Holy Cow Israel Continue to Have its Way, So is Saudi Arabia

Deep State-sanctioned Israel bullying against inferior Gaza and Saudi’s airstrike against Yemeni civilian targets continue. The global community’s attention is somewhere else. While America has grown numb to the fact that its own government is complicit in all of these genocidal crimes that sometimes victimize its own people, too.
Nevertheless, it’s still wise to keep reminding those in authority that the world has not forgotten anything at all.
“A USS Liberty survivor who was arrested by Israel this month trying to break the Gaza blockade joins Episode 2 of Consortium News Radio.

Joe Meadors was a signalman on the USS Liberty surveillance ship on June 8, 1967 when Israel attacked, killing 34 U.S. sailors and injuring 173 more. This month Meadors was arrested by Israeli soldiers onboard a boat taking part in a flotilla to break the Gaza blockade.
Meadors tells Consortium News Radio in this episode how he first became sympathetic to the Palestinians while growing up in Saudi Arabia; how he was told by his superiors not to discuss what happened on the Liberty; why he broke his silence 12 years later; who he thought was attacking the Liberty; why the U.S. covered it up; what he believes was Israel’s motive in trying to sink his ship; what it was like in Israeli custody this month and much more.”

  • https://consortiumnews.com/2018/08/14/consortium-news-radio-episode-2-joe-meadors/

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia continues to bully its own neighbor, Yemen, too.
“A video taken by one of the boys shows the classmates jostling and yelling on a packed school bus, clearly excited for the day ahead.
Their delighted chatter drowns out the person taking roll call, red pen poised in hand.
A parent outside the window waves goodbye to their child.
Within hours the boy who took the video, along with most of his classmates, would be dead — killed after a Saudi-led coalition airstrike hit their school bus.”

A Yemeni man mourns over a casket on August 13, 2018 during a mass funeral in the northern Yemeni city of Saada, a stronghold of the Iran-backed Huthi rebels, for children killed in an air strike by the Saudi-led coalition last week. – At least 29 children were among those killed in the air raid on August 9 on a bus in a crowded market in Dahyan, Saada province, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross. (Photo by STRINGER / AFP) (Photo credit should read STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images)

TOPSHOT – Yemenis dig graves for children, who where killed when their bus was hit during a Saudi-led coalition air strike, that targeted the Dahyan market the previous day in the Huthi rebels’ stronghold province of Saada on August 10, 2018. – An attack on a bus at a market in rebel-held northern Yemen killed at least 29 children on August 9, the Red Cross said, as the Saudi-led coalition faced a growing outcry over the strike. (Photo by STRINGER / AFP) (Photo credit should read STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images)

  • https://edition.cnn.com/2018/08/13/middleeast/yemen-children-school-bus-strike-intl/index.html

Just because CNN reported on this event doesn’t mean it has already embraced the light. It’s still what it is, a tool to guide the narrative away from the continuing invasion on your private lives through invasive technologies in field of finance, mass surveillance, etc.
Because even when exposed they just can get enough with their bad habit…

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

9 thoughts on “Holy Cow Israel Continue to Have its Way, So is Saudi Arabia”

  1. “Father the Devil.”
    “Synagogue of Satan.”
    Jesus’ message was clear: “Do as I do, not as the Jew.”
    One is not a true American until resident in the ADL’s database.

  2. WHAT, else can we expect from a world run by Luciferian/Satanist forms of GOVERNMENT, AND THEIR SO-CALLED NEW WORLD ORDER?

    1. The DAY is coming when ALL those Fake Jews will be EXPOSED and the REAL Jews to become Identified as being of the BLACK Race…NOT WHITE.
      THAT would go a LONG Way in destroying ALL RACISM all over the planet.
      The reason WHY is because…MOST of this planets people believe to THIS DAY, that God and Jesus are WHITE beings…THINK, for a minute WHAT would people think of ALL “Religion” when they learn THEY are actually BLACK…The WHITE race would be EXPOSED as the Biggest LIARS in THEIR-Stories (History)!!!
      Russia once believed the REAL Jews and Bible charactors ARE BLACK people!
      Ever since the White race began to take over just about EVERYTHING, They have been trying to CHANGE OUR-Story all over the Entire planet into THEIR-Story (His-Story)…Only the EVIDENCE is so Overwhelming its proving OTHERWISE for Them.
      SOON a “Flood-gate” of REAL TRUTH will bury them.
      All the “Trump’s” in the world won’t save them either…Unless they let go of their MASSIVE Ego’s.

      1. @Shaplemau
        Correct…The “City of London” is Part of the “Trilogy” that controls the world (For now!)…BUT still run by FAKE Jews, just as the USA (One of the Trilogy at Washington DC)
        The TOP “Dog” is the VATICAN…The Mother of ALL Corporations.
        Governments are CORP’S (Corporations)…SOON to be A Dead entity.

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