Trump Fears for His Life, the Russians Understand Why

The US President Trump is back in the DC swamp and also into his classic flip-flopping rhetorics.

And the Russians understand why he has to feed the mainstream media with stuffs that they always want to hear. Understandably, the latter knows that they’re just being played around with by the elected president. That is why they’re not ashamed of themselves washing their dirty linens in public, in an utter display of collective schizophrenia.

Seriously, Trump does have some real security concerns, and the Russians do remember the fate of the Kennedy brothers.

Yet, maybe Trump is not frightened enough to not invite Putin to Washington coming this fall. He’s back to his anti-Deep State twitterstorm, too.

About the NRA, the Deep State stooge Mueller is now floating the idea that it’s not only Trump, that’s being turned into a Russian mole, but the NRA, too, has been penetrated through a certain Maria Butina.

U.S. authorities accused a Russian national of trying to establish a back channel to American politicians during the last election cycle, announcing the charges just hours after President Donald Trump accepted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s assurance his country hadn’t interfered.

The woman, Mariia Butina, tried to create a quiet line of communication between U.S. and Russian officials and attempted to infiltrate the National Rifle Association on behalf of the Russian government in a long-running scheme that traces its origins to at least 2013, prosecutors said. Butina, who appeared in federal court in Washington on Monday, is accused of failing to register as a foreign agent.

Surely, there are covert operatives who are doing the hard work of neutralizing the unchecked power of the Deep State, which hopefully could lead to the long awaited mass arrest of at least 39,000 individuals who are subject of sealed indictments that are about to be made public any time from now.

This could be why Donald Trump invited Putin to the White House, i.e. to jointly announce the inauguration of a new economic order that finally unleashes technological advancements which can only be seen in science fiction movies.

In the meantime, the Deep State should know that they’ve been checkmated militarily, financially and psychologically.

13 thoughts on “Trump Fears for His Life, the Russians Understand Why”

  1. You got that wrong. The Deep State wispered into Trumps ear and said prepare for the Storm. President Donald J Trump answered back and said: “I AM THE STORM”

        But Trump has now got all the evidence he needs to Jail, Execute and Confiscate Bank Accounts and Property of THOUSANDS OF THESE FOREIGN AGENTS that have been destroying America, thanks to the USB handed to Trump by Putin when they met, 160 Terabites of Intelligence data, every email, phone call, deals, and sms, they have all made, was recorded by RUSSIA. hung themselves and most when told will HANG them selves literally, so look for resignations, suicides and a lot of crying and Military Tribunals. Can’t wait till all the DEMOCRATS supporters REALIZE that TRUMP is the GOOD GUY. Grab ya POPCORN it’s going to be a long show.


      3. Good way to get Swat teamed….dumb fuck, maybe we can help you out with that, you might want to work on that spelling deficit you have there, tard.

  2. Understand something Folks…The Idea of Trump being “Scared for His Life is a BAD Joke going sour by the second!
    If he were REALLY a threat to the so-called “Deep State” he would NEVER have been “Selected” in the first place.
    It’s OBVIOUS that he was “Chosen” buy them because his image was on one of the Rotten-Feller owned “Economist Magazine” cover.
    He supports the same country “Occupied” by Fake Jews and it’s leader Khazarian/Zionist Nutty-Yahoo.
    Understand one more thing about the so-called “Secret Service”…They work TWO ways as regards the Presidents protection.
    1: He is ONLY “Protected” IF he follows the pre-planned “Agenda” by deep state.
    2. He can and WILL be killed by the same service IF he Violates the “Agenda”…This was the SAME service who Killed Kennedy (Videos proving it on line)
    All this so-called “Protection” scenario is Food for the Sheeple…so was the so-called “Cold-War”, which NEVER existed (David P. Beter Tapes)

    1. @Wilson
      GEE Wilson WHO are you calling ANYONE “Primitive” when you very WAY of thinking IS PRIMITIVE!
      Putin and Trump are NOT about promoting PEACE when BOTH Nations are armed to the teeth…Even talking of a Future “Space Force”???
      Hu-Manity’s Future will NEVER come by VIOLET behavior between Nations through warfare…Can YOU GRASP That???
      WAR is a GOVERNMENT/RELIGION creation to keep their Sheeple at odds with each other so that THEY never SEE Who CAUSES the wars…Only BANKERS and CORPORATIONS WANT WARS.

  3. boy howdy,, i want u to be right….if u are, it wouldnt be hard to speak to the appropriate people on the sly [ army, police,cia etc ] clearly u couldnt use phones or computers… im confident that, should there be an attempt to take america back..they would love to be working for a good govt & the u.s. people, than a race that calls all non jew people ‘goyim’, which translates to cattle. please be right.

      1. @Noel
        You are in for one Hell of a “Surprise” about WHAT America REALLY IS, with its “Morbid Past” of “Decept & Lies” to get where it is today…America actually belongs to the NATIVE Beings that live here tens of thousands of years BEFORE the Europeans arrived.
        They VIOLENTLY Stole this country from them…They brought in SLAVES (The REAL Jews of the Bible) to build the empire it is today…They SOLD us out to the Nazi’s right after WW2 ended, Via “Operation Paper-Clip”…Next to the ZIONIST Fake Jews (Bankers) HOW IS THAT “GREAT” AT ALL???
        They are PART of the so-called “Deep-State” (Vatican/City of London/Washington DC)

  4. Oooooh!…I forgot to ADD…A VATICAN OWNED “Corporate Entity” Cannot detach its self from its “Mother of ALL Corporation…According to “Canon Law”..Which regards ALL of its “Citizens” as SLAVES…WHO HAVE NO RIGHTS….UNDERSTAND???

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