Globalists Admit Defeat, Russia and China Facilitate Rise of Multipolar World

The recent German Marshall Fund’s Brussels Forum, which brought together influential American neocons and trans-Atlantic leaders from Europe, marked the failure of the Western-centered globalist idea. Meanwhile, Russia and China continue to facilitate the emergence of a multi-polar world.
“It seems that work has begun to revive the half-dead ‘liberal world order’,” the observer noted. “It will take quite some time, and it is not necessary that the United States will be its epicenter. However, this ‘order’ will not be global — goodbye, illusions. It will involve only part of the countries while China, Russia and some other states won’t be affected [by the project].”
The observer referred to the 2018 German Marshall Fund’s (GMF) Brussels Forum, citing Josh Rogin of The Washington Post. The Brussels Forum is an annual high-level meeting of influential politicians, corporate leaders and scholars from North America and Europe. The event had the eloquent title “Revise, Rebuild, Reboot: Strategies for a Time of Distrust.” The organizers of the forum raised the alarm over “a decline in trust, both in domestic and international spheres.”
“We lost sight of what it took to create this international order and what an act of defiance of history and even defiance of human nature this order has been. We have the capacity to push back — we just need to understand the pushback needs to start occurring,” Robert Kagan, neoconservative American historian and husband of former US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland told the forum, as quoted by Rogin.
For his part, Senator Chris Murphy bemoaned the fact that US President Donald Trump is not interested in “projecting liberal values” into other countries, let alone trade liberalization. The White House’s recent initiative to introduce additional tariffs on aluminum and steel imports has prompted a wave of criticism from the US’ global partners and allies.
Furthermore, the US president made it clear that the US will not support numerous international institutions and withdrew from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
Murphy called upon the defenders of the liberal world order to team up and “build new alliances within their societies.”
On the other hand, the transatlantic bloc has seemingly recognized its failure to impose a Western-style political order on Russia and China.
“We can no longer expect that the principles of liberal democracy will expand across the globe,” Rogin wrote. “We can no longer assume the United States will carry the bulk of the burden.”
Kosyrev suggested that the center of trans-Atlantic globalism will most likely move to either Brussels or Canada or even Australia.
Following Trump’s win in 2016, The New York Times called Germany’s Angela Merkel the last defender of the trans-Atlantic alliance and liberal values.
However, not everything is rosy in the European garden, Kosyrev noted referring to the rise of right-wing forces in Austria, Italy, Hungary, Poland and other EU member states. Although Merkel still remains at the helm of German politics, the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) entered the Bundestag in September 2017 as the third-largest party.
Given all of the above, the rebuilding of the liberal international order will take years, Kosyrev presumed.
According to the political observer, Russia and China could benefit from the inner struggle in the trans-Atlantic camp. On the other hand, he does not exclude that the West will continue its overseas operations to maintain the status quo. To illustrate his point, Kosyrev referred to Syria: While Washington has virtually no leverage to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, it continues its saber-rattling, threatening Damascus with a massive strike.
The failure of globalism means the further rise of a multi-polar order based on the principles of equality and sovereignty with its own norms and regulations, the political observer concluded.

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13 thoughts on “Globalists Admit Defeat, Russia and China Facilitate Rise of Multipolar World”

  1. Globalists or the NWO never admit defeat, Revise, Rebuild and Reboot are their motto. They need to be eradicated from this planet once and for all, so there is never an opportunity for them to rise again.

    1. Is it hunting season yet Maybe we could havea global fish and game Dept and issue tags . Tell them we think hunting them down would be for the global Good or for the children.. That’s what they always told us as they decimated one country after another .

    2. I third that motion… they will never accept defeat it is our job as the people for the people of Earth… to eradicate this vermin. If it was not for President Putin and his defiance the western corrupt media would have won with its propaganda tactics. I have studied both ww1 and ww2, the hatred, violence, enslavement, and genocide of innocent women and children around the globe 🌎 is enough. I say continue to annihilate the ideology of this new world order, hit them so hard that even there secret societies are fully eradicated and abolished to the wind. No more underground for these rats we must push to purge them all. Time to lock them up and hang the worse culprits.

    3. This is great news, though, imagine a world, who has the own sovereign goverments printing their own money, instead of criminally borrowing it from scam jew artists rottenchilds! I agree they must “NEVER” rise again ! The beauty of this world is the diversity & culture of individual nations, think Syrians want to be in Europe ? Fuck no they want to be home in Syria, think Romanians want to be in Britain ? Fuck no! They are forced by poverty struck on them by criminal Rottenchilds & Soros scum! Fuck the NWO,
      Go BRICS PEACE !

  2. Kagan is one of the Jews behind 9/11. The NeoCon gang of Kagan, Pearle, Feith, Zackheim , Bill Kristol and other Jews were the crims behind the Project for a New American Century which was the blueprint for 9/11 and the subsequent invasions of the Middle East and Afghan. This operation was based on the Oded Yinon plan from the 80’s known as the Greater Israel Plan. They need to be lined up and mercilessly shot, every last one of them….

  3. The planet is a strategic location within a larger celestial structure, like the last gas station before a desert. This political jockeying amongst corporate leaders is a show. Read about Han Purple to learn about technology confused with magic. New quantum materials capable of room temperature superconductivity ( faster than light )
    Means time travel. Vitroperm a magnetic foil used in Formula 1 and Formula E cars will not overheat ever, no matter how much voltage is pushed through it. NanoCrystal electricity, Halo-Fi. PCell Technology . These are very real changes available now.

  4. The USA Sold-Out to the NWO a LONG time ago via the Chinese Folks…Hate to Pop everyone’s bubble…But READ all about it in the “Vatican LIES” video series…parts 3,4 at:
    Ever wonder WHO it was that set California on FIRE last year, and WHY???
    \READ ALL ABOUT IT folks
    Our GOVERNMENT has been selling us out since the Clintons took over the presidency!
    China and the BRICS nations are just Plan B of the NWO…”Same-Shit-Different -day” folks.
    China and Russia have CONTROL over MOST of the world’s Gold via DEBT the USA OWED Them.
    They were given “Eminent Domain” powers since 2007 over this country!
    Awaken folks!

  5. Globalism is PEOPLE not a non-living, “Entity”
    Those People who Created the IDEA of “Globalism, still are FREE and EXIST- House of Rothschild, House of Windsor and the Vatican et al. so GLOBALISM still EXISTS-PERIOD.
    3 Steps FORWARD and 1 Step BACKWARD………Read the “Protocols”
    “War by Deception”

  6. Not in general inclined to scepticism– still I don’t like or trust this move one bit– something reeks about it. This cabal has its fingers in all pies– their global network, vast beyond conception– a web of deception, so convoluted, so entrenched for around two centuries now– that this little meeting is just another so-called red herring– to my mind anyway.
    I think at this point, my greatest concern is, that while not nuking Syria per se– they will render Damascus and possibly the whole Syria, to ashes showering tactical nuclear strikes on her– as was proposed during the Obama presidency …
    There is some talk, that fitting in with their Synagogue of Satan beliefs — ideology whatever– Damascus must be destroyed to herald in the NWO … Maybe someone here knows more about it. The whole ME, from the Nile to the Euphrates must apparently belong to Israel?
    Hope Russia and China remain on highest alert– for they are cooking up something and the smell is godawful.

  7. So we just forget about all their Crimes Against Humanity, the destruction of our societies, the paedophilia, the theft of our national Heritage & every public owned asset, the mass murder of humanity in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Serbia, our families starving & homeless in shop doorways, their Satanic Fascist School curriculum, all the soldiers who died fighting Banker Wars.
    How about these criminals live in poverty in shared prison cells for a few years while we decide what to charge them with.
    See how they like Inhumanity.

  8. Either way, the age of America is now officially over. I shall enjoy watching these animals eat each other

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