Why is Israel Armed with an Estimated 400 Nuclear WMDs?

Because the Israeli government refuses to be a party either to the international nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) or the internationally agreed Chemical Weapons or Biological Weapons Conventions (CWC) (BWC), means that unlike the vast majority of UN Member States including America, Britain, China, Russia, France and Germany etc., the state of Israel is uniquely able to mount a nuclear/chemical attack upon any country in the Middle East (or Europe), at any time, without warning.

Israel is, of course, the only undeclared nuclear-weaponised state in the world and is estimated by US scientists to have up to 400 nuclear weapons plus substantial stocks of banned chemical weapons of mass destruction (WMD).  Furthermore, the Israeli state is NOT a member of either NATO or the EU.

Frighteningly, it now has a second-strike capability through its nuclear-armed cruise missiles that can be delivered by land, submarine-launched or aircraft. That fact alone makes it, arguably, the most dangerous state on the planet with the ability to destroy and contaminate whole swathes of Europe and the Middle East, for more than a generation.

However, instead of meeting this threat with a national defence planning campaign, the U.K. government exports military equipment to the Netanyahu Likud administration to assist in its potential for regional military domination.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon sit in front of a display of M302 rockets, found aboard the Klos C ship, at a navy base in the Red Sea resort city of Eilat March 10, 2014. Netanyahu, displaying on Monday what Israel said were seized Iranian-supplied missiles bound for militants in Gaza, called on the West not to be fooled by Tehran’s diplomatic outreach over its nuclear programme. REUTERS/Amir Cohen (ISRAEL – Tags: POLITICS MILITARY CIVIL UNREST) – RTR3GGUG

Why? That is a question that must remain unanswered for there is no valid explanation for a British government helping to further arm a potential future enemy that is the only undeclared nuclear state in the world and which already has a fleet of German-built, Dolphin-class submarines armed with nuclear cruise missiles plus its Jericho series of intermediate to intercontinental range ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

The status quo would appear to be both political and military madness.

There can be but one explanation: the powerful influence of the friends of Israel lobby at Westminster – and, of course, that of its sister lobby, AIPAC, in Washington.

And, it is noted here that at least one member of the current British cabinet of Boris Johnson, has been established in the public domain as a known collaborator with the hard-Right, settler-controlled, Netanyahu government.

Hans Stehling (pen name) is an analyst based in the UK. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

If 4 Nuclear WMD Are More than Adequate for Israel’s Defence – Why Is It Armed with an Estimated 400?

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15 thoughts on “Why is Israel Armed with an Estimated 400 Nuclear WMDs?”

  1. When terrorists are holding hostages, who do they point their weapons at? The hostages first, then the cops. What did they used to call it, the Samson option?

  2. Ask senator Lindsey about it. He’ll tell you all about the ‘threat of another 9/11’, just about every single time the thought of not doing what the empire (or Isreal) tells us to arises.

  3. In answer to your headline question the answer is because unlike any other country on the planet it is surrounded by barbarians who seek to annihilate it and have not changed this position in overc70 years.

    1. @Malone Cooper
      You must be buying this idea of Thinking based off Main Stream “HIS-Story” witch has PROVEN to be 95% LIES.
      The INDIGENOUS people of Ancient Israel were ALL BLACK Raced people…The Very people that gave BIRTH to what is “Civilization”all over this planet.
      The Ancient WHITE Greeks & Romans were WHITE people who proceeded to LEARN then STEAL it from Them, Then Altering the “Story-line” so as to created a FALSE one (HIS-Story???)
      The Exact Opposite is what NOW occupies Israel BARBARIC KHAZAR’S…Isn’t That OBVIOUS NOW…Judging by HOW that nation operates Today???
      The Khazar’s ARE Notorious Barbarians, and adopted the Satanic “Talmud” as their bible…SO “THEY’ ARE THE BARBARIC PEOPLE.

    2. What an absurd comment to make. To begin with, who are the true barbarians here, those with the military might (Israel) gunning down unarmed demonstrators dozens of meters from its border with all it powerful might supplied by the U. S. , provided diplomatic immunity from prosecution of well documented war crimes, crimes against humanity, violations of the Geneva Conventions, U. N. Resolutions last count at 44+, International Law and common decency or the surrounding “barbarians” who have been slaughtered relentlessly by it with state of the art weapons with a qualitative military edge guaranteed by the U. S., that two of which on its borders already have peace treaties with it in addition to the remaining “barbarians” as you put it who have put fourth a durable peace offer completely rejected by Israel in pursuit of a greater Israel! So please do tell us again who the real barbarians are? Last count it is Israel that has a proven history of perpetrating massacres against its neighbors not the other way around. Take your Hasbara propaganda to where the sun don’t shine to hell with your racist closed minded arrogant self.

    3. Please. They had two PMs that started their careers as terrorists and one of them bragged about having introduced terrorism to the Middle East. Refine both your definition of barbarian and the latitude and longitude you provide as ground zero for finding them.

    4. When you’re stealing someone’s land and murdering their families, you get what you get, seriously. I’m not sure how to respond to the obvious, naked colonizing behavior of the largely white Europeans who are moving to Israel to re-colonize ‘the holy land.’ And murdering the people who currently live there, of course enraging everyone in sight.

      Who do you think you are fooling, seriously.

    5. Malone, it is Israel that is attacking all the countries between itself and Saudi Arabia. It is Israel that has killed tens of thousands of unarmed Palestinians, and wounded hundreds of thousands, bombed their hospitals, schools, homes, and both Christian Churches and Mosques. It is Israel that is stealing land that the does not belong to it and try to force the people there to leave. It is Israel that has four hundred nuclear missiles, and threatens to use them. And you call the Muslims barbarians.

    6. The barbarians are those who kill unarmed men, women & children. The barbarians are those who stole land and everything on it from the original owners. The barbarians are those who broke and continue breaking every decent human value and depend on an equally ruthless entity that is just as evil.
      My advice to people like you is look in the mirror before uttering such rubbish .

  4. The REAL reason WHY the FAKE JEWS have those WMD’s is about WHITE SUPREMACY Folks…Because INFORMED “Hu-Man’s” already KNOW , that the ORIGINAL Jews ARE ALL BLACK RACE PEOPLE.
    When ENTIRE Nation Knows it is FAKE…What else can you expect???
    That so-called “Samson Option” will NEVER be Allowed to happen…So the Whole BS thing smells more like a “Bluff”, than a REALITY.
    Lets Remember White Supremacy promotes FEAR to stay alive Folks!

    1. AnD!..To Add ALL “Religion” promotes FEAR too, so as to Keep their “Sheeple” in Fear of a God that NEVER existed.

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