True or not, this is the cause of Poroshenko’s restiveness. Nevertheless, if Russia’s military has indeed step into Ukrainian territory, then this could be part of the end game that must be played. But we still don’t believe that this is real because there’s absolutely no need for the Russian to take this step. The … Continue reading NATO SAT IMAGES "EXPOSES RUSSIAN COMBAT TROOPS INSIDE UKRAINE"

Pocket-Size Nuclear Free Energy is Almost Here!

After the groundbreaking announcement of an industrial method to transmute elements into gold and silver, or any materials for that matter, in 2016 [here], Russian scientists have been pushing the boundaries of nuclear miniaturization in the last few years by designing, and recently by successfully producing a pocket-sized nuclear battery that can power portable devices … Continue reading Pocket-Size Nuclear Free Energy is Almost Here!

The Deep State Swamp Can Be Defeated Right Now, Here's How

We’ve recently received some files from our friend, John, about what American patriots are doing to stave off the power of the Deep State — as represented by a group calling themselves as the Senior Executive Services [SES], which regularly dictates what both houses of the US Congress should pass into law for the Sheeples … Continue reading The Deep State Swamp Can Be Defeated Right Now, Here's How

Was Vitaly Churkin Assassinated in New York?

We could have accepted the diplomatic line that the late Russian ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, who looked to be “in absolute good health,” died after he collapsed at his consulate desk in New York City, if only nobody from the Cabal side said this prior to his “sudden” death… “2017 is going to … Continue reading Was Vitaly Churkin Assassinated in New York?

Competing Secret Space Programs Disclosure, Will Trump Do it?

A secret space program run by the U.S. Air Force with the support of the National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office, has concluded that Corey Goode’s testimony of multiple secret space programs with interstellar spacecraft using temporal drive technologies is not disinformation.

Putin Prepares for War, Medvedev Dedicates Himself to Science

To the deep consternation of the West, the Russian economy continues to grow amidst Western sanctions. Its scientific community and military sector continue to advance even after the massive plunders against the former Soviet Union.Its agricultural sector, on the other hand, is poised to become the global superpower in terms of non-GMO food production.Why?

Reviving Soviet Era Plan to Sink United States

Pravda, the Kremlin virtual mouthpiece is entertaining one of the West’s old Cold War concerns, the purported sinking of the United States using multiple unmanned nuclear submarines which was very feasible during that era considering the 20 year technological edge of the Soviets over the adversary.

NASA Ignoring Russia's Discovery of Microbes on Surface of ISS

We have been brainwashed to believe that life could not exist in space, yet our planet itself is floating in space while we are still breathing. Last August 19th, a stunning discovery was made by Russian cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station — microbes where found alive clinging on its surface.

Ex-SBU Operative Exposes Deep State StratCom PsyOps in Ukraine and its Blowback

A former SBU operative, Lt. Col. Vasily Prozorov, has reached out to us to share his first-hand experience of the actual operations conducted by the US-designed STRATCOM in Ukraine during the EuroMaidan color revolution in 2014, and described how the local Deep State collaborators eventually were using the same tactics against their own Western sponsors.

China Calls for Closing All Deep-State Bioweapons Laboratories in Former USSR Countries

As countries have openly begun to utilize their military structures in fighting the coronavirus in programs intended to guard against biological warfare, Chinese authorities have come out in support the official position of Russia and considers it dangerous that there is a continued existence of U.S biological laboratories in the territory of individual states.

Manufactured Weather is the New Battlefield New York, NY — 2/12/2020 — The US Military has become an entity with a mind of its own; despite efforts to curtail it’s expansion by activists and politicians, it continues to grow.  Years ago a small problem arose that posed an existential threat to the system, the enemies were all defeated. 

Coronavirus: US Biological Warfare Against Russia and China

Washington benefits from new SARS unsettling major competitors. Prior to the advent of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus, it was believed that the so-called “first package” of the US-China trade agreement, which was signed on behalf of the Celestial Empire by Vice Premier of the State Council of the PRC Liu He, is a tactical move, thanks … Continue reading Coronavirus: US Biological Warfare Against Russia and China

Weaponization of Space, Trump’s Holiday Gift for Humanity

Our planet has been under space quarantine since the US detonated the first nuclear bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The first budget allocation for the US Space Command is in violation of the Outer Space Treaty signed between Russia, US, UK and 106 other countries including China, as of June 2019. The Treaty entered into … Continue reading Weaponization of Space, Trump’s Holiday Gift for Humanity