PAK-India Conflict Reengaged; Puppet Guaido Assassination Highly Likely

The age-old conflict between India and Pakistan has just been reengaged through a false flag bombing that led to the deaths of 42 Indian police personnel, and subsequent aerial bombing by Indian warplanes inside Pakistan-controlled Kashmir side, and Pakistan’s retaliatory shooting down of two Indian intruders
The LeT [Lashkar-e-Taiba] is a Pakistan-based terrorist organisation which has a strong focus on Jammu and Kashmir, where the recent terror attack took place, is being financed by Saudi Arabia under the direction of the CIA.
The recent visit  of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s (MBS) to Pakistan is indeed alarming, not only to China, but also to India and peripheral countries.
Fortunately, the newly elected Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has offered to return one of the downed pilots who survived to initiate a peaceful resolution of this recent escalation of the conflict.

This means that the CIA and the US military industrialists will never get something out of it. The conflict between the two sides is a British legacy. Both sides are the latest entries to the gamechanger Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) confronting the Deep State.
In Venezuela, all efforts to bring down the Maduro Government have failed so far. Not the constant media bombardment about “Bad Maduro”, nor the false flag burning of the US “aid convoys”, or the “defections of armed elements” have made the Venezuelans turn away from the incumbent administration. They are fully aware of the blood spilled by the Arabs from Western military interventions of the recent past.
Now that the Trump-Kim denuclearization summit has collapsed, all the more that the Deep State will pin down the Maduro government if only to show China, Russia, Iran and the rest of the world that it still has what it takes to bully everyone standing his ground.
There’s only one more thing left to do and that is to blame Maduro for the upcoming assassination of the Deep State Puppet Juan Guaido.

Venezuela Set For More False Flags… US Puppet Guaido Better Watch His Back

US Vice President Mike Pence (C) and Juan Guaido (L) © AFP / Diana Sanchez

The much-hyped “aid weekend” involving a US Trojan Horse fell at the first hurdle. Venezuelan government forces averted the provocation intended by US aid convoys from Colombia and Brazil.
However, increasing frustration in Washington beckons more false flags.
Something shocking is “needed” in order to jolt world opinion into acquiescing to Washington’s criminal agenda of “all options.In the fiendish mind of American imperialism, it is also prudent to consider “all options” as meaning more than military aggression. The foulest moves.
The torching of trucks purportedly ferrying US food and medicines across the border from Colombia was patently a planned provocation. Credible video footage and witnesses attested to the arson being carried out by supporters of the US-backed opposition figure Juan Guaido.
The vehicles never even made it to the crossing point where Venezuelan national guards were deployed.
Yet, at the Lima Group summit held – no coincidence – in the Colombian capital, Bogota on Monday, Guaido and US Vice President Mike Pence brazenly spouted lies that the “sadistic” Venezuelan military under President Nicolas Maduro had caused the destruction of vital aid supplies intended for “suffering people.”
It seems obvious the whole scenario of delivering US aid into Venezuela from neighboring countries was really intended as a pretext for military intervention by Washington. The government in Caracas had warned of such a contingency in advance, as had Russia, which is allied to President Maduro’s administration. Moscow’s experience in Syria has no doubt given a lot of valuable insights into the American playbook of using false flags for justifying military aggression.
The timing of the Lima Group summit – 12 Latin American states along with the US and Canada – was meant to capitalize on the false-flag incident over aid, as well as other deadly clashes at the weekend that resulted in dozens of casualties.
However, the provocation did not go to plan, despite Pence and Guaido’s grandstanding assertions.
The other downside for the US regime-change objective in Venezuela is that the Lima Group has for the moment broken ranks over the military option. Pence and Guaido stepped up the rhetoric calling for “all options” on the table – meaning military intervention.
But the Lima Group, including US allies Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, issued a statement after the summit Monday rejecting any military action. They are still functioning as lackeys by calling for a “peaceful transition to democracy” and are in favor of the dubious US-anointed opposition figure Guaido, recognizing him as the “interim president” of Venezuela, in accordance with Washington’s desires.
Nevertheless, repudiation of the military option by Washington’s regional allies will be seen as a damper to the momentum for using American force to overthrow the Maduro government.
Brazil’s Vice President Hamilton Mourão repeatedly said in interviews that his government would not allow a US military incursion into Venezuela from its territory.
The European Union also said it was opposed to any military force being used by the US against Venezuela.
The emerging situation therefore puts the regime-change planners in Washington in a quandary. Their sanctions pressure for blackmailing defections in the Venezuelan political and military leadership has failed. So too has the much-vaunted spectacle of delivering US aid.
Growing frustration on the US side was evident from the obscene posting of “snuff movies” by Florida Senator Marco Rubio, comparing the bloody fate of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi with what might happen to Maduro.
Rubio has become something of an unofficial envoy for regime change in Venezuela on behalf of the Trump administration, in the same way the late Senator John McCain performed his role in helping prompt a coup d’état in Ukraine back in 2014. As well as conveying death threats to Maduro concerning Gaddafi, who was brutally lynched by NATO-backed jihadists in October 2011, Rubio also posted images of former Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega. Noriega was captured by US forces after they bombed and invaded his country in 1989.
The criminality of Rubio and other senior US officials, including President Trump, openly calling for regime change against Maduro is a sign of how manic Washington has become in getting its hands on the country’s vast oil wealth. There isn’t even a hint of coyness about the criminality.
The desperation for regime change in Venezuela by Washington has only become more frenzied as its machinations appear to be coming unstuck.
Therefore, it can be anticipated, Washington needs a game-changing event – badly – in order to shift its lackey Lima Group, the EU and the United Nations to accepting its agenda for a military option.
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has strongly appealed for no violence in the stand-off between the US and Venezuela. Significantly, the UN has declined to get involved in delivering US aid to the South American country, as such involvement would be viewed as taking sides.
Voice of America quotes Dany Bahar, a Venezuela expert at the DC think-tank the Brookings Institution, as saying that the next steps for Washington in its pressure campaign on the “Maduro regime” is “to try to get the United Nations on board, which has not happened yet.
Ominously, the Lima Group has issued a statement claiming to have credible evidence that Juan Guaido’s life is seriously threatened by Venezuelan state security. Pence also warned that Maduro would be held responsible for Guaido and his family’s safety. Last month, Guaido made claims that his wife’s family was menaced by state agents who allegedly visited their home. It was an unconfirmed claim, which the Venezuelan authorities denied.
Guaido defied a travel ban to attend the summit in Bogota earlier this week. It is not clear if he will return to Venezuela as he is liable to be arrested on charges of inciting sedition and civil unrest. 
Indeed, Washington’s game plan does not seem to be going well. Through a series of miscalculations and foolish over-reach, the gambit in Venezuela is at risk of becoming a debacle.
That very situation, however, could tempt a desperate throw of the dice by the Trump administration to salvage its losses so far.
A major, shocking event is needed, it may be calculated, in order to get the Latin American and European lackeys into line on regime-change policy, specifically the military option. As the Brookings Institute pundit said, “to get the United Nations on board.” Because so far, the majority of the UN members, including Russia and China, key UN Security Council veto powers, are not complying with Washington’s dictate of delegitimizing President Maduro and recognizing the US-backed puppet figure Guaido.
What could such a shocking event entail? Somebody is telling the Lima Group that Guaido and his family are in grave danger of being assassinated. Guaido’s Popular Will party is known to engage in violent subversion and allegedly has links to the American CIA, as reported by Abby Martin and others.
As easily as they are lionized, US puppets can be just as easily disposed of. Guaido playing the dirty game of regime change with the most criminal organization in the world – the US government – is a very dangerous game. He’d better watch his back.
Finian Cunningham (born 1963) has written extensively on international affairs, with articles published in several languages. Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, he worked for over 20 years as an editor and writer in major news media organizations, including The Mirror, Irish Times and Independent.
The above thesis has some traction considering the Philippine experience back in the 1980’s when the CIA assassinated their own puppet, Liberal Party leader Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, just to bring down President Ferdinand Marcos, the signatory of a huge portion of the Maharlikan historical assets deposited in the Swiss banks (among many other banks around the world), Fort Knox, and used to underwrite Federal Reserve bonds, Swiss francs and many other Western currencies.
Through the help of the Jesuit Cardinal Jaime Sin, thousands of people went to the main thoroughfare and the action was dubbed in the western media as the EDSA People Power Revolution 1986, which paved the way for the installation of Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, the wife of the “hero” that the CIA stooges murdered. Some key witnesses had said that it was another Cojuangco who masterminded the false flag assassination of Benigno Aquino.
That is how toxic and corrosive the various entities comprising the Western Deep State really are.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

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  1. I’m sure that in the future it will become clear that this latest conflict in South Asia will be related to the Jew fifth-column’s planned for US Tyranny-Iran war. To destabilize their needed ally, Pakistan? Gifting Kashmir to a cooperative Pakistan? Or it could be a coincidence, but I don’t like coincidences.
    “Ignorance is Strength.” I’m weak.

  2. “just been reengaged through a false flag bombing that led to the deaths of 42 Indian police personnel”
    I’m willing to entertain that it may have been a false flag but where is your evidence? This is my first article on this site and was very disappointed to see this presented so matter of factly.

  3. I was surprised he made it past the three weeks that the us federal government got funded by jacking pending swift transactions and b.o.e.’s failure to deliver Venezuelan bullion.
    He his still definately in the ‘hung out to dry’ zone though. Guess we’ll wait to ‘see the headlines’ eh?

    1. I mean, seriously, who is this dude going to ‘beg assylum’ from when this finishes not working? The people he was to have murdered (by the millions apparently), or the people who put him up to it? The people who put him up to it would not sacrifice anyone of ‘true blood’ over such an obviously impossible attemp. The people that were to be butchered,… I seriously doubt it…
      I think you are right, the obvious play is to bump him off, and try to pin it on the legitimate government.

  4. Anything to get WW3 started again to save the FAKE JEW Bankoholic’s Babylonia Slave Fake Money System…NOT GOING TO ALLOWED TO HAPPEN! The “Golden Race” won’t let it happen.

  5. “Fake jew” – another calculated oxy-moron that deceives and deflects from the truth? When is this intellectually crippling “fake spew” going to end? “The Golden race”? Is that just another title for the sort of covert shill based elitism so favoured by the modern day communist putsch gang bankster apparachiks? Read “None dare call it conspiracy” instead of relying on fantasy based mind-control disinformation.

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