Iran Calls Trump’s Bluff, Partially Withdraws from Nuclear Deal

Iran has informed the West that it will resume enriching uranium for its own protection, in response to Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal, a year ago.

This decision comes after a series of US provocation that includes economic and military sanctions, terror attacks inside Iran, and the latest entry of an aircraft carrier strike group near its territorial waters.

In addition, the Trump government has also imposed new sanctions against Iran in the form of threatening those who will supply the country with aluminum, iron, steel and copper. This should anger China even more.

Interestingly, even Queen Liz is not happy of the latest escalations at all, at least that’s what the Foreign & Commonwealth Office says,

China has offered to build a nuclear power plant in the UK, as part of its intercontinental Belt and Road Initiative economic program.

The Iranian withdrawal from the nuclear accord comes right after North Korea fired its first missile in 15 months after the first Trump-Kim summit in Singapore – a clear expression that nobody can tolerate any US aggression, no more.

This highly calibrated Iranian reaction to US bullying, one year after Trump’s reckless withdrawal from the nuclear accord as brokered by the EU and Eastern Alliance, suggests that the country is fully aware that the world is on its side and see no need to overplay its cards, while the other side is doing exactly the opposite.

Trump has been withdrawing from most, if not all, peaceful agreements solely to create the pretext for another round of military budget increases.

But just like we said much earlier, Trump is just there to manage the fall of the US hegemonic government, hopefully to make way for a peaceful one should the Americans decide to do so.

So far, Trump is repeatedly bungling his own chance for a Gorbachev moment in our shared history.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

10 thoughts on “Iran Calls Trump’s Bluff, Partially Withdraws from Nuclear Deal”

  1. Always enjoyable to see the Jew fifth-column held up in their evil; Enjoyable to watch them twist and turn in trying to launch their war against Iran.

    Expect soon a Z-11 2.0, “Iran Did It This Time.” A carrier?!

    “Ignorance is Strength. I’m weak.

  2. It is important to understand why Iran urgently needs a civil nuclear industry by preventing the military side.

    Without nuclear devices for fracking in the Persion Gulf, the Iranian gas reserves will be fully plundered by the US corporations from the side of Qatar!

    The US corporations make such huge profits, that the US government has to to everything to prevent Iran from fracking own gas reserves independently or by the support of a partner. Therefore the French TOTAL was forced to end the production there.

    Blockbuster! Why does Iran need atomic bomb?
    Not for war and deterrence, but for fracking!

    1. You are a LOST “Avatar”…Don’t you “Understand” that OIL and GAS are OBSOLETE forms of Energy???
      WOW!!! You NEED to research FREE ENERGIES…YIKES!!!
      No wonder WHY today’s Governments (Religions) cannot solve a god-damn thing!
      They are using all kinds of FREE ENERGIES, and yet Keep it a SECRET…From NAIVE folks…Like You???
      Research “Compressed Air” as Energy for Starters Slick…You do KNOW of course that AIR is “Free Energy” Right???

  3. Ooooh I almost forgot to mention…Research HOW the latest FAN-JET-ENGINES, Most air lines use for ENERGY….COMPRESS-AIR.
    And They are NOT the Only “Corp’s” using IT to “Pucker-Fuck” US…Check it out.

    1. Kenboy, you are deadly wrong!
      It is true that current jet engines create thrust by pressing outside air through the mantle, and not by burning within the engine, but this is the result of effective turning of combustion into the kinetic energy of the revolving fan. The fan presses the air through the mantle.
      So only 10% of thrust comes by exhaust air and 90% clean air, which is bypass rate of 9:1.
      Next generation engines are already reaching a bypass rate of 12:1.
      Effective use of fuel doesn’t mean that you can have the same result without fuel!

      1. I have Already watch the MANY videos on line that PROVE I am correct about HOW those “Fan-Jets”…and there applications are being used in Factories around the world. I’m only sharing the TRUTH about how badly WE are being LIED to.
        WHAT could be “Deadly” about spreading TRUTH???
        They have also been Lying about WHERE those jets “Store” their Fuel…and its NOT in their Wings.
        ALL this PROOF is on the internet, Understand???
        The POINT is WE are being CHARGED ($$$)for these LIES.
        Seems YOU are “Brainwashed” into “Believing” in “This System”.

  4. I am just soooo surprised that we push these nations for denuclearisation and yet the “allies” have all the warheads they need. Israel alone is purported to have 100 of these alone???? What the phuck for? Note also that all these countries that have them are in fact the aggressors worldwide.
    One doesn’t need to be clever here to realise that there is a huge lie been lived out here and it is reinforced by the actions or rather inaction of the sleeping sheep…
    I am only hoping that we will waken before it is too late

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