Salman, one of the Trump administration’s closest Middle Eastern allies, said as much openly in a TV interview some months ago. He warned his country was going to ‘take the war inside Iran’ as a pre-emptive measure – meaning before Iran tries to take the ‘war’ into Saudi Arabia. It would not be surprising if the demonstrations held on Friday in several Iranian towns in protest at inflation were in some part a product of that strategy.
It is doubtful that any US and Israeli scheme to remove Iran and its influence from Syria and Lebanon would stand much chance of succeeding, unless it envisages all-out war. Even then, it would be a dangerous gamble that could have catastrophic consequences, particularly for the Israeli occupation state. If the US’ Patriot missiles were unable to intercept the handful of home-made rockets fired by Yemen’s Houthis against Saudi cities, Israel’s Iron Dome system is unlikely to fare better against Hezbollah’s more advanced and accurate missiles, especially if they are fired in their hundreds, if not thousands, against Israeli cities.
The threat faced by Israel has been compounded. The main threat is from within: from the stirring of a new Palestinian uprising and the prospect of it developing into a campaign of armed resistance. This is not unlikely given the recent firing of missiles from the Gaza Strip at Israeli settlements to is north, and the emergence into the open of Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s alliance with Iran – with Qasem Soleimani, head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Brigade, boasting of having been in direct contact with the two Palestinian Islamist groups’ military commanders.
Israel and the US’ threats may be tantamount to psychological warfare, or they could be aimed at reassuring their frightened Arab allies and prompting them to spend tens of billions more dollars on American weaponry. Either way, the coming year may prove to be a frightening one for the US and its Israeli ally. They may try their luck, but the outcomes will definitely not be to their liking. For the region is changing — and fast.
The original source of this article is Raialyoum.

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  1. Only a fool would buy US weaponry, so Saudis will, as for Israhell, the “WHOLE” world is sick of their Unlawful BS, Keep it up, you have no allies, you will reap what you sow!

    1. ONLY the REAL Truth about the REAL History about WHO the REAL Jews are will disclose the MASSIVE fraud and LIES being sold to the world.
      REMEMBER, it is ONLY the REAL Jews that will “Assist” in bringing “Blessings” to all mankind (Zechariah 8: 23)
      Does ANYTHING this group claims to represent even come CLOSE to that prophecy??? Hell NO!
      Research subject: REAL JEWS vs FAKE JEWS…REAL “Israelites”…Best yet buy a copy of DVD enttitled: “Out of Darkness” (

    1. North Korea is a Vassal state of China which in turn is owned by the Jews. North Korea is no threat to anyone and they can install a bank anytime there if there really isn’t one already.

      1. @E
        DEAD-ON brother…You just pegged IT…and is WHY all “Governments” are nothing more than “Mind-Control” vehicles…and so with ALL “Religion”…ALL OWNED and controlled by the “Mother of ALL “Corporations” The VATICAN!
        Governments loved to use their favorite con-game: Divide & Conquer…Problem-Reaction-Solution….BUT, Like YOU people are starting to CATCH-ON to the GAME!

  2. Phillip Giraldi, the only American with the guts and INTEGRITY to say what NEEDS, at the very least, TO BE DONE – “ The U.S. should pull the plug on the phony ‘special relationship’ with Netanyahu and his nest of vipers.”. I agree but of course I would “end the relationship” with Israel with a BANG – on Tel Aviv where the Illuminati ZIONIST ICON and Headquarters, for the House of Rothschild, resides and send ALL those Psychopathic Ashkenazi FAKE Jews , unlawfully OCCUPYING Israel ( PALESTINE), back to Europe where they belong
    As former CIA officer Paul R. Pillar has repeatedly argued, Israel, not Russia, is more dangerous than any country in the Middle East.

    1. “The Invention of the Land of Israel: From Holy Land to Homeland”, 2012, by Shlomo Sand and Geremy Forman, reveals the fairy-tale history of the U.N. grant of territory, 1948, that was fraudulently named “Israel”.

  3. ONLY, imposters live in Israel at the moment…The ORIGINAL Jews were BLACK people and have LONG since been “Scattered” ALL Over the EARTH as foretold in the bible…The imposters are trying to change History into THEIR favor (Khazarians)…as described in Revelation 2:9…FAKE JEWS.

  4. Perhaps the Russians are likely to make millions or even billions from the sales of weapons. Who knows where this is going as it was the Rothschild’s that removed the Tsars of Russia – perhaps there is still bad blood or is it another mind game that the so called leaders play to confuse the populace. It is known that the Russian elite are blood with most of the elite groups in Europe, so what gives concerning the middle east?

    1. @shapiemau
      You HIT upon a VERY important point there about “Weapon sales” brother…When a GOVERNMENT is promoting weapons sales…can ANYONE call them “Light-workers”??? Obviously NOT!
      WE are headed toward a world of “Oneness” between EVERYTHING…Wars DO NOT promote ONENESS…but “Separation/Polarity”…MOST governments use war as a distraction from people finding out about THEM and their REAL intentions…CONTROL…RELIGION is used to help THEM.

      1. Kenneth, I totally agree with what you have said there. Interestingly, yesterday I was having a discussion about secret societies. A good friend of mine has been approached to join one particular group and wanted to know my opinion about the choices at hand.
        He is a christian( if that means anything), but somehow his views on Israel appear to be skewed. My view is this;- If you believe in God, then you believe also in oneness and openness of society. You will also be good to your fellow man and he will be equal to you on all levels. So bearing that in mind, why would you want to join a secret society that only have one thing only on their mind and will achieve total destruction of mankind to make it happen, and done in secrecy?
        I think that I have left him confused now.

    1. I have seen this, and that is why I am a little perplexed as to the true nature of the middle east scenario. Have the Americans gone awol as far as the Brits are concerned and the Ruskies are towing the line. AS far as I have read concerning Iran is that even though sanctions is imposed, the USA has not got enough hold on their mineral rights. This they have managed to do in Syria and what appears to be happening is a corridor or a partitioning of the said country, the oil rich part with a port to ship it from. I could be wrong there though.

  5. drbhelthi, thank you,
    I have read about the Rothschild’s terms and conditions in the second world war before the USA got involved in the war. I understand that side. What is puzzling to me is that Rothschild( their family flag is the same as the star of David only red instead of blue) is a pretender as is the Queen is, so why is he putting so much money and concentration into this one little country? Is there something else under the Temple that he knows about? I will look at the link that you have posted and thank you again.

  6. Obviously, the evil entities of the “swamp”, that president Trump is draining, continue to usurp control of US Government foreign policy.
    Detail are found in, “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy”, 2007, Mearsheimer and Walt.

  7. WHEN?..will people UNDERSTAND that ALL Governments/Religions are “Controlled” by the VATICAN (TRUMP/PUTIN/CHINA Included!)
    THEY are the very ones CREATING the mess here on the planet.
    Excellently detail exposure of this FACT.

  8. Surely it is time that we stopped blaming Trump USA for all this insanity & referred to corporate USA as the drivers of foreign policy & The Rothschild Army as the destroyers of world states.

    1. Trump is just as much a “Puppet” as Putin is…BOTH are subservient to the VATICAN…Their “Mother of ALL corporate governments”
      The Rothschild’s are PART of this arrangement too.

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