Unprecedented Trump and Kim Meeting on NK DeNuclearization Soon!

There is now talk about a North Korea-US dialogue on a possible peaceful resolution of the Korean conflict with the US. The NK leader is said to be committed to putting a stop on the series of nuclear testing, after a series of talks conducted between the two Koreas.

Any action towards peace is always highly appreciated. But will the Deep State just sit idly by and do nothing?

It’s too early to conclude that this will be an indication that the White House may be departing itself from the Deep State control for good. Or, that the Deep State is indeed losing control of its US intelligence and military arm. But if peace will come to the fore, then it will be the harbinger of great things to come.
No, it’s not only the North Korean economy is collapsing as the video suggests, but also that of the US.

Meanwhile, Ghouta Syria is still burning. Fortunately, the Syrians there are openly resisting the CIA Al Nusra militants’ desperate attacks.
Some analysts are saying that this is the endgame in Syria.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

12 thoughts on “Unprecedented Trump and Kim Meeting on NK DeNuclearization Soon!”

  1. Sorry,… but the guy in the picture looks like a “double” or “clone”,… it is certainly not the same guy we see on all of the other pictures on the MSM,… Why,… ???

  2. Hilarious, and sad, are all those that believe that N. Korea actually has nukes and the means by which to deliver them. Just another farce to go with 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston, etc.
    Can I prove that? No. Do I have a good handle on what is involved with developing uranium mining, uranium enrichment, nuke warheads, ballistic rocketry, and precision guidance systems? Yes. N. Korea’s economic and education systems is not capable of developing any of the above technologies, much less all at once.
    The farce is for the benefit of generating support for US Tyranny’s coming war with Iran.
    Hide your draftable kids, and watch for it.
    An American citizen, not US subject.

  3. It appears that the match that has started the “let’s talk” fire was not threats of war, or even actual war. Instead it was simply the formation of a new international trade formula by Trump aka tariffs on steel and aluminium.
    And it is also apparent that it is not NK per se that is truly behind this willingness to talk, but, obviously, CHINA. Trade sanctions would most seriously affect their interests, more than NK’s.
    How many ‘nations’ have gone all defensive over Trump’s attempts to balance the US Trade budget? Plenty. Europe, Germany, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Canada and others. It seems this tactic has had a much bigger reaction than any bomb, missile, or other military threat.
    So, follow the money and analyse carefully…

  4. Just to reiterate, for those who don’t pick-up on the nuance of negotiations, China’s comments about the US-NK talks was to include the issue of US trade sanctions in any so-called “denuclearisation talks”, yet these have nothing to do with NK, the US or denuclearisation.
    This is evidence that China wants to resolve trade sanctions, and will use any means to now do so, even in circumstances that are, seemingly, unrelated.
    Trump should simply tell China, no discussion about trade sanctions.

  5. Clearly, now with Trump’s new trade sanctions against CHINA should make matters crystal clear what the story, is about – money loss means loss of face, threats of war do not.

  6. Let’s face it, CHINA (and many other ASIAN NATIONS) have grown fat off the West – namely the US. The Khazars have relied on this (Cloward-Piven ring a bell?) to enrich themselves at the loss of the average American/ western person.
    China have today rejected the claim that the trade imbalance has unfairly enriched them and their people, yet offer no concrete proof to support such claims. This fifth-columnist strategy has been worked since Bernard Baruch and his colleagues hood-winked the American people with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and the ensuing wars et al.
    If the average communist inspired Chinese internationalist free-market manipulator thinks the average westerner believes they (and their political ideology) are somehow a panacea to the current globalist ills they are myopically predisposed, it would seem.
    CHINA, we can all see that the Emperor’s new clothes do not exist!

  7. I believe the WHOLE fiasco about so-called “Trade-War” is a “Diversion” so as to deflect attention from EACH countries internal problems, so as to set up an EXCUSE to go to WAR to SAVE their “Bankoholics”.
    REMEMBER…BIS (Bank of International Settlements) Controls ALL other banks worldwide…Thus having the FINAL say about WHAT will happen globally.
    Its where they PROFIT the MOST “De-Struction = Con=Struction…GET IT???

    1. Well, hope would vindicate the desire to first re-structure the physical world, starting with access to credit, to then manage to create an environment where the transition into the re-discovery of the spiritual one might stand a chance.
      Your fear of annihilation, however, while natural, may simply be conflating nuclear Armageddon with regional warmongering, the kind we see a lot of through the MSM and ALT-Right sites?

      1. The so-called war of “Armageddon” was always a “Spiritual” war and was won some time ago by “Cosmic” light.
        There will be NO “World War 3” nuclear destruction “Allowed”, therefore I have no FEAR about it.

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