Huge Explosions in Beirut Lebanon Blamed on Israel

The blasts that erupted in a port warehouse of the Lebanese capital Beirut claimed at least 70 lives and thousands more injured. The mainstream media are quoting the Lebanese officials saying the explosions were caused by ammonium nitrate recklessly stored in the said port warehouse.

Health Minister Hamad Hassan told local media that a ship carrying fireworks exploded in the port. Video footage lends weight to his explanation, as it shows a small explosion followed by the crackling of fireworks, before a second and massively destructive blast.

Local residents have shared images showing extensive damage to property. The office of the Daily Star newspaper was smashed by the blast, with windows blown out and furniture flung to the ground. France24 correspondent Leila Molana-Allen said that her apartment was “blown apart,” adding that she thinks the blast was caused by a “missile from a jet.”

Independent analysts disagree.

It looks very much like the Lebanese have invented the ship full of fireworks story to cover the truth. Molana-Allen is almost certainly correct – that it was some kind of missile or guided bomb dropped by a jet fighter-bomber.

Or, are they going with the one we have heard so many times before when tactical nukes have been used – that it was a store of explosives that went up? Of course, they would deny it was an attack, no-one ever admits a nuke went off, it’s terribly bad for public opinion.

Sodium nitrate, basically a big fertiliser bomb, nope, not buying that at all, this is the cover story they appear to be going with.

… Jeff Smith of the IAEA confirms this is a nuclear explosion. The lies about fireworks in ships and fertilizer are what we always get. You don’t store either one downtown in a major city like Beirut under any circumstances. Not much farming in Beirut and they don’t celebrate the 4th of July there.

The smoke could well be missile fuel which may mean a missile storage facility was hit by Israel. We have confirmation from Israel that they were planning to attack Beirut 5 days ago in retaliation for Hezbollah’s military attacks on Golan, which were not reported anywhere.

We are told Lebanon asked for nuclear investigators from Russia but there is no attempt to protect the site which, even if this were a modern clean weapon, still be radioactive.

New video shows nature of the blast a bit better.

This is the second explosion, that looks like the plasma ball of a nuclear explosion to me, note the white colour indicating extremely high temperatures – no conventional explosion burns so hot. Also note the great height of the plasma ball – it is taller than the grain silo. I am very strongly reminded of the nuking of Tianjin a few years ago. The warehouse to the east he speaks of is the black building shown in the video stills above.

Indeed, the two-explosion pattern is very similar to the one that happened in Tianjin China some years back, which was concluded to be of nuclear origin by independent experts.

A description of what is observable on the ground in the aftermath of this latest Beirut bombing should give further insight:

Beirut Governor Calls Explosion a ‘National Disaster Akin to Hiroshima’

“A fire brigade of 10 people arrived at the scene. What happened is very similar to what happened in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They drove to the scene and disappeared. This is a national disaster for Lebanon. We do not know how we are going to deal with this”, Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud said. (Sputnik/Moscow)


Indicted Bibi Netanyahu cannot have his war to preserve his political base. Nor will the US military be dragged into decades of conflict that only few may benefit from. The body bags will be much harder to count this time around.

Besides, the US government itself is financially decapitated already that nobody with a sane mind would invest in fiat dollars anymore.

The overall global condition is not conducive for the Deep State’s desire for absolute hegemony anymore. Full spectrum dominance is not going to happen. There will never be a singular center of power, but multilateral.

All attempts at starting a nuclear war are being responded to with peaceful economic development through the ongoing New Silk Road project, as spearheaded by China and backed up militarily by Russia and Iran.

Yesterday’s warning of another Hiroshima will never be allowed to happen, either by terrestrial forces, or off-world.

However, we still need to do our part and send these warmongers to the gallows, as soon as possible. No president, elected or otherwise, will ever do that for us.

Ideally, all actions against the Deep State should be completed before the automated surveillance and preemptive strike mechanisms are fully operational, post COVID19 mass vaccinations.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

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