Cabal split, unable to act despite deadline

by benjamin

April 22, 2014

It is now clear that the cabal that has ruled the West is in disarray and is unable to act despite a very real surrender deadline given to them. The European power brokers like the Pope and the Queen support world peace and a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. However, Rockefeller, Bush and the other American oligarchs are acting like deer frozen in the headlights, unable or unwilling to take action. The same can be said of the heads of the Pentagon and the agencies.
Let there be no doubt about it, the United States of America has degenerated into a rogue nation ruled by Satan worshipping gangsters and is the black hole from which most of the world’s misery emerges.
Removing the public face of the US oligarchy, Barack Hussein Obama, raises the question of “what do you replace him with?” If the heads of the military industrial complex do not act with a unified plan, the answer is likely to be chaos, turmoil and possibly even civil war in the US.
The best hope now lies with the State governments who now have the required two-thirds support to demand a conference to rewrite the constitution of the United States of America.
That conference could be used as the means to set up an interim government with the power to clean out the filth that festers in Washington D.C.
Also, talks with various factions within the US military industrial complex reveal a surprising amount of agreement on key issues. The problem seems to be one of egos and rival institutions vying for power rather than disagreement over what needs to be done.
Here are some of the main points everybody agrees on:
1) There should be a jubilee; a once off write-off of all debts public and private. That is a no-brainer that would immediately end the ongoing US depression.
2) There needs to be a redistribution of assets. Most of the fortune 500 companies are controlled by the seven families that founded the Federal Reserve Board. The concentrated ownership is hidden by foundations and obscure accounting. These families mostly did not create the companies they own, rather they acquired them through murder and theft. These assets need to be either redistributed or put into a public fund and managed on behalf of the American people.
3) The Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court and the White House in Washington D.C. are nothing more than a heavily bribed acting troop and need to be replaced. The umbilical cord of linking money and politics needs to be severed.
4) Once Washington is cleaned up, the government needs to start issuing money instead of the privately owned Federal Reserve Board.
5) The media monopolies need to be broken up and the American people need to be told their true history.
This is the broad consensus that can be found inside the United States, especially inside the military and the agencies as well as within most state governments. The United States is ready to once again become and independent nation.
Seen from outside of the United States, however, a very different picture emerges. First of all, while Europeans and Americans constitute about one fifth the world’s population, they control four out of the five vetoes at the United Nations Security Council. This means the UN is still a European instrument of colonial control. That has to change.
The other thing that has to change is the global financial architecture. If the Republic of the United States of America is restored and issues its own currency, then a new institution needs to be set up to manage the internationally held and traded US dollars.
The World Bank and the IMF are not up to the job and there is no sign whatsoever that the Europeans and Americans will give up their control of these institutions. Even the reformed voting structure planned for the IMF (and blocked by the US as mentioned last week) would leave Europeans in charge.
For that reason there are negotiations going on to set up an entirely new institution that would make the IMF and World Bank largely irrelevant. This is not going to happen overnight because new systems and computer networks need to be set up independent of the US dominated and thoroughly hacked SWIFT international payments system. Here the Europeans, Russians, the Middle Eastern oil exporters and the Chinese are in broad agreement. It will take a couple of years to build up, however, so do not expect a sudden change on this front. Nonetheless, the first big step, for Europe to pay for Russian gas in Euros instead of US dollars, is already in the works.
That will leave the US corporate government headed by Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) extremely isolated.
Perhaps that is why Obama is vising US Asian colonies of Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Malaysia this week to try to extort some money to keep the US corporate government from collapsing.
The Japanese police agency sent somebody to visit the WDS to ask about the Obama visit. He was told the police should arrest Obama on charges of mass murder and fraud as soon as he stepped foot in the country. He was also told that slave Prime Minister Abe should also be arrested for election stealing and accepting foreign bribes to betray his country. The US agencies and military based in Japan would be the heroes of the human race if they agreed to help the Japanese police to make the arrests.
If the Japanese and US 7th fleet lack the courage to make this move then perhaps the Malaysians will do it.
Arresting Obama would be the trigger that would bring about world peace and vastly accelerate the positive changes taking place on this planet. However, it is probably wishful thinking.
Instead, according to an Asian based CIA source, Abe and Obama are going to preside over some provocations and incidents aimed at ratcheting up tension in East Asia. “Obama wants to start a Ukraine like situation in the region,” was how he put it.
Speaking about the Ukraine, the P2 lodge sent this writer a video clip of a Police Chief being beheaded in Eastern Ukraine. This is the same satanic mercenary army that has been carrying out atrocities in Iraq and Syria. Rest assured, these scum are being systematically hunted down and slaughtered.
The CIA chief visited Ukraine recently because 20 of his “Greystone” (Blackwater, Xi, Academi) murderers have recently vanished. They will continue to “vanish” until these criminals are all gone.
There is also evidence that some sort of major counter-attack against the cabal has begun in Asia. The ongoing swarm of earthquakes hitting New Guinea are taking place in an area known to host a Nazi submarine base.
Also, in China, over 1000 officials linked to the cabal have been executed since Xi Jinping came into power, according to a Chinese government official.
Finally, to conclude, Japanese TV was set to broadcast a 911 truth documentary during prime time while Obama was visiting the country. However, the producers were told “the time was not yet ripe.”
We are to hold our fire until we can see the whites of their eyes. There is no sense in going off half-cocked. When the White Dragon moves, it must be absolute and overwhelming.
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5 thoughts on “Cabal split, unable to act despite deadline”

  1. Is there any way to receive funds before the slow think tanks put a practical plan together? Quite frankly, I know of a way to speed up this weird political process from the grassroots up; I just need the capital to get it started.

  2. I don’t like the first point…It should not be a debt write-off…I think that simply redistribuding a lump sum to everyone would be much more fair, since those who were not irresponsible enough to get into huge debts will not fall short…Also genuine lenders would not suffer…

    1. A grand jubilee is a good idea too; but if there are “funds” to back up the jubilee then why not leverage the account that has theortically already been managed “for me.” If there is money already set aside today in an account somewhere; I would like access to it today to pay off debts and reinvest into myself and/or business. Is that not the goal of this entire thing?
      Besides a jubilee is a good thing anyway because if the government and governing bodies made a mistake about extraterrestrial contact, technologies, and other things; then, it may have adversely affected the employment market (relative to the soul goups’ natural tendencies and individual talent thereof per technology given at the time.) Therefore, a jubilee is the only answer anyway; and let the next generation clean up this weird political, economic, and environmental mess.

  3. When the White Dragon moves, it must be absolute and overwhelming.
    Totally Agree !, the WDS has to make its move and finish this whole affair once and for all. Now, WHEN will they start the Day of Judgement, they dont do it in October because its Winter and its too cold, they dont do it in February because its still kinda cold, now we are almost May, almost summer, WHAT excuse is the WDS going to give us now?. Oh we dont invade on summer because it is too hot. BULLSHIT WDS, start the Day of Judgement invasión NOW and be done with this once and for all. WDS you are at least 2 years behind Schedule, why are you keeping the bad guys alive when you could finish them off for good. Makes no sense.

    1. Seasons are relative to the tilt of the earth and the hemisphere. The WDS can do what they need to do at anytime.
      I agree; the WDS needs to move faster while injecting a relief valve somewhere in the system for the common man to escape this ridiculous situat8ion. One problem is that the western world is in a “hostage” style situation where several cabal members can move like the “common man” (if they are under no or little surveillance.) The second problem is it is always better to build a civilization up than to rescue it from itself (a learning curve sort of thing.) One hint is many physic sources have put it as intervention as a dirty concept of rescuing without the full learning in progress.

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