The Coming War With Iran | John Wight

Benjamin Netanyahu’s animus towards Iran has long been a driving obsession, occupying his mind before he goes to bed at night and when he wakes up in the morning.
During what can only be described as a bizarre example of coup de théâtre in Tel Aviv on April 30th — billed officially at a press conference — the Israeli Prime Minister left no stone unturned in impugning the Iran nuclear deal, signed during Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office, claiming that “Iran did not come clean about its nuclear program.”
Netanyahu’s case against the Iran nuclear deal, which he claims is now irrefutable based on a large cache of classified documents stolen from the Iranians by Mossad, is — it should be stressed — yet to gain the support of most of its signatories, specifically Russia, France, the UK, Germany and China. It is supported by the Trump administration, however, with the President coming out in support of Netanyahu’s claims during his own press conference outside the White House soon afterwards, right on cue.
Among his own remarks on Netanyahu’s claims, Trump repeated what has been one of the few consistent positions of his presidency, asserting that the Iran deal is a “horrible agreement for the United States.”

What we have here evinces all the hallmarks of a ruse on the part of Netanyahu and Trump, two leaders currently engaged in a bromance that would scare the pants off your average ghost, what with their shared caprice and reckless disregard for international law. It is a ruse designed to up the ante when it comes to isolating and demonizing Iran, which combined with a recent bout of Israeli airstrikes against Iranian targets in Syria, describes at this point seemingly inexorable march towards a full blown regional conflict.
Making these gathering storm clouds even more concerning is that currently in Riyadh sits a leader, Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, whose bellicosity towards Tehran is reflected in the hell Saudi Arabia has and continues to unleash upon men, women, and children in Yemen — a proxy war whose savagery has gone almost completely unremarked in the mainstream Western media. This is despite the fact that it could well be a prelude to the much more savage and destructive conflict that will ensue between Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah on one side, and Israel and Saudi Arabia, backed by a neocon-dominated Trump administration in Washington, on the other, should it come to pass.
Iran, a country with no extra-territorial ambitions, which has not started a war with any of its neighbours in generations, is now firmly in the crosshairs of Washington and its regional allies. Despite Tehran’s considerable role in fighting and defeating Salafi-jihadi terrorism in Iraq and in Syria, Trump alleges that Iran is a major sponsor of terrorism. The President here is, of course, referring to Tehran’s close ties to Hezbollah, the Lebanese resistance and social movement born in the ashes of Israel’s invasion and occupation of southern Lebanon in the early 1980s.
One man’s terrorist, they say, is another man’s freedom fighter — and with the IDF’s penchant for shooting dead unarmed Palestinian civilians without compunction, legal or moral, where Israel and Hezbollah are concerned many will find it impossible to make the case for Israel.
Significantly, the momentous and truly historic peace summit the world witnessed on the Korean Peninsula between North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and South Korea’s Moon Jae-in, will likely not be replicated anytime soon in the Middle East. Not when the key regional actors include Benjamin Netanyahu, Mohammad Bin Salman and Donald Trump, men for whom war and conflict would seem more desirable and feasible than diplomacy when it comes to resolving their issues with Iran and its allies.
This being said, a sober and serious analysis of the region leaves little doubt that the regional conflict between the aforementioned blocs is already underway, and has been for some time. As far back as the Obama administration, in the years leading up to the Iran Deal in 2015, Washington was doing its utmost to neuter Iran’s nuclear research program by nefarious means. US author and historian, Perry Anderson, reveals how the Obama administration “launched a massive joint US-Israeli assault on Iranian computer networks to cripple the development of its nuclear program. A blatant violation of what passes for international law, the projection of the Stuxnet virus was personally supervised by Obama.”
It is also a fact that Israel’s notorious intelligence agency, Mossad, has in the past assassinated Iranian scientists involved in the country’s nuclear program — a program that the Iranian government has always maintained is solely concerned with meeting the country’s domestic energy needs, thus freeing up more of its oil for export.
The uptick in aggressive rhetoric against Iran that we have seen, set alongside the celebratory scenes on the Korean Peninsula as peace and denuclearization beckons after many-many decades, it is entirely conceivable that if not before the Iranians now will be minded to actively embark on the pursuit of a nuclear deterrent, one that the Israelis already have in their arsenal.
Making a quick detour, the question of why certain countries are allowed their own nuclear deterrent and others not is one in whose answer we arrive at the reality of power politics as the arbiter of international affairs, rather than the UN Charter or international law.
The point is that the Iranians will be more than justified in arriving at the conclusion that the only reason peace has broken out between North and South Korea is because the DPRK managed to acquire its own nuclear missile capability.
Harsh logic maybe, but hard to refute all the same.
What is abundantly clear is that something somewhere has to give. Iran is being backed into a corner for no other reason than it refuses to bow to US hegemony, along with the fact that it acts as the main bulwark of opposition to Israeli and Saudi regional ambitions.
In his bestselling book, ‘The Silk Roads’, Peter Frankopan writes, “The world is changing around us. As we move into an era where the political, military and economic dominance of the west is coming under pressure, the sense of uncertainty is unsettling.”
That’s one way of putting it. Another way of putting it is that the old unipolar world is dying while the new multipolar world struggles to be born.


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21 thoughts on “The Coming War With Iran | John Wight”

  1. The only reason that Netanyahu is trying to start WWIII is that there is no alternative for this cabal criminal … It is high time that Israel’s role behind the screens is revealed to the world and that will make clear immediately that Israel’s game is over and only to be found in history books.

  2. Israhell the Rothschild HQ for the Greater Israel Project which hopes to steal all the main oil bearing countries in the Middle East, then having done that they will think they can control the world by threats of do as we say or go with out oil and you can all starve until you do comply,
    Ah yes.. the Rothschild’s Modus Operandi..

  3. As I have stated MANY times: As long as Israel, a FAKE entity, created by an evil Ashkenazi Jew,, exists there will NEVER be PEACE unless and until, either those FAKE Jews are removed and returned back to Europe, where they are from OR WE are them Period.
    We the people are fed up with trying to solve Europe’s KHAZARIAN Jewish problem.They have tried to make it a Palestinian problem
    109 other lands had the right idea
    Let them solve it in their own homelands

  4. Its not only important to remove the FAKE Jews…Its EXTREMELY More important to identify WHO the REAL Jews are.
    THAT truth would forever END a whole boat load of OTHER Lies mankind has been told…Iy would DESTROY “Racism” too.
    The simple reason being the the REAL Jews ARE Negroes (Black Raced) People.
    Just IMAGINE What that would do to the very Foundation of MOST “Religious” beliefs world wide Folks!
    THAT FACT scares the crap out of WHITE racist people who still believe that their race is a “Master Race”…Who have been VERY busy through out history trying to cover this FACT Up.
    I advise people everywhere to TRY and find a copy of a DVD called: “Out of Darkness” (W.OUTOFDARKNESSFILM.COM)
    A simple search on You Tube on the subject REAL JEWS will keep you busy for DAYS watch all the evidence as I did!!!
    Don’t be surprised if you find “Deletes” on your search, and UNDERSTAND WHY!

    1. Well-stated,Kenneth.
      Keep up the fight for RUTH and ridding this planet of Zionist Psychopaths.
      ISRAELIS, the only ”side” using Deadly WEAPONS of WAR, declares the LAWFUL PROTESTS by UNARMED Palestinians, as a, “State of War” : The FIRST mistake by Palestians is being UNARMED and the SECOND is, NOT ATTACKING those Ashkenazi JEWISH Invader/Occupiers and driving them back to where they belong – EUROPE !

      1. I made a type.It should read “TRUTH not” “RUTH”. I wish “Covert” would allow EDITING and i think I mentioned that to them almost a year ago.

  5. Oooooh! I almost forgot…Even Adolf Hitler himself KNEW this FACT, and was WHY he attacked the Khazarian FAKE Jews.
    Its actually WRITTEN in one of his books, and in Time Life book series on WW2 “The Nazi’s”!

  6. Hello Israel !
    Stop your aggressions. Let’s work together. We have the abilities to create paradise, together. Iran is already equipped by me with new technology. Battery-based subcritical power plants with mercury vapor exchangers housed in mountain massives. ❤️😜🎶🌎🌈 ->
    Unlimited Cheap & Safe Energy:
    Google Translate

    1. You Jest do you not?
      Israel the FAKE entity, on STOLEN land which they MURDERED for, and which obeys no rules, UN or other,except their own,made up from their TALMUD, as they go along will, “Stop your aggressions. Let’s work together
      You’d make a good Jewish Comedian

  7. Whether war will escalate or not is a matter of time. Israel, like the scorpion crossing the river on the back of the frog, (US), will strike Iran.
    The only scenario which remains to be seen is whether China and Russia will wa t to mount their final assault on the US empire and what implications will their actions have on the world economy.
    A weakened frog, sticken to death by Israel or defeated by the east, will start sinking, eventually, and Israel will feel extremely lonely!!
    My only question is how would the world population, then, view any future hostilities against Jews and would such actions be justified!
    To the Saudis chagrin, neutralizing Iran will only strenghten Israel, paving the way for official invasion of their sorry ass, survivalist Western puppet rule.
    Islam, with 1 fifth world membership, will outlive the US, regional conflict and historical assault.
    Renewed generations of Muslims will not forget Israel’s abuses, and when their numbers overwhelm world population, many will kiss their feet.

    1. Israel will noe and cannot “neutralize” Iran without being forever damaged itself.
      IRAN is not Egypt, nor even Syria

  8. I say AGAIN…Identifying WHO the REAL Jews TO THE ENTIRE WORLD..would STOP any war over there, because once everyone learns that THEY are FAKES…WHO in their right mind would support FAKES???
    ALL support for “Isra-Hell” would VANISH like “Fart-in-a Hurricane”…THINK ON THAT for a while folks!
    If you are a AVID bible student like some people are, you would KNOW that those FAKE Jews are NOT the foretold “Blessing to the world” as the REAL JEWS WOULD.
    Just LOOK at their Historical Record since “Occupying” that land…IT SURE AS HELL ISN’T A BLESSING TO NOBODY!!! QUITE THE “OPPOSITE”!!!

  9. The Khazarians laid out their intentions in the Yinon Plan and the “Which Path to Persia” document. The “Which Path to Persia” document even includes a scenario of using a fake deal to get the non-Khazarians of the West behind the further use of their children as cannon fodder.
    “Keep your friends close, and your draft-age children closer.”
    One is not a true American until resident in the ADL’s database.

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