Cold Fusion is Here, But…

When Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons stunned the world with their room temperature cold fusion apparatus in 1989, the authorities quickly intervened due to a real threat to its “national security,” a coded phrase for Military First.
Consequently, in the immediate aftermath of Putin’s Ides of March speech, the West started capitalizing it by manifesting its desire for an increased military budget, as if what they already have is not high enough. The provocation against the Russians is paying off. They have created the justification to bleed its citizens even more.
Reports said that,
Lockheed Martin is developing a new nuclear fusion reactor like no other. The US defense contractor says that the reactor is no bigger than a shipping container, but could power 80,000 homes.
What once was the provenance comic books — a super-compact, high-powered fusion reactor — is now becoming a reality, and soon Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark could see their might matched by none other than Lockheed Martin. But instead of powering the Ironman suit or Gotham City, Lockheed’s reactor is expected to make waves in the realm of everything from aircraft carriers to spacecraft.
The company’s patent, discovered March 28, also contains a drawing of an F-16 jet, signalling Lockheed even sees an application for the reactor in fighter aircraft.
One of Lockheed Martin’s reactors is reportedly powerful enough to produce sufficient energy for an entire Nimitz-class aircraft carrier used by the US Navy, such as the USS Ronald Reagan. Presently the carriers require two Westinghouse nuclear fission reactors for power. It’s so powerful, the defense company estimates that just 25 pounds of fuel could run the reactor for an entire year, non-stop, and generate a constant 100 megawatts (MW) of energy during that period
The device is reportedly far safer, cleaner, powerful and more compact than existent fission nuclear systems, which split atoms to release energy instead of fusing them, as this reactor does.
“The nice thing about a fusion reaction is that if somehow it would go out of control, it would just stop itself automatically,” Saskia Mordijck, who studies magnetic confinement fusion plasmas at the College of William and Mary, said in 2012, adding that it’s much safer than fission reactions, which can cause nuclear meltdowns if their careful control mechanisms are damaged or shut down.

he US government is able to classify and remove from public view patents that they believe pose a national security threat. That they have not done that with Lockheed Martin’s new reactor could mean that the system is still very immature in its development, according to The Drive. Nonetheless, the defense contractor’s advanced projects arm, Skunk Works, has been working on the reactor since the company announced the project in 2014.

Scientists have been working to develop a practical fusion reactor since the 1920s.
A fission reaction releases energy by splitting large atoms like uranium or plutonium, radioactive elements that are inherently dangerous. The fission process that can become self-sustaining under certain conditions. A fusion reaction occurs when two smaller atoms, like hydrogen, for example, which are not necessarily dangerous on their own, are fused into a single larger atom, such as how the sun creates heat and light. That fusion of atoms releases more energy than their fission does, and can theoretically be done in smaller quarters.
An electricity-generating fusion plant has never before been constructed and the only controlled fusion reactions have been hydrogen bombs, also called thermonuclear bombs.

So, the earlier talk about a Star Trek future is never gonna happen while the military industrial complex still exists.
It is imperative that the entire cabal be neutralized for good, physically.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

8 thoughts on “Cold Fusion is Here, But…”

  1. From this article: “It is imperative that the entire cabal be neutralized for good, physically.”
    I’ve been saying that for several years now and the only difference with my revelation. is that I NAME the “CABAL” as the CULT of : the House of Rothschild, House of Windsor and the Vatican
    The so-called “Deep State” as Americans refer to is only ONE of their TOOLS
    How can you expect one to do that “deed” when EVERYONE ,including you fails to mention their names??? One cannot “neutralize a Cabal” without knowing who the Cabal consists of..

  2. Divine Providence will see to it that ALL “Militarys” are removed, including the Vatican (Worst of all!) and “Deep State”.
    Exposing the so-called SSP (SECRET Space Program) for WHAT it really is needs to happen too…because IT too is NOT working for Mankind’s best fact ALL “Secrecy” must END

  3. It was 1996 or 97, Linux was still immature and a hacker OS.
    We chatted for hours on IRC, kids, teens, scientists, etc all collaborated with each other.
    One fellow I remember his name but will not reveal it here, was a nuclear scientist in our group. He was working on this very thing, I loved to discuss the physics of it, and quantum physics too.
    Well we all grew and moved away and lost contact.
    When I see these stories of a reactor like this it makes me thing of him.
    This looks like the primative version he was describing, imagine what he has accomplished since then…

  4. So who has cold fusion now, US or Russia? Does Russia have cold fusion reactor inside some of its missiles? A missile can’t move just by energy. It needs to push some mass out of the rocket to create a momentum, under high pressure and speed. So is that mass radioactive then? If so, people firing those rockets may be affected. If cold fusion is real, there must be some cold fusion reactors in the world. Even if US banned them, Russia would build them. Russia is creating new reactors in Turkey, Egypt. I don’t think Russia or China would want everyone to have such technology in the short run, because oil will be used to replace current financial system with a new one. Gold alone may not be enough, because it is just an instrument and not a fundemantal necessity. US may say our dollar is backed by an exotic isotope of an element noone else knows how to create.
    If gold standard comes then everyone would dig ocean base with shale technology to extract metals and this would be a environmental disaster.

  5. First of all, even if Lockheed martinf hosted a cold fusion interest few years ago, this reactor is hot fusion even if compacter than usual.
    LENR is by essence something that happens in a lattice, requires low triggering energy, and produces low energy outcome (nearly no gamma, no neutrons, seldom tritum, seldon radiactivity, mostly heat and He4)
    The reason of offosition can be understood if you read the book “excess heat” by Charles Beaudette…
    it is epistemological fallacies, incompetence in calorimetry by physicists, lack of respect by physicists for chemists, many errors in communications, and budget for hot fusion
    Micheal McKubre (ex-NRL, retured from SRI) wrote this article for Current Science
    i a special section on LENR
    (a must to read)
    much more to say…
    this video quickly open the key facts
    no conspiracy required when incompetence multiplied by ego is high enough.

    1. by the way Michael McKubre never worked for NRL…
      I mix with someone else…
      If you look for military efforst, Navy Spawar worked for long until a decade ago…
      Navy NRL is still working, collaborating with ENEA, SRI…
      Most is public.
      Only opposition is academic.

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