"Look into mirror to find culprit for surge in oil prices’ | Putin to Trump

US President Donald Trump has been accusing OPEC of propping up oil prices. However, it is the Trump administration that triggered the crude rally, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
“We had a very good meeting with President Trump in Helsinki,” said Putin at the Russian Energy Week Forum on Wednesday. “But if we had talked about [oil], I would tell him that if he wants to find the culprit for the surge in prices, ‘Donald, then you need to look in the mirror,’” he added.
Putin said the growth of oil prices to $85 per barrel for the first time since 2014 has happened due to external political factors.
“This includes market expectations about sanctions on Iran, which are, by the way, absolutely illegal and harmful to the world economy. There is also a decline in production in North Africa due to a number of political circumstances (civil war, etc.).
“The decline in production in Venezuela happened also because of internal political reasons and the restrictions imposed there. Look at what happens in Libya – the state is destroyed, this is the result of irresponsible politics,” said the Russian leader.
Putin added that Trump is partly right in his estimation of where oil prices should be, and Russian companies would be satisfied with $65-$75 per barrel. Russia could increase oil production by 300,000 barrels per day, if necessary, Putin said. In September, the country produced a record amount of oil in its modern history as production rose to 11.36 million barrels per day (bpd).

  • https://www.rt.com/business/440215-putin-trump-oil-prices/

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4 thoughts on “"Look into mirror to find culprit for surge in oil prices’ | Putin to Trump”

  1. The Bankoholic’s and their Psychopathic world leaders just can’t stand living in PEACE and Harmony…so here we go AGAIN with the latest BS about WHO did WHAT to WHO and WHY!
    JEEEEEEPERS…WHEN will people “Awaken” to HOW these Morons work to get US to go and Bomb the hell out other people WE DON’T EVEN KNOW by Name…and ALL for WHAT??? MONEY and their Stock Markets.
    They are so CRAZY, they don’t even mind Destroying the Planet,..just as long they MAKE MONEY.
    When will the Military “Pawns of War ever AWAKEN:
    “Pawns of War” http://www.liveleak.com/view?t=kqI4V_1527317231/

  2. Trump and Putin seem to be content with where Oil prices are at, despite any converse protestations which are likely political spin for their respective local markets.
    However, Mr Putin, led by historical Soviet scientific predilection regarding theoretical notions about the abiotic nature of oil/ hydrocarbons, should be the alkaline solution to Mr Trump’s acid biology of crude.
    You see, the Soviets opined that oil was not made entirely of micro-biological material. They suggested that the Mantle of the earth has all the necessary chemicals and processes [and microbiological entities] to create black gold, without sedimentary fossilization of an armada of much larger corpses being broken-down.
    On this basis, the Soviet’s theory could be interpreted, potentially, to fundamentally undermine the credibility of the West’s ‘scarce resource’ claims and concomitant monopolistic gauging we know is simply a cartel-run operation.
    Will Putin play such a card? Will Trump and Co. broach this subject? Again, science leaves us in the dark about the truth of our political economy, and the essential oils that grease its cantankerous wheels.

    1. Are YOU “Aware” that BOTH Trump and Putin KNOW all about FREE Energy, yet THEY are Still trying to FORCE the Rest of Humanity to keep using an OBSOLETE, since WW1 ended form of energy.
      Yet BOTH also use this form of OIL energy at a FRACTION of its Actual COST to THEM (13-15 cents @Gal!!!)
      They are also SCREWING Us with the Airline fuel cost BS, because ALL Fan-Jets engines run on COMPRESSED AIR, using Fractions of fuel to operate on.
      By the way the BIG THREE (Deep-State) Vatican; City of London; & WashingtonDC KNOW ALL ABOUT THIS TOO…and MAKE MASSIVE PROFITS OFF IT ALL.

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