These tweets summarize what is going on with the West today

This morning, I am greeted by a series of tweets that will put to shame the mainstream journalists of the West.
The multi-awarded UK-based White Helmets’ chemical attack false flag could not pass Rotten Tomatoes movie critics ever. Here’s why…

But it doesn’t mean that the White Helmets have not accomplished anything else. They were actively part of the destruction of Syria. Soon, they will be coming back to Europe.

Even the most passionate Trump supporter can’t take it anymore.

Even Pink Floyd musician Roger Waters is ashamed of his own government.

Russian FM Mr. Lavrov continues to put Western diplomats in their rightful place.

Swiss experts have found out that the biochemical weapon used on the Skripal false flag was Western made.

So, with all these madness that’s going on in plain sight, what exactly is the so called brave and noble US patriots are doing today?

With all due respect, Sir, use them already!
Here’s how you should do it…

Meanwhile in Syria, independent Western journalist Pearson Sharp told us that Syrians are wishing America well.

Just like before, the UNSC failed to do what is right.

They don’t need to. That’s because they consider the whole event as a “one time shot…”

So, while the world is burning through your own boy scouts, keep entertaining yourselves America. That’s what you are really good at.


You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

18 thoughts on “These tweets summarize what is going on with the West today”

  1. The people Occupying the Halls of Government are not our Government
    they do not represent Us . They don’t give a s–t if Our young men and women Die. America if full of cowards that won’t even fight to save their country from these Scum.

    1. @Bill
      WE all need to AWAKEN to the FACT, there is NO Such thing as “Good Government” (Govern-MIND, Control)
      Because THEY are the very ones “Leeching” off US so as to stay ALIVE. They use a VERY Old method to control “Mankind” 1: Problem-Reaction-Solution (They CREATE problems; Watch reaction to problem; Then present a Solution to the problem THEY CREATED…UNDERSTAND???
      2: DIVIDE and CONQUER…Use ANY Means available ( RELIGION; Race; Political;Etc) to KEEP US Constantly divided against each other…Then FEED BOTH sides of the issues THEY create…UNDERSTAND???
      Once WE “Awaken” to HOW they USE US, and STOP “Feeding Them” They will LOOSE ALL THEIR control over US…UNDERSTAND???
      WATCH This: “The Myth of Authority:

      1. Oooooh! I almost forgot Bill…There the MOST powerful of ALL vehicles they use to CONTROL US…MONEY/ BANKING…Especially the “Financial” end of their control system (Loans/Credit)

  2. This is a world-class intel composition. I would like to see it posted everywhere anyone would ever look, at least for a week. While we are still in simmer mode, this is worth a thousand AR15s.

    1. new post from neon revolt this link^

  3. i lost all respect for Trump despite what they say he is doing It’s pretty obvious he is compromised. We have no business in Syria and this is all because Assad said no to the Gas and Oil pipeline they want to bring Whatever happened to Free Energy President Trump?

  4. To those asking how long the world will tolerate the “global elite”, support our tangible efforts to fight them:
    Here: westernrenaissance.wix

  5. It has been a shambles since these neocons draw up plans in the 90s to invade Iraq 🇮🇶, Sudan 🇸🇩, Libya 🇱🇾, Syria 🇸🇾, Somalia 🇸🇴, and Iran 🇮🇷 . The truth is stated these globalist will not stop the lust for more blood around the world 🌎 is a sickening thought but what they live by has been this way for centuries. We are finally uniting in every country the awakened that is to the false song of the globalist and the time is now to liquidate the lot of them and take that power and give it back to the people. We must sought action to arrest them to answer for there crimes. We must act now.

  6. The USA is TOTALLY controlled by FAKE JEW “AshkaNazi’s” (Trump included!) or Kharzarian Mafia as described at Revelation 2: 9 (Bible)
    THINK folks…Trump went along with THEM…BEFORE an investigation was made into what really happened in Syria.
    Is that not STUPID or what???
    Trump works for the NWO folks…He has YET to make ANY “Disclosure” about ALL the BS promises being made by the so-called “Disclosure Movement” (Operation
    And YES…WHAT did happen about “FREE ENERGY” as been promised for ALL Mankind.
    OIL has been “Obsolete” since WW2 ended…WHY ARE we still using it TODAY???
    Watch: “Myth of Authority”:

      1. NOPE!…I Never “Trust” Anyone who doesn’t have the COURAGE to address a subject using their REAL names…ALL of history’s BRAVEST Beings lived by their real names…WHO is Q-Anon to not do likewise???

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