CIA ISIS Terror Attempt Failed Again in the Philippines

As we have said many moons ago, there is now a very close coordination between the Eurasia, BRICS, and ASEAN intelligence communities against global terrorism. The phrase “global terrorism”, of course, refers to the rouge CIA, which consists of the Nazi remnants in collusion with the 13 ruthless bloodlines, one of which is running the Jesuit military and intelligence organization.
This enhanced cooperation bears many successes against the true enemy of humanity in Syria, Iran, and certainly in the Philippines.
More than 24 hours ago, a combined Philippine National Police and Armed Forces of the Philippines operation captured a CIA asset, carrying a fake Tunisian passport bearing the name “Fehmi Lassqued”:

“I am pleased to announce the result of a successful joint PNP-AFP counter-terrorism operation that led to the capture of a suspected foreign terrorist personality and his Filipino cohort in Ermita, Manila over the weekend,” de la Rosa said.
With the arrest, the chief PNP expressed belief that authorities thwarted a possible attempt by the foreigner to conduct hostile activities in the country.
“The arrest of Lassqued and Salipada may have effectively thwarted whatever hostile activities they were up to, but we will not lower our guard rather we will continue to mount proactive operations against terrorism,” de la Rosa said.
Lassqued, who is carrying a Tunisienne passport, is described as a former ISIS commander who operated in the borders of Syria and Turkey.
“(He is) formerly (a) negotiator between Isis leadership and local government officials in Syria and Turkey, (a) former Isis commander in Syria-Turkey border,” de la Rosa said.
“In fact, there was an ISIS flag recovered from his possession during the implementation of the search warrant,” he added.
Lassqued and Salipada were captured at Room 409 of Casa Blanca Apartment along M. Adriatico Street in Ermita on Sunday during a raid conducted jointly by operatives of the Regional Police Intelligence Operations Unit of NCRPO and the AFP Joint Special Operations Group.

The CIA asset denies carrying pipe bombs and his being an ISIS commander. He, however, admitted to have entered the country with a fake passport and have “no intention harming the people of the Philippines.”

“If someone wanted to attack, he will wait two years to attack? If I travel always, would I go with airport with these things (bomb components, firearms) always with me [sic]? They (police) lie to you,” Lassqued added.

Lassqued said he is half Tunisian, half Libyan but born in the United Arab Emirates. He said he lived in Syria, as well as in Egypt and Dubai. The usual pattern taken by any of the CIA high ranking assets.
There will be more of these attempts in the future because the Duterte administration is proven to be uncooperative and instead working actively with the BRICS in creating a multipolar world.
We disagree with the notion that the BRICS, et al, is also playing the same old game with the Western Deep State, simply because these leaderships are evidently and consistently standing on their common principles, e.g. protect the people.
Sadly, the other side continues to maintain its exceptionalist stance in the midst of the great offer to shift the entire paradigm towards the peaceful application of science and technology.
It is high time that the people of the West pick this offer up and ignore the leadership that is still hedging its bet on. You deserve better.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

2 thoughts on “CIA ISIS Terror Attempt Failed Again in the Philippines”

  1. Am I the ONLY one that SEE’S that unless the VATICAN (Mother of ALL corporate Government!) is removed from mankind, WE will never be FREED from her clutches??? The bible makes it VERY clear that SHE is the Evil responsible for ALL the “Bloodshed” in the ENTIRE earth!
    Revelation 17 – 18 chapters
    Every intelligence agency on earth gets their training from the “Jesuits”, making HER the biggest trouble maker STILL Alive.
    I SEE a day (As foretold) when she FINALLY is EXPOSED and REMOVED from power by her “Corporate coherts”(Governments)…VERY SOON.

    1. House of Rothschild and the House of Windsor would only take over from their loss.
      We must also arrest key members of those 2 Houses also
      WE could argue over who is eh GREATEST problem for Humanity and I would, without hesitation because of my research, put the MONEY criminal psychopathic “Carpet Baggers”, House of Rothschild, first but I am also an “Equal Opportunity” type of man………….. for the accumulated RIGHTS violations, especially GENOCIDE …………..
      “HANG em all”, as justice for the Multi-Millions of humanity who have been slaughtered by their SUPREMACIST doctrine

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