The Neil Keenan Timeline

“With the revelation of Neil Keenan assuming the position as M1/N1, once again we find ourselves answering unnecessary questions.  It is quite revealing that the loudest backlash to this news has been from those individuals who have not done one thing toward making the world better – not one overt action to improve humanity’s condition.They … Continue reading The Neil Keenan Timeline

Neil Keenan Nominated for N1 with Full Authority to Disburse GCA for Free Energy & Other Humanitarian Projects

This is a very positive development towards the actual release of humanitarian funds slated early next year. The Keenan Group has been telegraphing over many moons ago that the Asian Elders, the guardians of historical treasures, preferred to release massive humanitarian assistance by the first month of 2016.

The Game is Over [Keenan]

Just in case you’re  wondering why the few updates, well, we don’t have to. We can already feel the Cabalist world is fast crumbling and you should be seeing how they are so disorganized and stunned with the multitudes of attacks from all directions that they have to deal with. They may be too powerful … Continue reading The Game is Over [Keenan]

Global Accounts Elders Prefer January 1st for Humanitarian Aid Release [Keenan]

Just like we’ve always warned about the attempt of the Jesuits, aka Khazarian Mafia, to hijack the upcoming massive release of humanitarian aid through the BRICS financial mechanisms, or otherwise, by proclaiming a “debt jubilee” and a partial controlled ET disclosure, the Keenan Group is advising everyone to stay away from any “Jubilee” sounding schemes.

Has the Corporation Finally Stepped Down? – Keenan [Updated]

UPDATE FALSE FLAG: Neil has just asked me to post this for him relating to the earlier Grammy J posting: Quote: AIL HAIL TO THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OR NOT????????? HAS THE CORPORATION FINALLY STEPPED DOWN? THIS IS WHAT I HAVE FOR NOW…endquote Neil has managed to do a lot of digging and … Continue reading Has the Corporation Finally Stepped Down? – Keenan [Updated]