CEO Claims Jewish AG Barr Set to Break Open Biggest Scandal in US

Barr’s father was born Jewish, and later converted to Catholicism. His mother is of Irish ancestry. Barr was raised Catholic.[4][5]” says mainstream Wikipedia. But the Overstock CEO still wants to tell us that AG William Barr is set to break open the biggest political scandal in the history of America. Is it really possible in the Land of Milk and Honey for the Israel Lobby?

Byrne joined Fox Business host David Asman this week to discuss, among other things, his involvement in the so-called “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative which turned out to be a massive hoax, just like POTUS Donald Trump long claimed it was.

Specifically, Byrne was asked by Asman about the latter’s involvement  with Russian intelligence agent Maria Butina.

In case you wondered, Butina is an alleged Russian spy and — get this — gun rights activist who recently pleaded guilty to conspiracy in a deal with the Justice Department by agreeing to help with ongoing probes. She has also been romantically linked to GOP operative Paul Erikson, who’s also been notified he’s the target of a federal investigation himself, the Washington Examiner reported.

As for Byrne, he essentially fired off a warning shot to the Deep State that AG Barr is about to drop the hammer on the Spygate probe.

‘You haven’t seen anything yet’

“I ended up in the center of the Russian and the Clinton investigations. I have all the answers. I have been sitting on them waiting for America to get there. Last summer I figured out… what they all are is all about political espionage,” he told Asman.

“It had nothing to do with law enforcement, it was all political espionage. Here’s the bottom line. There is a Deep State like a submarine working just beneath the waves of the periscope depth watching our shipping lane. And a nuclear ice breaker called the USS Bill Barr has snuck up on them and is about to ram midship,” he continued.

“That’s about to happen and I think we’re about to see the biggest scandal in American history as a result. But it was all political. Everything you think you know about Russia and Clinton investigations is a lie. It’s all a cover-up. It was all political espionage,” he said.

Asman responded, “You think Bill Barr is going to get to the bottom of it?” (Related: ‘Bull’ Durham: New Russiagate prober has been haunting the FBI for months.)

“I think he has gotten to the bottom of it,” Byrne said.

Should Byrne know? Perhaps. As ace investigative reporter Sara A. Carter noted in late July, while he and Butina were involved, Bryne was reporting to the FBI:

…Byrne recounted first meeting Butina at Freedom Fest in 2015. He described the relationship that developed between the two and revealed that he had initiated contact in July, 2015 with the FBI after his first meeting with Butina. He also disclosed that he met twice with Justice Department attorneys in April, 2019 giving a total of seven hours of interviews on the separate occasions. A source directly familiar with the interviews confirmed those meetings took place.

In short, Byrne was working with the FBI and had been for a number of years — a fact he admitted to Butina’s lawyer, Robert Driscoll.

If what we think we know about the FBI’s probe into the 2016 Trump campaign is bad, Byrne told Carter to “make sure you are sitting down because it’s about to get worse.”

We have a lot of good reasons not to expect anything substantial coming from the Deep State populated US administration. Will we be proven wrong after so many claims of “mass arrests” in the past that didn’t happen as advertised?

As a side note, it was AG Barr’s father who hired Epstein into Dalton School even without a college degree, and then that same law firm, Kirkland & Ellis, that father Barr was working in 2009, later represented Epstein’s interest in all the court cases that the latter has to deal with, including the child trafficking case that Trump’s own Labor Secretary Acosta made a mockery of by striking a deal which only gave a sentence of 13 months incarceration, with Epstein spending a bulk of that time on work release, or in the jail’s private wing.

Almost 3 years in office, and all we hear most of the time is “China, Iran, China, Iran, China, Iran…” from the White House.

You can actually participate in crippling the Deep State organized criminal cabal, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

10 thoughts on “CEO Claims Jewish AG Barr Set to Break Open Biggest Scandal in US”

  1. SO,,,Barr converts from being a Fake Jew to a Roman Catholic?! (Laugh!!!)
    That’s like jumping from the frying pan, into the FIRE! LAUGH!!!
    That means NOTHING , will be Exposed
    We are being “Bamboozled” AGAIN.
    Folks…Get a copy of a book called “BAMBOOZLED” by author: Timothy Aldred.
    It will DETAIL exactly What that means.

    1. So what? It’s anyone’s right to convert to another religion. I did many times when I was trying to find something. Ultimately, I gave up. Barr isn’t a questionable character. You’ve missed the point. The point was….did Donald Barr hire Epstein when he was there or was Epstein hired after Donald Barr resigned? In any case, it would seem the dark ones want to cast doubt on our good AG. Even if his father was a bad person, it doesn’t make William Barr one.

      1. Jeepers! Crystallighthealer…Seems You haven’t “Caught-On” about ALL Religion…and Political BS (Governments)

        Do YOU Actually Still BELIEVE…In Them???
        Obviously, you seem to Love Life “Inside-the-Box”…GET OUT OF THAT BOX.
        That Box is a TRAP, that ANYONE stays in will “Parish In”, Understand???

  2. A snake can switch rocks it suns on, but will still be a snake. A Jew can switch religions, but will still be a Jew.

    “Evil is diffuse in the world, however, gathers where the Jews are.”

    “Ignorance is Strength.” I’m weak.

    1. A similar saying is this, ‘ Is a dog still called a dog whether it be born in a kennel or in the open field’?
      You are quite right there K.Chris C
      So why is it so hard to get humanity together to topple this lot? Could it be the constant swings in prospering nations to recession that happens all over the world? Or is it simpler than that?

      1. It is often that I ask my friends this question,’ what happens when all the resources are exhausted”? In fact we know what happens when some come into short supply – there is aggro right. They continue to tell me that it is a good question. So for many years I have asked the same question and yet the same reply is echoed.
        This tells me no further thinking on the subject has been initiated, nothing. I will point out that these friends that I ask are not simpletons either, so what gives?

  3. What kind of nonsense is this article? It goes from serious mention of Barr and the investigations to China, Iran, etc. then jumps right to boycott Big Pharma? Not one connection to the last paragraph whatsoever? Where is the rest of the article?

    1. The last paragraph is always at the end of an article, and usually the rest of the article is released in full after several days, so paying fans get to see it all first, freebies a few days later, all quite usual..

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