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US Puppet Regime Losing in Ukraine But Long-term Turmoil is Assured

Kiev military forces are suffering from demoralization and poor logistics, and its eventual defeat is just a matter of time. But it doesn’t mean that the West has not achieved its objectives.

Just like all other countries the Nazis have laid their fingers into, Ukraine will be in perpetual turmoil in the years to come.

There is a need to eliminate the Nazis, every single one of them.
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When the Word Comes “It’s time”

By Aleksandr Zakharchenko

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk for FortRuss

If one is to speak without geopolitical complexities and nuances, the situation is extremely simple. This is a battle for the continent, for the international system, for one’s own taiga. They are desperately attacking us and are trying to take us down quickly. They use all means at their disposal, except for direct military intervention on Russia’s territory. They are destroying Russians outside their boarders, are raising foreign legions in order to invade the country. The West undertook to destroy us for the simple reason it is trying to avert its own destruction. The main factors are the destruction of the economy and of the political authorities of Russia.
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Ukraine Refuses to Pay $6.6 Billion Owed to China; Losing the War

Posted on by Eric Zuesse.

China paid Ukraine $3B two years ago for grain still not delivered, now demands refund. Another $3.6B that’s owed to China, will probably also default.

Eric Zuesse

Russia’s RIA Novosti News Agency reported, on January 17th, that China is demanding refund of $1.5 billion in cash and of an additional $1.5 billion in Chinese goods that were paid in advance by China (in 2013), for a 2012 Chinese order of grain from Ukraine, which goods still have not been supplied to China.
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The US dollar is now backed by gold but the war criminals remain free

It is now clear that the internationally traded US dollar is backed by gold. The evidence for this is the fact that recently the dollar has changed in value against a basket currencies in a way that closely tracks how gold performed against these currencies.

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London Threatens Putin with a “Coup”

Dec. 19, 2014 (EIRNS)—During Russian President Vladimir V. Putin’s annual year-end press conference yesterday, a journalist from British Intelligence’s Reuters new service threatened him with a “palace coup” in a bizarrely inappropriate, “in-your-face” question. The threatening, bizarre, and in-your-face character of the question, precisely echoed the hubris with which Obama administration officials have collaborated with Sony Pictures to produce a movie, “The Interview,” about the assassination of a current head of state: North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un.
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What Putin is Not Telling Us

Obama is said to be a great orator, but oration is just a glorified monologue. Hosting a press conference during a “perfect storm” requires an in-depth mastery of the whole geopolitical craft, and Vladimir Putin has done it again.

Whereas, Obama speeches is more like an early reelection campaign, Putin tackles heavy questions with detailed responses leaving few or no ambiguities, the mainstream Cabalist media could not stand.

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Abe’s Humiliation in Beijing

For decades, Sino-Japanese relations were conducted under the principle of “separating politics and economics” (seikei bunri). In fact, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s 2006 book Utsukushii Kuni e [Towards a Beautiful Country], which embodied his grand vision for Japan during his first prime ministership, referred explicitly to Japan’s bifurcated policy of seikei bunri as the guiding principle of the Japan-China relationship.

All that changed in September 2010 when the Japan Coast Guard arrested a Chinese fishing boat captain and detained his ship in the waters off Kubajima in the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, which inflamed both sides of the territorial dispute between the two nations. It was followed two years later by the Noda government’s purchase of the islands from their private owner and their subsequent nationalization, which further infuriated the Chinese. Cementing hostilities was Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine in December 2013.

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