The Boao Forum for Asia at the Prospect of the US-China Trade War

On April 8-11, the resort town of Bo’ao, situated on the Chinese island of Hainan, saw the regular economic Boao Forum for Asia (BFA). Let us note the increasing importance of this forum that today is called “the Asian Davos”. This time it was visited by both the former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (chosen as the chairman of the BFA directors) and the incumbent one, António Guterres.
The 2018 BFA was especially important due to the increasing global confrontation of the two leading global superpowers, that is, China and the US. Their struggle is becoming comprehensive, but lately it has manifested itself first and foremost in the sphere of bilateral economic relations, which is more and more often referred to as a “trade war”.
Let us remind you that the emotional charge at the latest Davos forum was defined by the catch phrase “the looming horror” even by keen and experienced experts. What is going on today between the two global leading superpowers (both on the whole and in the economic sphere in particular) is a good illustration of such moods.
However, the prospects of such a war looked quite feasible even during the 2016 US presidential election campaign. It was back then that the future US President Donald Trump claimed that he would tolerate “no further injustice” in the trade with China, which costs the US about $ 350 billion annually. The figure that Donald Trump exaggerated 1.5 times for some reason or other is impressive by itself.
The first cannonade of the (potentially very serious) trade war has already thundered. In the middle of March this year, Donald Trump signed a decree to impose additional duties on imported steel and aluminum, 25% and 10%, respectively.
This decree excluded Canada and Mexico (as the partners of the US as per the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)). Moreover, a small reprieve was granted for the key allies (Japan and the leading EU countries, which threatened counter measures).
This is how China (alongside Russia) found itself the main target of the aforementioned measures, its total loss is estimated to be around $ 50 billion.
In response to that, on April 4, the Chinese Ministry of Finance announced a 25% raise of the duties on 108 US-imported goods list items, including agricultural products, certain spirits, automobiles and civil aviation. In 2017, their sales turnover in China totalled the same figure, $ 50 billion.
“In response to this response,” on April 5, Donald Trump stated his readiness to raise duties on an additional range of the Chinese goods with the total volume of $ 100 billion. Experts mentioned the mutual “response” spiral which can spin until the moment one of the two world leaders “blinks first”.
On April 7, the Chinese daily Global Times published an op-ed article with a symbolic title “China should fight the trade war as it did the Korean War”. What they meant was, China is ready to incur material losses as much as it did during the Korean War of 1950-53. Back then, fighting the same enemy (with the USSR aviation support) China prevented the defeat of its ally, North Korea.
Incidentally, let us remind you that the Korean War image came to mind 2 weeks ago during the “secret” Beijing visit by the North Korean leader. Even back then, on March 25-27, the Beijing message was very clear: we are not starting a new war, we have no need for it. But we shall not retreat.
It seems that faced with the unequivocal Chinese determination, Washington was the first to “blink”. In late March, the US trade representative Robert Lighthizer stated that new duties would be introduced not before June this year. In his opinion, the 2-month reprieve will enable to discuss the bilateral measures for the US-Chinese trade to reach “a good format”.
Some experts saw a positive Chinese reaction to the US signal during the Chinese leader’s speech at the 2018 BFA. This seems to have been the point made by Xi Jinping stating that “China kept to the policy of encouraging foreign investment in the past, we are going to continue improving the investment climate”. We will enhance alignment with international economic and trading rules, increase transparency, strengthen property right protection, uphold the rule of law, encourage competition and oppose monopoly.
The Chinese leader paid a lot of attention to the approaches to the key foreign policy issues. It was reiterated that China would not accept the format of the “zero-sum” and “cold-war mentality”.
Beijing’s willingness to play the key role in the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula was mentioned; it was also suggested that Taiwan businesses should contribute to improving the relations between China and the rebel island. Let us note the increased attention paid by Washington to the problem of ensuring safety on Taiwan, as well as the situation on the Korean peninsula.
All of the aforementioned gave Washington the basis for a positive reaction to the speech by the leader of their main global opponent. US President Donald Trump expressed it in his habitually emotional way.
Finally, the welcoming address at the forum by the UN Secretary-General António Guterres attracted a lot of attention. He noted that he feels “the optimism of an Asia on the move, with the most dynamic regional economy in the world”. And it is indeed Asia (and definitely not Europe) which has the potential to stimulate global economic growth. Everybody will lose if this potential is not used due to the political whim of the weakening incumbent world leader. The trade war with China that he is provoking is already starting to affect the interests of other big countries, such as India.
After all, the Asian political and business establishment believes: let the biggest world superpower do what it likes on its own. However, it would be good to eliminate various “carrier strike teams” from the world politics. Why carry a big stick, if one is leaving the global economy? Build your “house on the hill” on your own and let the others see what will actually happen. What if there is really something attractive, setting a good example? Then put your patent on sale. But, “no hands”, please.
Vladimir Terekhov, expert on the issues of the Asia-Pacific region, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.” 

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10 thoughts on “The Boao Forum for Asia at the Prospect of the US-China Trade War”

  1. ALL I saw here in THIS article is HOW Wars are created between Nations for the sake of the BANKOHOLIC’S! Am I the ONLY one who SEE through this BS Here???
    There really is NO Trade War Folks…China ALREADY controls VAST real estate in America (Thanks to a “Treasonous” government from long ago!)
    Damn near ALL of California and New York!…the “Corporate USA” DEPENDS on CHINA for it’s very life…so WHAT TRADE WAR???

    1. No, you are not the only one. Being the victim of Anglo American Bankster criminality, and the child of displaced and impoverished war migrants, I live this everyday.
      As I have said before, credit [and not debt] should be afforded to everyone, with equal accessibility, as should financial education and literacy. Mabye this could then promulgate a genuinely conducive spiritual environment?
      The trade war is real enough, as real as any other war. Indeed the prime purpose of any war is financial and economic – asset stripping and theft – so follow the money, and, “its the economy, stupid.” Operation Golden Lily?
      Your comments reveal that the City of London and Wall Street are as complicit in the rape and pillage of the West, re-repositing this wealth [via trade] behind the mask of the inscrutable Chinese economy.
      Trumps emphasis of the glaring trade imbalance could simply be a reflection [deflection] of the desperation of the Banksters to keep the dialectic going. Or it could mean something else all together…like a presage to [phony?] war.
      China may own the title to property, but possession is nine-tenths of the law. They can’t haul it all back home, can they now?

      1. You may want to gain some knowledge on fractional (fraudulent)-reserve banking–what it is, how it works, who perpetrates it, and who benefits from it.
        Fraudulent-reserve banking is, in a nutshell, theft, fraud, then theft again. In a word, grift. The people are literally being loaned their OWN money. Or to be more precise, the people are fencing their own wealth stolen from them, and paying usury for the privilege.
        An American citizen, not US subject.

      2. Trade wars are a prelude to HOT wars..and CREDIT and DEBT are bed partners friend, You cannot separate to two from each other.
        As for the Chinese…THEY are “In-Bed” with the USA corporation….There is NO Separation between the two…BOTH support the NWO.
        They don’t have to be HERE to help get world CONTROL…Understand?

    2. In the very first update of Globalist Agenda Watch 2017, I wrote about a globalist effort to script the removal of their boy Xi Jinping in China. In that entry, I tried to make sense of why they were doing it based on what I knew about their agenda at the time. In the year since then, though, I finally stumbled upon the real reason Xi is scripted to fall. But let’s start at the beginning…
      In the late 1950’s, the globalists decided to offer Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders the opportunity to displace America as the world’s leading power in exchange for their cooperation in building the New World Order. And starting with Henry Kissinger’s secret trip to China in 1971, the “Illuminati” / CCP partnership began to remake China in the image of the NWO.
      A few years ago, though, globalist mouthpieces like Alex Jones began narrating a (fake) split between the Chinese and the “Western globalists”… more here

  2. “US-China Trade War” That’s funny.
    Looks as though someone doesn’t know how the Khazarian grift-machine functions, or how the US Tyranny is funded.
    Thanks for the laugh, though.
    An American citizen, not US subject.

  3. It does not surprise me that in 2018 so many American Citizens are so contemptuous of the notion of a genuinely nationalised banking system, set-up to serve the citizens and not the bank owners, for American Citizens have, arguably, never experienced such a system. But a retreat into religious fundamentalism is no answer, and nor is vituperative rage and abuse.
    I appreciate and empathise that an entire nation so severely dumbed down by atrociously poor education and ideology that leaves them bereft of comprehension and appreciation for financial and economic history for so long, is only now awakening to some of the truths of banking, including the existence of an internationally pre-disposed Oligarchy, among many other things.
    Of course, you may want to consider researching the wider origins and progenitors of said “:fractional reserve banking”? More apposite, to whom do we normally attribute the creation of debt/ credit accounting and its associated concepts? Indeed it was Luca Paoli, in 15th century Italy, serving the oligarchical demands of peninsula Black Guelphs and their papacy.
    Whilst I feel some empathy, I am also (as previously stated above) the victim of the rapacity of Anglo-American operated fractional reserve cartel criminality, along with their penchant for weapons and wars. So spitting contempt at the victims of your own systems creation is neither helpful, nor conducive to any true or effective communication, let alone a genuine solution to the problem of poverty, slavery and inequality, principles I thought true American (Constitutional) Citizens believe in.
    If the people are being loaned their own money, then they are both creditor and debtor, yet you do not seem to explain how this conundrum exists, nor even approach how it may be resolved. Perhaps that is something to consider, to ponder first before issuing seemingly unedited content.

    1. Information is the material, thinking the work, knowledge the product.
      I was trying to nudge you to think about what you believe to be knowledge, but in actuality is information, not produce an invitation to send you more information.
      “Give a man truth, he’ll eat of it for a day; Induce him to think, you’ll feed him truth for a lifetime.”
      An American citizen, not US subject.

  4. the ziorothschilds are already well submerged into China effecting their stance as the new leaders, the roths have dumped USA and are looking to China to keep them in clover after they have had 200 years of coring out the USA,then building up China at USA expense and demise, but hey its only business!!! So now time to move on and core out a bigger victim.. and so it goes on.. time they were removed and all debts voided and assets confiscated from these fraudsters!

    1. DEAD-ON Brother Hoff…The USA “Corps’ SOLD-Out to the Chinese LONG AGO…Try 2004 or there abouts.

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