Terrorist Netanyahu Got Slapped by Assad with a Downed F-16

The Syrian landscape is beginning to recover from the 6-year onslaught of CIA-MOSSAD Islamic State terror when Bibi Netanyahu decided to try his luck against his neighbors by picking a fight with Iran through Syria, under the advisement of his puppeteers within the Deep State CIA and State Department.
The Israeli Air Force has just completed its air sorties on 12 Syrian targets when, in the most profound military countermeasures since 1970s, a battery of anti-aircraft fire brought down one US made, US taxpayers’ paid F-16, with one of its pilots seriously injured.

Israel claims that an Iranian drone violated their airspace at the Golan Heights, when under international law belongs to Syria.

This operation, of course, is with the full blessings of the Kremlin, and the rest of the BRICS, simply because this renewed Israeli intrusions into Syria will defeat the gains already achieved.

The attacks by Israeli forces on targets in Syria are a cause of serious concern for Russia, the foreign ministry said. They may trigger violence and destabilize the de-escalation zone in south of the country.
In a statement on Saturday, the Russian ministry called on all regional players to “exercise restraint and avoid any action that could further complicate the situation.” It stressed the need to respect the sovereignty of “Syria and other nations in the region.”

Russia just lost an Su-25 pilot from a US manufactured MANPAD fired in the CIA-IS controlled area within Syria.
The rules of engagement on red line scenarios have already been defined in a series of multilateral military organizational conference between Russia, Iran, China and ASEAN counterparts, in the last 6 years.

The breaking point for this unprecedented military to military cooperation was the escalation of the Deep State aggression for OPLAN: Greater Israel, which was very evident in the systematic destruction of Libya and other progressive countries in the region.
For Bibi Netanyahu, it was an operation which could have diverted the public’s attention away from his own corruption charges, but even the Israelis are getting wary about the man, and what their bogus state has become.

What this all means is, every attempt at starting a full blown war in the Middle East will never be permitted. And all the Deep State will get is a forced increase in its military budget, which The Donald is more than happy to oblige.
In a larger context, this can also be viewed as a skillful distraction away from the UK-Saudi genocide of the Yemeni people.
Beyond that is the continued deterioration of the American reputation overseas, courtesy of their own Deep State.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

10 thoughts on “Terrorist Netanyahu Got Slapped by Assad with a Downed F-16”

  1. More Jew propaganda, Israel saying Iran breaks israels Sovereigny?? WTFuck, Israel jews “ALWAYS” straight up blame someone for “WHAT THEY DO” Its pathetic. Get the FUCK out of Golan heights! It does “NOT” belong to Israel ! GOT IT – GOLAN HEIGHTS IS SYRIAN LAND! Israel is also an ILLEGAL STATE with “NO SOVEREIEGNTY” GOT that! Rothschild Cunt you cannot “BUY THE LAW” You are :NOT: above International law. Fuck you & your Money soon to be returned to the people with National banks returned, so FUCK OFF PARASITE, the cancer of this world !

    1. I could not say that any better, but to only include to fuck all those excuses for humans that agree or participate in this evil. We should all be doing what Karen Hudes the attorney for the world bank (minus some of the fraudsters that think that they run it) has recommend we do. And that is to form groups locally and expand upon those. Go back to a local currency and take the power from them. We need to be getting ground level operations going. Follow Karen on FB.

    2. The administration of Poland has begun to correct some of the zionazi propaganda about the slave-labor installations, especially Auschwitz, that Hitler established in Poland. How much of the propaganda of Judaism, published since 1947, currently in wikipedia, will be clarified to be fraudulent, remains to be seen. Judaism´s “5th column of Sayanim” support their fairy-tales, and refute factual documentation.

    3. Other than your minor use of TRASH language, I fully and absolutely agree withe principle of what you say.
      I have always recommended that Russia, Syria and Iran MUST strike back against Israeli aggression and with the JUSTIFIED downing of the F16. I believe Syria is finally getting the message that one cannot reason with Supremacist PSYCHOPATHS
      This should have been done in years ago and many lives would have been saved

  2. Understand WHY I re-spelled this name: NUTTY-Yahoo!!! (Laugh!!!)
    Geeeee and I just read from the “Chimera Groups” site “Operation Disclosure.com” that everything was working according to plan…They forgot to mention THIS crap today…GIVE-UP!…OR ELSE…Follow your “Mother” (Vatican) into the “Second death” destruction….WHERE LUCIFER/SATAN…ALREADY ARE.
    And to think CHRUMP (Trump) gave the FAKE Jews his Blessing and support…Wow folks!!!

  3. Only jet fighters of Syria and Russia belong in Syria. All others should be shot down. Destroying the airbase that housed the “israeli” F-16 intruders would be appropriate.

  4. To expect the Russia to actually help free our planet from Vatican controlled “Canon Law” is a JOKE too, because Putin is also a Puppet of the VATICAN controlled NWO.
    WAKE-UP folks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrAEM8N_Duo/
    Until the VATICAN is removed from power…NOTHING will change
    It’s actually predicted to happen: Revelation 17 -18 chapters!

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