11 Million Reasons for Wall Street & London to Hate Russia

Why does the US media have an anti-Russian fixation? It’s not what the American people want to hear. 71% of the Ronald Reagan-loving, military-obsessed Republican Party approve of Trump meeting with Putin.
On the other side, top liberal CNN commentator and former President Obama’s adviser, Van Jones has admitted in a video recording that the “Russiagate” story is a “big nothing burger” which Democrats are not interested in.  The Russia-fixated, Hillary Clinton-DNC liberal establishment now faces an upsurge of opposition from Democratic Socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, who emphasize the need for populist economics reforms.
Conservatives don’t want to hear it. Liberals don’t want to hear it. Hating Russia is just not a bandwagon the U.S. public is ready to jump on. Yet, if one turns on American television, in the aftermath of the summit in Helsinki, the rhetoric and accusations against the government of the Russian Federation are almost endless.
Like Trump, Obama was also unable to resolve the tensions now being described as the “New Cold War.” Let’s not forget that Obama was elected saying he would “talk to Putin”. In the early years of Obama’s first term, he said he intended to “reset” relations with the Eurasian superpower, and was attacked for it by the Tea Party. The American people favor better relations with Russia, and politicians win votes for promising it, yet the dangerous trajectory continues. Why?
A New Day in the Energy Markets
One answer can be found in the field of economics. On July 18th, crude oil production in the United States reached 11 million barrels per day. This is the highest it has ever been. The drilling and fracking rigs are pulling more oil out of the ground and shale than ever before in U.S. history.
The longtime liberal aspiration for “Energy Independence” has been achieved.  The U.S. is no longer dependent on overseas oil. A new OPEC boycott wouldn’t be anything like the catastrophe of 1973. The longtime oil export ban has been lifted, and crude pulled from US shale and soil is now being shipped off to China and other countries.
Meanwhile, the spell of low oil prices that began in 2014 is long over. Oil prices are climbing high,  having reached over $80 per barrel in May, and  remaining around $70 since then. With high prices, oil companies are raking in profits.
But, amid the energy boom, another entity is also getting stronger. The world’s largest publicly traded oil company is not Chevron, BP, Exxon-Mobil, or Shell. The largest publicly traded petroleum corporation is called Rosneft. It is a government owned super corporation in Russia.
Rosneft, alongside Gazprom, are the two “National Champions” that Vladimir Putin wrote about as a university student. In 1997, as a graduate student, Vladimir Putin published his dissertation “”Strategic Planning of the Reproduction of the Resource Base.” In it, he laid out how Russia, which was reeling in poverty and massive internal turmoil after the fall of the Soviet Union, could restore its strength. Putin argued that two gigantic government corporations could harness Russia’s natural resources and make the country once again economically powerful.
Russia: A Competitor with Wall Street Monopolists
Putin’s academic work has manifested itself in reality. As President, Putin proceeded to utilize government power and reorient the economy around two super-corporations. As oil prices shot through the roof during the invasion of Iraq and its aftermath, Russia’s government raked in new revenue. The oil and gas money rebooted industrial production. Poverty was drastically reduced, and wages multiplied.  The massive crisis of the 1990s was resolved by economic planning. Russia is now an energy giant, selling on the global market in competition with Wall Street and London.
As record amounts of crude oil is churned out of the United States, the Trump White House talks of “Energy Dominance.” The USA is also the top producer of natural gas, which is also due to the invention and widespread use of hydraulic fracking.
All of this oil and gas is worthless to the western oil monopolists, unless they can sell it. Every barrel of oil and every ounce of natural gas sold by Russia is a barrel of oil or an ounce of gas not purchased from the Wall Street and London oil banking elite. Russia is a competitor on the global energy markets, selling two of the most vital products in the world economy.
Trump recently lashed out at the Germans for their natural gas deal with Russia. The German public finds the idea of importing natural gas from the United States, on the other side of the planet, to be absurd compared to pumping it in from nearby Russia. The Wall Street energy giant and fracking cowboys naturally disagree, furious that somebody else has captured the German market.
As China’s oil and gas consumption rapidly expands, their neighbor to the north is supplying the fuel they need. American oil companies have just recently gotten in on the Chinese market, while Russia has been selling to the  government in Beijing for decades.
Relations between the U.S. and Russia were very good when Boris Yeltsin was running the country. Naomi Klein’s 2007 book “The Shock Doctrine” describes the Yeltsin years in detail. From 1991 to 1998, 80% of Russian farms went bankrupt. Russia was forced to start importing food from U.S. agriculture companies. 70,000 factories closed down. 1 in 4 people were living in conditions of extreme poverty, with unemployment often between 20% and 30%.
In the 1990s, as Russians were dying, being sold into sexual slavery, committing suicide and dying of heroin at massive rates, the US government and the Russian government were fast friends. The Clinton administration saw its relationship with Boris Yeltsin, and his relationship with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, to be a great achievement.
In the 1990s, Russia was a dependent, impoverished “sphere of influence” for American corporations. Russians were poor, and not producing very much. They were a captive market for Wall Street and London monopolies, having been economically demolished after losing The Cold War .  In addition, British hedge fund managers and stock traders tied with HSBC Bank, among them Bill Browder, proceeded to loot the country’s natural resources.
But that disaster is long over with. Vladimir Putin leads a Russia that is “back in business.” The new Russia is selling oil and gas across the planet. The Russian government has now overseen a mass revival of agriculture, with farms springing up across the country, even in the sparsely populated Far East regions. Russia produces a large amount of the world’s titanium, and sits at the center of the Eurasian Economic Union, a bloc dedicated to overseeing similar revivals in other nations.
Now, as 11 million barrels of crude are pulled from American soil and shale each day, and the USA remains the top producer of natural gas, Russia is a barrier to global dominance on the energy markets.
The forces that seek to maintain a global monopoly are not concerned with  “election meddling”, “collusion”, “human rights”, “nationalism”, or any of the other endless canards flickering across U.S. television. What they can’t stand is a solid competitor.
Caleb Maupin is a political analyst and activist based in New York. He studied political science at Baldwin-Wallace College and was inspired and involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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10 thoughts on “11 Million Reasons for Wall Street & London to Hate Russia”

    1. The REAL Fear I saw in this material is the WHITE races fear of loosing “Absolute Control” of the whole planet, and all the OTHER races.
      WHY does that race THINK they are that “Superior” to the REST of US…that they MUST have control???
      That is the way our “Cosmic Family” feels about US!
      They have created THEIR-Story, and are STILL trying to sell it as HIS-Story to the REST of US.
      They have been Desperately to HIDE OUR-Story by “Whiting it out”…Even down to THIS DAY…WHY???
      What happened to all those BLACK Beings located all over the world…Even in RUSSIAN Churches…Even the Vatican has Black Holy Figures.

      1. Yep Kenneth, I do not understand that thinking either and I am a white bloke. I have often asked this question, ” Once all the resources have been exhausted then what?” SO, then WHAT?
        And do you know all I get back is, ‘that is a good question’. So why don’t we not approach that NOW? We must be proactive in finding a solution to ‘LIVING’ and ‘BEING’.

      2. The answer to your question is they are ZIONISTS, mainly fakejoos, insane, arrogant and think they know what’s best for their agenda of a Satanic world, and we poor goyim or ‘cattle’ as they call us, need to be culled and controlled as they have been doing to us for generations now causing revolutions and wars and creating terror over the globe all for their Agenda be it ,New Century, 21/2030 , Sustainable Development, or what ever the new name is we get dredged up every few years to fool us its something different… TIME THEY WERE GONE!

      3. After adoption of the Judaeo Christian belief, the Khazarian hordes falsely stated they were descendants of the original Hebrews; aka, heirs to the Abraham followers. Through deceit, they convinced the world they were the original Jews, while the original Hebrews were Black from the upper reaches of the Nile River. The original Hebrews were believed to be Ethiopians. Lies, cheating, and deceit have been the mainstay of the Zionist faith – stolen for 1200 years. Is this the cause for Zionists to push down black races so that they (the now KM) always appear “superior”? Hence, if you are White and Jewish, you are Ashkenazi and Khazarian by your DNA structure.

  1. ALL of this material is about “Creating the Enemy Scenario” for the public perception, so that in the future if the want the public to buy into a “Russian enemy” there you have it.
    In reality BOTH Putin and Trump are good friends..Both are Billionaires and have asperations of being great leaders in a False future.
    Read all about WHAT they are up to at: RedefiningGod.com
    Its a long read but worth it folks.

  2. OPEC lost all of its power in 1973 regardless of what anybody else says. The Iranians thought that they would put a stiff stick up the Brits ( funny that the British should be in charge of Iranian oil) The Brits called in big brother the good ole US of A and they took back the oil wells.
    This is not about how America pumps enough oil to satisfy themselves domestically. This is about resource control, it is about wealth creation and it is about world power. Had the Germans not been supplied with oil by Rockefella and corp then they would not have had the means to go to war, it is that simple! Just take a look at all the countries in this world that do not produce their own oil, they have become automatic trading partners of whoever is supplying them. Want to implant sanctions on a country, well what do you know sanction their oil. The Brits do not have enough to supply their needs, now there is terrorism because what would happen if she was starved of oil from abroad – there would be rioting throughout the UK – and this is what the government is afraid of and why we invest in the military to make sure that that status quo remains.

    1. @Shane
      WE were NEVER Ever supposed to be using OIL as a “Energy source”, because oil is What keeps this planet from having Massive Earthquakes…It is OUR “Mother Earth’s” lubricant so she can expand SMOOTHLY as “Prime Source Creator” designed it to.
      The “Fallen Ones” (Lucferian Satanist/Zionist/Vatican)got us “Addicted” to it for PROFIT and CONTROL.
      All the while LYING to US about EVERYTHING, including OUR-Story…WE were meant to use FREE Energy from the beginning…and DID a very long time ago, BEFORE “The Fallen Ones” arrived to attempt to take over WHAT was “Divine Providence’s” Creation (NOT FOR LONG!!!)
      Sense THEY are now DAMNED to destruction, their “Progeny” are just “Stalling for time” before THEY too are “Eliminated” Forever.
      Also by NOW, its becoming More OBVIOUS, that the so-called “Alliance” and “Disclosure Movement” has been high-Jacked by the SAME kind of Evil from the beginning….BUT…NOT FOR LONG!

      1. Yes Kenneth you are absolutely right there. Free energy is something that I am very much in pursuit of. And it comes from within.
        I am not sure you have read this part about Putin or the other BRICS leaders. What was interesting is the belief that these leaders are part of the ‘puppet show’, in this article below it explains that certain things ‘have to’ be done for the next step ( which is reversal of the NWO) to be completed.
        Time is ticking though, it is good to see that there are people like you and me that are still optimistic about the change, no matter how slow it is happening it is occurring. Perhaps with further awakening this will speed up.
        I would like to see arrests though of more ‘prominent’ figures ( as if these people were prominent to begin with and their demonic ways).

  3. @Shane
    It seems to me You still believe Putin is somehow “Different” from the rest of the NWO folks…HE ISN’T.
    First: He IS a Karzarian (Fake Jew)
    Second: He “Buddies” with Nutty-Yahoo of the Fake Jew Nation and their interest.
    Trump is “In Bed” with BOTH of them!
    There likely will NEVER be a so-called “Mass Arrest” because when the Very TOP of any Nations leaders are Luciferian/Satanist, HOW can it ever happen?
    There maybe something that may appear to LOOK like it, BUT…ALL THE”TOP” EVIL (Vatican; Bankers; USA)WILL STAY IN POWER.
    REMEMBER, unless you Removed the HEADS of ANY Evil entity, you won’t ever effect a REAL Change in anything.

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