Disgusted Duterte Condemns the Twin Evil of the Deep State

The Deep State International Criminal Court has sent a prosecutor to investigate the so-called human rights violation of the incumbent Philippine government. However, the same institution is ignoring the plight of Overseas Filipino Workers who are being abused everywhere in the Middle East, most notably in Kuwait.
For sometime Duterte has been using the diplomatic channel to solve the problem, but it seems his patience has been exhausted already because of the measure taken by the other hand of the Deep State, i.e. the ICC, to investigate him instead.
There are recent reports of a number of deaths involving Filipino domestic helpers in Kuwait, on top of the recent discovery of one OFW, who was kept in a freezer for at least a year.
Due to these verified reports, Duterte ordered the Department of Labor and the two airlines to repatriate the aggrieved workers in the next 72 hours.
This is the strongest message from President Duterte to the Kuwaiti government, and the Deep State ICC, so far.

“The Filipino is no slave to anyone, anywhere, and everywhere.  Every unlawful physical injury that is inflicted on an OFW is an injury I personally bear as the head of this Republic.” – Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte

Firstly, the ICC initiated investigation is being conducted to apply political pressure now that the Duterte government is proven to be consistent in its drive against the economic abuses of the local oligarchy, and in pursuing a truly independent foreign policy.
The second motivation to investigate Duterte for possible human rights violation is the no-nonsense investigations against Sanofi’s highly questionable vaccination of 830 000 Filipino children using the untested Dengvaxia, in 2015 onwards.

The third motivation to undermine the Duterte government is the successful military operation against the CIA ISIS terror in Marawi City, and the unrelenting military and psychological offensives against the 50-year communist insurgency that is fueled by the Jesuit Liberation Theology.
The Jesuits are known experts of the “divide and conquer” doctrine. It is the cause of their banishment from Europe in the 1700s. So, it should not surprise us why, of all places, Jose Maria Sison is now living in relative affluence within the perimeter of the Vatican instead of Russia, or China.
The advances of the government against the insurgency is very evident when those New People’s Army combatant, who surrendered voluntarily to the military, were accommodated in Malacañan Palace, the seat of power in the Philippines.

It must be understood that communism is the handiwork of the Jesuits, and Karl Marx himself was a Jesuit coadjutor serving only the interest of the Vatican, through its highly effective divide and conquer doctrine.
The communist movement of the Philippines is shun by the public due to its fear mongering and terror tactics. In fact, the communist movement in the country is now a legitimate criminal armed extortion syndicate that is responsible for the destruction of a number of the already limited economic installations, both private and public, in the country.
These are the type of geopolitical tools that the Deep State is trying its best to protect. It’s not working, no more.
To date, Duterte enjoys the unprecedented popularity rating among the people, and probably the highest rating for any elected officials on the planet. Why not?

Source: PulseAsia
The Duterte government continues to accelerate the delivery of public services in the manner that is never before seen in the entire history of the country.
Just recently, in fact, his government provided hundreds of transitory shelters for the survivors of the recently ended CIA-ISIS siege in Marawi City.

The speed by which this has been made available to the victims of ISIS terror is in deep contrast to the non-existent emergency assistance from the Deep State controlled Aquino government to the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.
Where’s the ICC in that regard?
Is the International Criminal Court only favoring criminals, as its name aptly says?

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

11 thoughts on “Disgusted Duterte Condemns the Twin Evil of the Deep State”

  1. The FIRST thing that needs exposure is the FACT that the “International Criminal Court” is run by the VATICAN created “Canon Law” system too.
    That explains WHY it is trying to investigate Him for Human Rights violations…When itself is a “Criminal enterprise”.
    That SET system is anti-Human because it’s a Luciferian/ Satanic one that HATES “Divine Providence” (GOD) and CREATION…It wants to duplicate it by creating a AI system run from a “Elysium Style” SECRET Space Program (Chimera Group).
    It will FAIL, just as SET (Satan/Lucifer) did a long time ago.
    Watch: “The LIE the Vatican told” http://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=RcBowjBTE_s/
    Watch the LONG version next too this link for ALL the details (4 parts)
    “The LIE NASA told”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81aq-g0B4Qc/

    1. I really like this Guy,Deterte he is a good Man, who in my view has exposed the atrocities & the Enemy criminal Vatican, Jesuits, Commo,s & Jew world order, People can now see how these Rothschild Banksters & Deep south tie together with the vatcan & Zionists! The Satanists have been exposed !

  2. Survey shows that some 5,800 Filipinos leave the country every day to work overseas. EVERY SINGLE F”N DAY. Just let that sink in for a moment and ask some really simple question as to why is this happening. Is it because conditions are so horrid in the Philippines that so many Filipinos want to jump ship in search of better life, anywhere they could find?
    “The Filipino is no slave to anyone, anywhere, and everywhere”
    Had to laugh at that. And for someone who bashes so-called ‘oligarchs’, guess who owns the largest Duterte administration contracts?
    Yeah, meet your new boss… same as the old one. meh

    1. Some butt hurt faggot down voted my post. If you think you know any better why not comment, point out my mistake and be a man. If I’m wrong then I’ll gladly apologize. See? Easy peasy.

      1. bobo ka at hindi mo alam mo yan na putang ina mo ka dahil ang pagkaka alam mo alam mo na ang lahat ng bagay.. anong ini expect mo ma solve ang problema ng bansang ito overnight? Patayin ang lahat ng tulad mo na bobo, maging diktador ang presidente para lang masunod ang lahat ng gusto nya? sa loob ng 30 years nag accumulate ang problema ng bansang ito ng dahil sa mga taong bobo na tulad mo.

      2. “I will not increase or impose new taxes”
        – Candidate Duterte
        So what did the Filipinos get? Exactly more punitive and expanded taxation. Yeah, I’m suuuure that will fix Philippines. I did not junked you btw.

    2. Sintido Kumon. So your name means common sense in English, but really you are talking rubbish and no sense. Sir, please understand what your saying… OFWs have been there even before Duterte. Their plight, some with good results, contribute to a bigger percentage of our income. However, the abuses and the sorry state of the other OFWs are now becoming known to us, but only because of this President who now is trying to get these stranded OFWs home. He now is personally making this his fight with the countries whose citizens have involved criminal abuses and even killings against our OFWs. Who else before him has taken a stand? So, before you give us a lecture of your common sense, intindihin nyong mabuti ang comments nyo at alaming mabuti Kung ano na ang ginagawa ng administration para sa kabutihan ng ating OFWs. Remember, OFWs have been around for decades, so before Duterte, tell us what had the past Presidents did for them?

      1. Fight other countries?? Lolz The problem is in the Philippines and that is the truth. That’s why Filipinos are swimming like rats overseas. No jobs, pennies for wages, shitty working conditions..
        “The Filipino is no slave to anyone, anywhere, and everywhere”
        Pot. Kettle. Black. Mr President.

    1. I don’t even want to mention the extra judicial killings cuz that will just make this whole conversation look stupid. Quite thick for someone who ordered his corrupt mindless cops to murder his own citizens with impunity…oh the irony.
      Also, vast majority of workers (professionals and skilled) in Kuwait are treated well and compensated in sums (tax free) they can only dream of back in the Philippines. So really, who’s slaving who??
      Bah… but why think when you can let your overlords do the thinking for you

      1. Sentido Kumon, gunggong ka talaga wala kang alam sa sinasabi mo, puwede ba huwag ka ng mag komento, ang laman ng utak mo ay tae na gaya ng pinunong gusto mo! Huwag ka ng sumali dito sa usapan ng mga nakaka-unawa, puwede ba?

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