Trump Won’t ‘Drain the Swamp’ – He Represents the Swamp

Donald Trump fanatics believe that there’s a highly coordinated attempt to destroy America, but they’d rather look at the Eastern Alliance as the culprit instead of the UK Monarchy and the Vatican that have been usurping the authority of their own government since the likes of Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

Understand that the Eastern Alliance only wants a world of mutual cooperation and progress, instead of waging endless wars that benefit no one but the ruling bloodline that is also responsible for the deteriorating quality of life in the West.

Tommy Sheridan writes:

Donald Trump talks incessantly about “draining the swamp” in reference to political corruption and lies in America.

It is a constant commitment designed to shore up support among the poor and dispossessed who have suffered from broken promises and falling living standards for decades at the hands of the political elites who serve big business and the omnipotent and all-powerful military industrial complex which controls and runs America.

The truth is he has no intention of ‘draining the swamp’ because he has lived in it all his life alongside the millionaire and billionaire elites he calls friends. Far from draining the swamp President Donald Trump is making that swamp even more putrid and rancid with the stench of lies, privilege and rank hypocrisy that wafts from it daily.

The pathetic mainstream media in the UK has devoted more audio commentary and newspaper space to attacking Jeremy Corbyn for refusing to attend the State Dinner in Donald Trump’s honour last night and agreeing to address the massive protest today in central London against Trump’s visit than attacking the bigotry, racism, misogyny and warmongering.

Donald Trump has earned the scorn, disdain and condemnation of every human being with a basic combination of decency in their hearts and brain cells in their head.

Trump is for Trump and he will do anything and say anything to maintain and promote himself. It is necessary to attack his shocking ignorance of history, politics and world affairs. Detailed analysis of his pronouncements exposes the fact he has uttered 10,000 untrue statements since being inaugurated America’s 45th President. That works out at around 12 lies a day.

One of his recent lies was particularly shameful and shocking but was hardly called out in America and has certainly been ignored by the hired poodles in the UK media who have treated Trump with kid gloves. The argument surrounding abortion is understandably passionate and controversial. Most people would describe themselves as pro-Choice rather than pro-Abortion in recognition of the inalienable right of women to control their own bodies. Legislating against abortion has never and will never stop abortions from taking place. All it does is make abortions more secretive and dangerous. Passions run high on the issue but read what Donald Trump recently said at a rally in Wisconsin and then ask yourself if those comments are worthy of an American President?

​What sort of individual is willing to so blatantly distort the truth in relation to such an emotive issue for personal gain and acclaim? If he believes that depiction represents abortion he is an ignorant person who should be debarred from holding a driving licence let alone the key to the White House.

Trump is the guy who supports and cheer-leads the separation of children from their mothers at border checkpoints.

Trump is the guy who mocks the disabled in public.

Trump is the guy who equates anti-racist campaigners and White Supremacists who deliberately kill and drive into crowds of defenceless and innocent people.

Trump is the guy whipping up hatred by banning Muslims from entering the US and refusing to condemn or even question police officers guilty of shooting and killing unarmed black men.

Trump is the guy who abused women and bought their silence and consistently uses sexist language to undermine any female critics.

Trump is the guy who has overruled the elected House of Representatives decision to ban arms sales to Saudi Arabia in protest at their illegal use of those weapons and litany of human rights abuses. Trump represents the military companies not the innocent victims of war crimes in Yemen.

Trump is the guy imposing deadly economic sanctions on the people of Venezuela in an attempt to overthrow an elected government.

Trump is the guy threatening to attack Iran and spark a catastrophic war with huge consequences for the Middle East and rest of the world.

If you think that guy deserves anything other than outright condemnation and organised opposition then you should seriously assess your moral compass.

Jeremy Corbyn is absolutely right to join the protesters today in opposing this dangerous bigot. Trump may not be a fascist but he certainly displays many of the prejudices and views synonymous with those of White Supremacists.

The media in this country should not be condemning Jeremy Corbyn for addressing the anti-Trump rally today, they should be asking the other so-called believers in democracy and human rights why they are not joining him?

If we go back 75 years of our history, Russia and China have never been the enemy of the West. It was Russia, which destroyed the Nazis that were under the command and protection of the Vatican.

China remains unconquered by Western aggressors even today, and it never sent its warships near US shores uninvited, or under the pretext of “freedom of navigation.”

Americans have enjoyed the rich bounty of the East for centuries, but it is their continuing collective delusion for grandeur and dissonance from the high crimes of their own leaders that is making enemies out of everyone.

Trump’s cabinet members are his alter-egos. Illusory justifications of whatever aggression Trump, or his cabinet secretaries, said and done are only prolonging the inevitable.

The US government and its citizens have been economically bankrupted by the bankers who control its domestic and foreign policies. The Deep Swamp is still theirs to drain, sans The Donald.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

15 thoughts on “Trump Won’t ‘Drain the Swamp’ – He Represents the Swamp”

  1. Obviously another dime for dozen- TDS article full of incessant slander and rhetoric; Instead of reading might as well listen to Adam Shitt for brains. #SameDiffference

  2. Duh!!! I have been saying this about “Chump(Trump)” ever since he was “Selected” to take office! (Laugh!!!)
    And the so-called “Eastern Alliance” is also part of the “Swamp” too because the “Same” people that bankrolled “them” are controlled by them also…”Remember”???
    Remember “Who” showed up in “Anartica”…the “poops/Pope and the “Kril”???…Both representing a “White God” that “Never” actually existed..neither his “Son”.

    1. I don’t support “ANY” government, because they are all controlled by a band of “Cosmic-Criminals” base out of the Satanic Vatican (White Supremest descised as a god. read: “The Historic origins of Christianity (Islam too)
      Check out god’s website (LAUGH!!! w.…for their latest BS Lies!

  3. Regarding your abortion stance,… Who, exactly, do you believe traffics in the purest raw genetic material of the human species (and with whom or what) in the greatest quantity and with the greatest regularity and under the cover of ‘law’? I’ll explain it to you…. The abortion clinics, and the ‘laws’ that protect them. So, go fuck yourself.
    Aside from that, you are right. Captain Spaceballs is a tool, and servant of the bloodlines. That is as clear as a bucket of clean water.

    1. @Jon Gavigan
      Do you “Remember” the saying, Quote: “Oh what a deadly web they weave, when they practice to deceive”???
      How do you still “Believe” when those snakes you “thought” you could trust were “Lying” to you all your life???
      You must be like the musicians who fidled while the “Titanic” was sinking.
      “Awaken”…”Knowledge is “Power”…Belief & faith do “not” require “Knowledge”…thus are “Moronic” behaviors.

  4. An unusually disappointing and disingneuous post from this site 🙁
    One man’s swamp is another man’s support network and swimming buddies.
    Trump is no more a master of his own destiny, or America’s, than any president since The Federal Reserve was created in 1913. Yes, Trump is a swamp creature. He would genuinely like it to be different, but his hands are tied.

    1. The “White Supremest Creatures” created “Avatar’s” of the ORIGINAL “Indigenous” people “Seeded” on this planet in an ATTEMPT to STEAL Everything on and In this planet.
      Their Savage nature helped destroy their former planetary home (Melak)…The remnants now called the “Astriod Belt”.
      They will suffer the EXACT Same results that happened to them in the movie AVATAR.
      When “Someone” TAKES something witch is NOT Theirs, and LIES about WHO it Really belongs to as these “Creatures” have, WHAT ELSE IS LEFT FOR THEM???
      How about ARMED ROBBERY???
      They came here to STEAL an Entire “Divine Culture” and an attempt to WHITE IT OUT…BY CREATING A “WHITE GOD”.
      Its being EXPOSED as such even NOW.
      Research SAMBO Folks…and learn the REAL-Story instead of HIS-Story.

  5. What a load of negativity crock.
    Trump is none of the above… you are fuelled by your own incorrectness…
    Trump discusses Infanticide as the problem with Margaret Sangers Planned Parenthood… that is pushing for third trimester killings… actually these babies are then sold for hundreds & thousands for organ harvesting to keep the rich fed in grizzly blood etc…
    Your overview on Jeremy Corbyn is pants too… as a former supporter of JC, his tactics to push for the UN’s Green New Deal and Agenda 21 is extremely problematic as SMART cities loom with 1984 and chip & pin stack & pack., become the norm…
    As the the NHS 1949, a codependent system destroying our natural regard to preventative culture just like The Flexnor Report..1910…the NHS should have this remained surgery and left midwifery well alone.
    Trump is not what the MSM conjure , however knowing he tore up The Paris Accord, TTIP, & is tackling the mobsters on the Mexican borders… is well overdue…,.

  6. What are you talking about, this blog is fake news like CNN, ALL ANTI TRUMP….Trump is the best President in history and I’m not a fanatic, with all the odds against him it’s amazing how many promises he’s accomplished as he campaigned on.

    1. You “must” be the Alexandria that owns that “Fascist” website “Forbidden knowledge” “Laugh!!!!)
      No “Surprise” here!….Trump is actually more like “Adolf Hitler” as a president…Hitler’s wet-dream of a “white supremest” world dictator…controlled by their “White God” residing at the “Vatican”…who “Thinks” he will “Redefine God” on earth at some point (
      what a “bad joke”!!!
      Say Alexandra…”since when did God “ever” need to be “corrected” as if He/She made a mistake???
      Because the “biggest mistake in the ‘real-story” (history) was the creation of a “White God’ and “Religion”….ALL RELIGION!!!

    2. Trump is a skillful liar and con man. It is easy for the rightsous and wise to see. You’re just not one of us. You’re easily deceived. Bo one gets to be President unless he was selected for the role long ago.

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