Suspect Who Shot Family of Judge on Deutsche Bank-Jeffrey Epstein Case Suicided

The attorney-suspect to the murder of the husband and son of Judge Esther Salas, who is handling the DeutscheBank-Jeffrey Epstein case was found dead of gunshot wounds in Rockland, New York.

RT reports,

An attorney suspected of shooting the family of Judge Esther Salas has been found dead of gunshot wounds in a vehicle in Rockland, New York, according to authorities who believe the wounds were self-inflicted.

The man was found dead in a car on Route 17 in Sullivan County, wearing a FedEx uniform, law enforcement sources told local media. He was reportedly an attorney whose case was heard by Salas in 2015.

Authorities are investigating whether a gun found at the scene of the death – which they’ve presumed to be a suicide – matches the one that killed Salas’ son and wounded her husband on Sunday during the attack at their North Brunswick, New Jersey home.

The gunman who attacked Salas’ family was also wearing a FedEx uniform when he knocked on their door Sunday evening around 5pm and reportedly used an “ordinary car” when he fled the scene. Mark Anderl, Salas’ husband, was first to be shot upon answering the door, followed by the couple’s son Daniel Anderl. Salas, who was in the basement at the time, was not hurt.

The FBI, New Jersey State Police, and US Marshals are investigating the shooting at Salas’ home. Her husband remains hospitalized in critical condition. A motive for the attack has not been put forth, though law enforcement sources have theorized it may have been a home invasion gone wrong.

So, the shooter, an attorney who obviously is not that good for the assigned task , ended up dead of gunshot wounds, which suggest that he was not only forced to do so, but “gunshot wounds” mean that it’s not a suicide at all.

The quick succession of events also indicates that the Salas’ shooter was being followed, or constantly being monitored, as to the progress of the whole operation to intimidate the judge.

The pattern of killings, whenever the Clintons, UK Royalties, or the MOSSAD, are involved, all points to the lack of morals from all of these “special” people, or gangsters – that should be the most accurate description of who they really are. Those people who continue to support the “royal family” of criminals lack humanity, too.

Geopolitically, the UK Monarchy is still holding hostage Venezuela’s $1.2 billion worth of gold deposit in the Bank of England, through the phone calls coming from John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, very active Zionist fools.

This week’s brigandry – unnoticed by any commentator I read – took place in an era when the Bank of England is officially independent of government control. And yet it was triggered by a phone call from a foreign government official.

The bank’s decision to seize – a polite word for steal – more than a billion dollars’ worth of Venezuelan gold was reported to have been ordered by the governor after a call from US National Security Advisor John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – not even the president himself.

George Galloway, a member of the British Parliament for nearly 30 years

These high profile criminals’ continued grip of power in the West manifests the lack of popular concern over how the whole world may look at the region, where two centuries ago provided the guiding principles towards the rule of many, and not the few, whose only concern is the preservation of their bloodlines in positions of economic and political power.

The Western people should realize that much of these murders are meant to project power when there’s only an imaginary one, because at the end of the day, that perception of invincibility only resides in the minds of obedient armed men whose sworn duty really is to protect the people and not these criminals.

The US is being groomed for a civil war by “friendly” forces of both sides, whose real intention is not of benevolence, but endless chaos.

We need to wake the military up and remind them of their true purpose.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

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