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Karen Hudes: Buried Philippine Gold

My video on Russia Today TV went viral in the Philippines, and the man who knew where the gold in the Philippines had been buried (by Japanese prisoners-of-war, who were buried along with the gold) called me. Is it time for a kinder world or are we locked in a downward spiral of war, greed and corruption? #karenhudes

Recovering Buried Gold in the Philippines and Indonesia; Chinese Bankers and Corrupt Federal Government

Monday, September 2, 2013 22:42



Subject: RE: Update

Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 00:45:18 -0400

Dear Pat,

What is going on: the whole world is bringing the gold that was hidden in Indonesia and the Philippines during World War II out of the ground.  The Chinese bankers are in charge of this. These Chinese bankers are now poised to reset the US dollar using this gold, and they want to take over the government of our country, which has been weakened, corrupted, and compromised by the owners of the Federal Reserve.

We are facing martial law because we have not done what Hungary did: kick out the Federal Reserve and the Bank for International Settlements.

Look at page 16 of this  The man at the US Treasury whom I wrote about the corruption at the World Bank was also involved in removing Ferdinand Marcos’ heirs, and appointing the UN to oversee gold that was buried in the Philippines during World War II.  See pages 14 and 15

and look at the study at the bottom of my letter to Chief Justice Roberts:

I described this problem in this article:



From: Karen Hudes <>

Date: Sat, Aug 31, 2013 at 11:58 PM

Subject: James McBride and R.C. Dam 1088


Cc:US Supreme Court, The White House, Attorney General Eric Holder, US Treasury, National Security Administration, Vice President Joe Biden, Austria Finance Minister, IMF, Bank for International Settlements, Governor of Wisconsin

Dear Winston,

A few months ago you kindly offered to be of assistance.  I have been asking for an appointment with the Office of International Treasury Control and with James McBride and have not heard back.  There seems to be some confusion about whether it is possible to access the Global Accounts at this time.

I spoke yesterday with an authorized signatory on the master account, who inherited his signatory authority from the estate of Ferdinand Marcos.  I spoke the day before that with descendants of the Borci family, who are Elders in the Philippines. These gentlemen agree that there can be no settlement of the Global Accounts without addressing corruption in the Bretton Woods institutions and the rest of the international financial system at large.  The Vatican cannot deputize James McBride in order that Mr. McBride simply replaces the super entity identified in ”The network of global corporate control”, ETH Zurich, published September 2011 available here: without regard for the underlying humanitarian global assistance purposes of the Global Accounts.


Karen Hudes

Law Offices of Karen Hudes


Subject: Re: Video/ Important matter

From: Authorized Signatory on the Master Account

Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 02:49:17 -0400


My number is xxxxxxxxx I live in [state].  I am a builder/land developer/investor and am currently on site working on some of my homes that we are going to put up for sale.  I will be home all day tomorrow Saturday.  I have a very interesting story to tell and sometimes find it difficult to believe myself, but having  physically witnessing it with my own eyes, I just say wow.  Lets talk at your convenience.

Thank you for getting back to me,

Authorized Signatory on the Master Account

—–Original Message—–

From: Karen Hudes <>

To: Authorized Signatory on the Master Account

Sent: Fri, Aug 30, 2013 5:07 pm

Subject: RE: Video/ Important matter

Dear Authorized Signatory on the Master Account,

Yes, you are right, I have been very busy after the last video.    I tried your number and got a recording that your voicemail box is not yet functional.



> To:

> Subject: Video/ Important matter

> Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 16:43:24 +0000

> From:


> From: Authorized Signatory on the Master Account

> Subject: Video/ Important matter


> Message Body:

> Karen, I saw your video and immediately knew that I need to talk to you. This is regarding a private, but yet global matter that will greatly benefit humanity. I am sure that you will be greatly interested in what I have to say. I am sure that you are extremely busy after your last video. Please carve out a few minutes to talk to me. Respectfully submitted Please contact me at xxxxxxxxx Authorized Signatory on the Master Account


> –

> This mail is sent via contact form on kahudes


———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Karen Hudes <>

Date: Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 8:08 AM

Subject: Fwd: No Authority to Subsume US Dollar into Special Drawing Rights as International Currency Because of Massive Corruption


I am contacting you because of your leadership position with the National Conference of State Legislatures

Due to massive corruption in the United States, there is impending risk of martial law.


Karen Hudes

Law Offices of Karen Hudes

301 229-0058

> To:

> Subject: Possible Martial Law Oct 1, 2013

> Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 02:52:52 +0000

> From:


> From: deleted

> Subject: Possible Martial Law Oct 1, 2013


> Message Body:

> I have some very important documents of a restricted level from the UN of Disarmament Commission concerning the disarmament of the United States of America I need you to look at very soon as on Oct 1, 2013, 386,000 UN Peacekeeping foreign troops will be in your area, Region III, in full strength and Obama has also ordered all US communication to be shut down upon his command same dates upon his orders as he may instigate martial law in your area.


> –

> This mail is sent via contact form on kahudes

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Karen Hudes <>

Date: Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 2:36 PM

Subject: US Dollar and Massive Corruption


Cc: [Assorted Governors and other officials mentioned below]

Dear Lori,

Thanks for your email.  I am copying you on an email I just

sent to a person who wrote me from Holland, with a translation.  We

simply have to get the word out.  The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

National Governors Association, National Association of Counties, National

Association of Attorneys General, International Organization of Supreme

Audit Institutions and International Organization of Securities Commissions

and a few others are copied.

I have been in frequent communication with the National

Advisory Council on International Monetary and Financial Policies

concerning unresolved massive fraud and corruption in the

international financial system. and

I have also been in frequent communication with Governors

Martin O’Malley, Terry Branstad, and the rest of the Governors on

the Council of Governors to end the massive

corruption that is lowering the US credit rating, damaging the relationship

of the United States with our allies, and undermining the US dollar. and

There is no authority to transfer international reserve

currency status from the US dollar to other currencies.

Moreover, the Governors owe an explanation to the

citizens of these United States how they plan to perpetrate the

fraud upon US citizens by continuing to allow the legal fiction

introduced after the third bankruptcy of the United States in 1933.

That was when the United States pledged all present and future

properties, assets and labor of U.S. citizens to the Federal

Reserve System.  Unincorporated federal territories, national park

forests, birth certificates, and nonprofit orginizations were also

pledged.  Our birth certificates were used as Manufacturers’

Certificates of Origin, and the states in which we were born were

listed as the “port of entry.”  Our identities were used as

FICTITIOUS PERSONS by writing our names in ALL CAPS, instead of

writing our names in lower case to indicate real, living people.

That is how U.S. citizens became collateral against the federal



Karen Hudes

> To:

> Subject: Update

> Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 03:40:41 +0000

> From:


> From: Pat Wayman <>

> Subject: Update


> Message Body:

> I listened to your update of March 2013. It is now September. Please advise if you have any updates. I want to save our country.


———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Karen Hudes <>

Date: Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 12:02 AM

Subject: Fwd: Preempting Gold Backwardation


I am glad to be in contact with you as I work together with the

Governor’s Council and Assistant Secretary of Defense Peter Verga

to restore the rule of law to these United States.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Karen Hudes <>

Date: Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 11:52 AM

Subject: Preempting Gold Backwardation

To: eds01 <>,,,,,,,,,, “



Communication History

Customer Karen Hudes via CSS Web08/13/2013 11:44 AM

When you list Question Reference #130705-000291 as solved, does

this mean that I have the support of the US Department of Defense?

If this is not the case, please correct my email today to the

President of the UN General Assembly, copied to the General

Committee and the Chairpersons of the six Main Committees of the

General Assembly concerning an advisory opinion from the

International Court of Justice on the authority of the World Bank’s

Board of Executive Directors.




Subject: Filing Lien Against Bond of Judge

Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 09:17:22 -0400

Does Standard Insurance Company bond the honesty and faithful discharge by Judge S.R. Winfield of her duties?  I intend to file a lien against Judge Winfield’s bond.  Judge Winfield has refused the second motion to seal my arrest record, despite the fact that this has rendered the World Bank ineligible for the US contribution to the World Bank capital increase pursuant to § 7082 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2012 (Pub. L. 112-74) available here:  Judge Winfield’s order states untruthfully “The MPD officers asked defendant to leave the premises, but she refused.”

I am informing the World Bank’s Executive Directors and the Chairman of the World Bank’s Development Committee by copy of this email, in order that they can take appropriate steps to shield the World Bank from a corrupt business environment.

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KEENAN: Closing In On the Cabal [UPDATED]

Update 5 Sep 2013:


Posted on September 4, 2013

Ø  International law expert provides clarification

Ø  The International Chamber of Commerce is not needed to collect new Global Human Rights Court’s judgments

Ø  The new court’s status and legitimacy is the same as the ICC arbitration court

Ø  Common law contract basis provides foundation

by Michael Henry Dunn

September 4th, 2013  –  In the wake of the recent update on the progress of The Keenan Group’s campaign to free the Global Collateral Accounts, the need for a correction has come to light regarding information provided on the new global court of human rights.  This court has already been licensed in a free country of the non-aligned movement, and will include 174 nations as signatories, placing themselves under the court’s jurisdiction.  The court will be a fully transparent court of record, with all cases made public.  This writer’s post on the subject also emphasized the swift enforcement of judgments the new court will possess, mentioning a relationship with the International Chamber of Commerce.   The distinguished lawyer and jurist whom I interviewed at length for that article has offered a further clarification in response to our post, explaining the exact manner in which such judgments would be enforced (for security reasons, this person’s name cannot be provided at this time).

The original article, published on September 1st, stated:

“As the court’s rules will be established on the foundation of contract law, they will function in cooperation with the International Chamber of Commerce, which by current U.N.-sanctioned treaty signed by nearly every country in the world (including the U.S.) allows for immediate collection through local mechanisms of any and all judgments, by means of wage garnishment, asset seizure, and all other appropriate means.”

The above statement was incorrect, proceeding from this writer’s misinterpretation of the judge’s original wording.  In a clarifying communication, the judge stated, “Nobody needs the International Chamber of Commerce to enforce our court’s judgments….Our court will have the same status and legitimacy as the ICC arbitration court, by common law contract basis….we can enforce our own judgments, just as ICC is able to enforce theirs.”

I regret the error, and am glad of the chance to clarify this important question.  Additional details on the rules and functioning of the new global human rights court will be provided in future postings.

Michael Henry Dunn

source »

The best news from the best writer re the Keenan Group’s recovery of the Collateral Accounts that will be used to fund the redevelopment of the planet a million times over,… Michael Henry Dunn:



Ø  Global security force lines up to close down the corrupt elite

Ø  A new International Court takes shape, backed by 90% of United Nations member countries

Ø  Not just a PR show court, but licensed, legitimate, and enforceable

Ø  The final pieces fall into place: control of the assets; 173 nation alliance; a powerful global security force…and the rule of law

by Michael Henry Dunn

September 1st, 2013 – From the outset of Neil Keenan’s trillion-dollar lawsuit against the corrupt Western banking elite and bloodline families, the scoffers asked, “Who could ever enforce a judgment?  And what duly authorized international policing entity could provide the global muscle needed to actually shut down this all-pervasive web of influence, which is woven into every power structure, be it financial, political, military, educational, agricultural, or pharmaceutical? And where will the funds come from to back this massive effort?”

Welcome to the end game.

The latest word from The Keenan Group is that the legal basis, the financial leverage, the enforcement/security apparatus, and the cooperation of the global community needed to bring the fight for freedom to a close are now coming into alignment.

Those spearheading this fight have known for decades that only a slow and careful undermining of the cabal’s foundations would ultimately remove this global cancer, that violent revolutions are a tragic mistake – that such bloody convulsions have been, in fact, the elite’s favorite tool of control for centuries, creating the chaos that has allowed them to seize ever tighter control of humanity in the name of “order.”  As David Wilcock recently pointed out, the fall of the Soviet Union seemed to happen overnight – but it had been carefully planned for decades by Russian patriots, who painstakingly removed the props of power beneath Bolshevik hegemony over years of quiet planning.  Violent revolutions almost always result in chaos and greater tyranny. Storming the Bastille was no doubt a glorious experience for the oppressed people of France, but it led directly to the Reign of Terror and the ultimate rise of Napoleon, while the Rothschilds played both sides against the middle to amass mind-boggling wealth – and the foundation of their long-term plans to control the global banking system.

It would appear that the Keenan Group’s meticulous undermining of the corrupt oligarchy – the penetration of their operations, the hacking of their accounts, the careful crafting of alliances, the establishment of authentic legal mechanisms for their arrest, the assembling of a legitimate security force – and most importantly, the restoration of the stolen wealth of the nations to a globally sanctioned guardianship – are now almost all in place.  It all comes back to the Accounts. The elite’s fraudulent mirroring of the Global Collateral Accounts might be compared to the Ring of Power in Middle Earth.  When it was destroyed, the founding malice of the Dark Tower simply disintegrated, and the seemingly impregnable fortress slid to the earth, a pile of rubble.  When The Keenan Group’s final moves to control the assets are made, we can expect the fraudulent foundation of the fiat currency empire to vanish with startling speed.  The allied ancient clans of Asia have joined forces with Mr. Keenan in the wake of his recent meetings with the influential Count Albert Chiang in Hong Kong, and The Keenan Group’s plans for controlling the assets are well underway.

The exact nature of the global security forces that will hunt down and arrest cabal leaders and operatives may not now be revealed, for obvious reasons.  Mr. Keenan is deliberately vague on this point in the video message taped yesterday.  He will leave it to the cabalists to wonder which faction has turned against them, which intelligence operatives are actually moles, which elements of Interpol, or MI6, or CIA, or the NSA, or the Russian FSB, or NATO, or the Pentagon are actually freedom fighters, which well-bribed judge has had a crisis of conscience, which Mossad tough guy finally had his fill of Zionist slaughter in the name of Bilderberg profit…or which puppet head-of-state may be waiting for the moment to take a chance on the victory of humanity.  To these courageous ones may be added the thousands of timid and terrified cabalist mid-level operatives who will turn state’s evidence with a vengeance…once they see a prominent global elitist hobbling through a “perp walk” in ankle bracelets.  They may already be collecting evidence to offer in exchange for their lives or their freedom, as they see their escape routes disappear.

Meanwhile, the shape of the new International Court of Human Rights is becoming clear.  Neil Keenan arranged for this writer to have an extended interview yesterday with an international lawyer/jurist who is helping to establish the nature and standing of this new court – a global human rights court which is already licensed in a free country belonging to the non-aligned movement.  This distinguished judge has been working closely with Mr. Keenan for the last two years.    The aftermath of the cabal’s fall will entail a crying need for an untainted, globally recognized international court, possessing a solid legal foundation, effective jurisdiction world-wide, and most importantly, swift enforcement mechanisms to see that justice is done.

The so-called international courts of justice now in existence are (as may be expected) globalist frauds. The International Court of Justice, The International Criminal Court, The European Union Human Rights Court, the Inter-American Court of Central and South America, the African Union Court all share the same fundamental legal flaws.  Unlike an authentic court, they are not “courts of record” – in other words, the cases are not published, their database is not searchable, and the cases refused a hearing are not revealed.  These courts were all established by treaties which require the consent of the accused party – in other words, a nation which may have committed human rights violations may simply refuse to participate in the treaty, thereby removing itself (as the U.S. has done) from the court’s jurisdiction.

In addition, these courts require that all legal remedies against the accused government should first have been exhausted before the court will hear the case.  So if you have a million or so dollars to waste on processing a case through half a dozen layers of a corrupt and hostile judicial system, you may then have a chance – perhaps – to have a hearing in the international court.

Like so many cabal-designed institutions, these courts exist to thwart and prevent the very purpose which they were supposedly founded to accomplish.  The World Bank was created to eliminate poverty – it has dedicated itself to expanding impoverishment amid crushing global debt.  The United Nations was supposedly created to protect the sovereignty of all nations through global peacekeeping – little need be said on that score.  And the international courts exist largely to create officially sanctioned sink-holes where human rights abuse cases go to die.

The new court now taking shape is markedly different.  Firstly, it is not established by treaty (as with the fraudulent present courts whose jurisdiction may be escaped by gross offenders simply by withdrawal from the treaty), but by letters of agreement from the ministers of justice (or equivalent office) of the 173 countries (fully 90% of the membership of the U.N.) in the non-aligned movement who have joined forces to defeat the cabal, in which they commit their nations to honor the jurisdiction of the court.  Secondly, it will be a fully established court of record, with all cases published, constituting the searchable database necessary for a living body of law to have legitimacy.  Thirdly, it will proceed with its mission as a global human rights court on the basis of Common Law, and the body of international convention established in constructive contract law.  Not the mysterious, phony NESARA or OPPT super-secret, backroom-deal, non-laws promulgated by internet fraudsters, but the accumulated precedents of centuries, open to the scrutiny of all, and duly published.

And for those global elitists who are smugly scoffing as they read these lines, thinking “yeah, come and get me, do-gooders – see if you can touch my money or my freedom!” – we have some startling news. As the court’s rules will be established on the foundation of contract law, they will function in cooperation with the International Chamber of Commerce, which by current U.N.-sanctioned treaty signed by nearly every country in the world (including the U.S.) allows for immediate collection through local mechanisms of any and all judgments, by means of wage garnishment, asset seizure, and all other appropriate means.

The Indonesian judges and other officials who are alleged to have illegally conspired to keep Martha Wibawa (called Nelu) in prison should take note.  A complaint against them is being prepared, and their names are known.  A window of time may remain for this situation to be resolved, but the complaint is proceeding.

Or again, the global elitist may simply cry, “I refuse to recognize the jurisdiction of your court!”  Well, good luck with that one. The “shrink-wrap” precedent whereby software companies bind you to their terms of agreement when you tear the wrapping also applies here.  What’s good for the cabal goose is good for the alliance gander – the elite put people in jail and seize their assets everyday on the basis of the precedents of consent by failure to appear, or recognition of jurisdiction through the act of response itself.  The new court will apply the same precedent. There is really no way out of this one, boys and girls.

We are the world.  And you are not.

And there is that little matter of the new global police force, soon to make its debut.   As Mr. Keenan states in the accompanying video, this force will operate independently of the corrupt governments, will be funded from the Global Accounts, and guided by new international peace-keeping agreements aimed at establishing a safe arena for healthy competition for markets in a multi-polar world – one in which the absence of a deliberately created scarcity will make war a thing of the past.  Once there is a million times more than is needed to sustain the planet – a rough estimate of the true wealth of planet earth – then the endless warring for resources may finally cease.

We’re not there yet.  And the end game will have rough spots.  There is much that cannot now be told.  Keenan has aces up his sleeve.  And always a song on his lips.  This one’s straight and edgy and tells it like it is.  “Matt G.” with the Best Anti-Illuminati/NWO Song of 2012 – “Broken Monitors.”

Pass it along to wake up a friend.

Michael Henry Dunn


Best 2012 Anti-Illuminati/NWO Song !

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KEENAN: Slugging It Out and Winning

Here’s the latest from Neil Keenan and the effort to recover the Collateral Accounts owned by Asian Clans which are to be used for the eradication of poverty and the subsequent release of suppressed technologies which will make science fiction a reality.

Basically, you have the legal foundation to take the fiat system down now. Time for some action!


by Michael Henry Dunn

(Jakarta video production by Johannes “Jo” Hutabarat)

Ø  How safe is your Western Union money?  Banking cabal blocks Keenan’s wire transfers – no surprise there…

Ø  Keenan allies detained at airports for days – but others slip through

Ø  Jakarta Supreme Court backdates document in an attempt to illegally keep Martha Wibawa in prison

Ø  Federal Reserve has a great idea – let’s reset the system…and cancel the Fed’s massive debts to the world!  Don’t think so, boys – Keenan says, “think again.”

Ø  Neil Keenan sends two messages: Cabal – you’re done.  Americans – time to clean up our country.

Ø  Two hard-hitting video messages from Keenan – worth your time.

August 25, 2013 – It’s not as if the cabal has been ignoring Neil Francis Keenan all this while.  Four (or is it five?) attempts on his life (and at least one on his team), bribe offers that rose from the millions to the billions to the trillions, the death of his best friend, plus constant surveillance by just about every major intelligence agency in the world (most on his side, some definitely not).  Ever since Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock broke the story on Keenan’s Trillion Dollar Lawsuit against major Federal Reserve entities, the pressure has ratcheted up on a weekly basis.

In the wake of Keenan’s breakthrough partnership with leading figures in the Asian clans who are the legitimate depositors of the vast majority of the assets in the Global Collateral Accounts (revealed in a widely followed story released on Jean Haines’ blog on August 9th), the corrupt Western banking elite (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bushes, Warburgs, Windsors, et al) apparently managed to spare enough time from attempting to cut each other’s throats last week to focus on making life a little more difficult for The Keenan Group.

Martha Wibawa’s release from prison was delayed once again when the Jakarta Supreme Court apparently illegally back-dated a document to prevent his automatic freedom.  Keenan has a globally prominent attorney preparing an international lawsuit to expose this corruption – though there is a chance the court may yet take appropriate action, and avoid the global spotlight.

The (cabal-owned) Western Union wire transfers were mysteriously blocked (hey regular folks, you might want to just mail that check to Aunt Sally next time).  Allies arriving in Jakarta were detained for days at airports.  And the easy-to-spot surveillance guys have become so ubiquitous that Neil is now tempted to buy them donuts out of pity.  He winks at them.  And they roll their eyes in exasperation.

(I admit I’ve wondered if maybe the donuts are how they bribe spooks in Keenan’s native Rhode Island – but it’s probably the brazenly flirtatious smile with which he delivers the donuts that does the trick…it seems to work pretty well with hotel clerks and bored immigration officials.  Okay, I’m blowing the whistle on Neil Keenan: he turns down bribe offers in the billions…but he’s not above offering pastries to bank tellers).

While dealing with the blocked funds and detained allies (anticipated and provided for in advance), Keenan is deepening his partnership with his new allies (more are coming on board daily), and preparing actions to take down the Fed.  The Feds have recently come up with a startling idea – a new financial system!  The main feature of their version of a global reset involves wiping out the Fed’s own debts to the nations whose wealth they have been defrauding for the last hundred years or so.  See the accompanying two videos for Keenan’s emphatically expressed doubts on the likelihood of this occurring (along with an inspirational Woodie Guthrie classic in the second video).

Forgive the quips here, folks – we are well aware of how deadly serious all this is.  But Keenan keeps things light for his team by nearly non-stop puckish, wacko humor – which is much in evidence on the two accompanying videos.  But so is the tough and fearless essence of the man.  Listen to him urge the American people to take our country back (legally and peacefully, please note).  He reminds us all that we are not alone in this fight.  We have allies in the Pentagon, in the agencies, in the militia movement, among our brave men and women serving in the armed forces, in the non-aligned nations, in the Asian powers who own the assets, in courageous whistle-blowers like Karen Hudes – and even, some say, in off-planet friends who are helping in largely unseen ways.

I haven’t edited these videos one bit, folks (well, OK, I took out Neil’s Sinatra imitation at the beginning). This is classic hard-hitting, unexpurgated NFK.  He went twenty-nine and oh as a Golden Glove boxer – and still knows how to dodge one blow to deliver a flurry of counter-punches.

One last note: I really don’t know whether it’s leprechauns, Indonesian devas, or angelic E.T’s….but the man seems to know things before they happen – even to the extent of answering questions I was about to ask, before I asked them.  It’s a bit spooky, really.  Not that I’m trying to unnerve the bad boys in Texas who are reading this (or in London, or D.C., or Jakarta, or New York, or wherever), but I suspect Neil has peeked down the timeline of the Galactic Mirror, and seen visions of NWO baddies doing permanent time – while the planet heals and humanity tastes freedom for the first time in a few thousand years.

Go maire subh bhur saol nua….

Michael Henry Dunn




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Final Moves

In conjunction with the last Kennan Update which specifically stated that Asian Clans are now poised to eliminate at least 500 Cabalists with ultra-advanced EM weapon, more support are being received by the group.

Here’s the articulate Michael Henry Dunn…


Ø  Count Albert Chiang, leading figure in Asian clans, meets with Neil Keenan and throws support behind The Keenan Group’s battle against the corrupt financial elite

Ø  Another crucial ally — the lineal heir of the Sukarno Pakubuwano X (CPBX) — a key figure in the Asian clans’ guardianship of the Accounts — meets with Keenan, provides documentation of Account control, and announces support for The Keenan Group

Ø  A line in the sand is drawn to the cabal: fraud is over — pay up or close down

Ø  End-game in the takedown of the cabal — how will the emergency and humanitarian funds reach the world?  World Bank reform seen as possible trigger for release of funds, as World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes opens contact with Keenan.

Ø   The staggering wealth in the Accounts — ninety-three quadrillion….in real value, not phony fiat Fed-bucks

Ø  Jakarta High Court orders the release of Martha Wibawa (called Nelu) — but the papers go mysteriously undelivered

Ø  More allies stepping forward to support Keenan — the alliance is closing ranks for the final moves

by Michael Henry Dunn

August 6, 2013 — Dramatic developments continue to unfold in the wake of Neil Keenan’s recent series of meetings in Hong Kong with leaders of the powerful Asian clans who are the legitimate depositors of vast sums (numbering in the thousands of trillions) in hard assets in the Global Collateral Accounts.  Two of the most powerful financial figures in the global scene have now thrown their support behind The Keenan Group, as the pressure intensifies to close down the tottering control structures of the Western banking cabal.  Count Albert Chiang, a senior leader in the clans, first learned of Neil Keenan’s efforts through the late Dr. Michael Van der Meer, a legendary intelligence community figure who worked closely with Keenan during the early stages of his fight to free the Accounts from cabal control.  Count Albert informed Mr. Keenan in Hong Kong last month that he and his associates have been watching Keenan’s work closely over many months, and have come to trust his tenacity and integrity.  The importance of Count Albert’s support can hardly be overstated, as his influence and resources are among the greatest in Asia.  He will now be working closely with The Keenan Group to enforce the depositors’ control over the Account assets, which have been stolen and defrauded by the corrupt Western banking elite for nearly one hundred years.


(Neil Keenan with Count Albert Chiang in Hong Kong, July, 2013)

Neil Keenan lost no time in strengthening his team in the wake of this crucial support. On his return to Indonesia, a further meeting with Keenan was arranged (through Count Albert) with the lineal heir of the Sukarno Pakubuwano X (CPBX) – the son of the only daughter of Pakubuano X (PBX), Bra. Lestari Purbaningrum, a.k.a. Bra. Maryam Budilestari, a.k.a. Bra. Maria Agnes Budiles.


(Bra. Lestari Purbaningrum, a.k.a. Bra. Maryam Budilestari, a.k.a. Bra. Maria Agnes Budiles)

A leading figure in the allied Asian royal families, this influential gentleman (who wishes to remain unnamed at this date) met at length with Neil Keenan in Jakarta, where extensive documentation was provided of his legitimate control of vast sums in the Global Accounts, which he has been illegally blocked from using by the banking and bloodline families behind the Federal Reserve System.  He informed Keenan that he has recently reconciled with his sister, the daughter of the son of PBX, Tari, Mr. Soekarno. Between them they control enormous sums in the Accounts and are giving their full support to The Keenan Group’s efforts.

This key figure in the ancient allied clans told Mr. Keenan of his vision of The Ten Points – an ambitious plan to utilize the Accounts for the benefit of common people throughout the world, to provide the following essential needs:

5.Health Care
6.Public Transportation
7.Public Telecommunication
8.Clean Water

Discussions are underway regarding plans for rapid implementation of such programs, once the Accounts have been freed.

It now appears that a number of the tribal elders who have been guarding the ninety-two different bunkers and tunnels in Indonesia where much of the Collateral Accounts have been hidden since after World War Two, have been corrupted by the banking cabal, and have either sold notes and assets, or cooperated closely with cabal agents in looting gold from the Accounts.  The elders once owed allegiance and obedience to President Sukarno in his status as “M1” (or monetary controller), but that allegiance has eroded over time, as the cabal hijacked and defrauded the accounts.  The lineal heir assured Neil Keenan that vast assets remain untouched, in amounts that are difficult for most people to even imagine. The figure provided to Keenan of the total wealth in the Global Collateral Accounts is a staggering $93,000,000,000,000,000, or ninety-three quadrillion dollars.  And this is in what may be called real wealth, not phony fiat currency printed from air by the Federal Reserve crime syndicate. Even given the fluctuating price of gold, this is an amount that could transform the world a million times over.

The Federal Reserve cabal has essentially been fraudulently using the Global Accounts as hidden collateral for their doomed fiat currency system – much like borrowing money against equity in a home by providing collateral in the form of a phony deed to a property that is, in fact, owned by someone else. Now, as their system totters, they are resorting to outright theft and plunder – which is how the Accounts were amassed in the first place.  Historical documentation has made it abundantly clear that the corrupt elite banking families of the West plundered this vast trove beginning more than a hundred years ago with the express purpose of amassing, hiding, and defrauding the wealth of our planet, to ensure their long-term domination of the world via debt-slavery.

The nations and families of Asia, to whom most of this treasure rightfully belongs, are now allied with influential partners in key Western countries, and are determined to break through the illicit thwarting by the cabal of their access to the Accounts.

Summing up his meetings with these two remarkable men, Keenan stated: “We have cleaned up the clutter as promised and now we are beginning to get the team together that can win.  Not only win, but WIN BIG.  What better way to start than to work with two kindred spirits who are like brothers, both desiring the same thing, that being a better world for all to live in?….People are starting to get mad and they want what is theirs, and I mean what is really theirs.  The blocked assets in the World Bank and Mandiri Bank in Indonesia alone are enough to end the NWO’s phony financial banking crisis five hundred times over, no, a thousand times over — no, how about ‘unlimted’ times over!”

Meanwhile, the unfolding exposè by World Bank counsel Karen Hudes of the endemic corruption at the global development institution, has evolved into a focal point of growing leverage against the cabal — efforts which appear to have a potential strategic convergence with The Keenan Group’s aims.  As a twenty-year veteran of the World Bank – and holding a duty to ensure ethical practices and legal compliance — Hudes became increasingly alarmed at evidence of financial corruption at the bank.  Her attempts to alert World Bank leadership were met with persecution and trumped-up charges by the United States Justice Department (since dismissed).  In a recent interview with prominent alternative-media journalist Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot,  Hudes revealed that a number of other whistle-blowers are now prepared to step forward to institute reform at the World Bank, which (she stated) has been hijacked by the elite financial interests in a deliberate (and thus far, successful) plan to defeat the Bank’s stated purpose: the alleviation of global poverty.

Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank works for the cabal, as does Sri Mulyani Indrawati, the managing director at the World Bank responsible for the institution’s operations in all regions. Add to this picture the security firm, Allied Barton, hired by the cabal, who has physically blocked the doors of entry to Karen Hudes, despite the fact that she has been reinstated, and the now blatant corruption at the World Bank becomes obvious. Intended to function as a world development fund, in fact, the Bank’s efforts have resulted in increased poverty and global debt.  Under the control of the cabal, the Bank has operated as an above-the-law haven for elite corruption and illegal securities activities — a mirror image of the history of the Global Collateral Accounts.

In the wake of recent conversations, potential cooperation between Karen Hudes and The Keenan Group would appear to be a logical next step — not only in using the leverage provided by the Asian clans’ backing to free the blocked assets at the World Bank and the Fed, but in the creation of a new and transparent system for the humanitarian and development projects that will follow in the wake of the liberation of the Global Account assets.

In a further strengthening of The Keenan Group, prominent international lawyer and world court jurist Matthew Greene — who also holds the distinction of being the current leader of The Knights Templar (that branch of the original esoteric society that escaped infiltration by the Illuminati) — has been working closely with Keenan for many months.  Mr. Greene, who provided crucial assistance to Russian President Vladimir Putin in his efforts to rescue Russia from the grip of the cabal-allied oligarchs, is in the process of forming a new World Court to address the multitude of issues soon to arise from the global shift. Mr. Greene’s full title is Prince Judge Matthew Greene of Thebes who is now Ambassador, Crown Officer at the Independent Kingdom of Mann.

Crucial services are also being continually provided by prominent New York attorney William Mulligan, who helped to craft Neil Keenan’s now famous trillion-dollar lawsuit against the cabal, and who will be working on the re-filing of the case in the coming weeks (a pdf of the lawsuit may be viewed here.)

In a stunning, late-breaking development, Neil Keenan recently learned that the High Court of Jakarta, which has been reviewing the appeal of Martha (Nelu) Wibawa’s case, issued an order to the Lower Court on July 21st, authorizing Nelu’s immediate release.  Mysteriously, the papers were never delivered to the Lower Court, nor sent to prison officials.  Action is anticipated soon regarding this potential breakthrough in Neil Keenan’s long struggle to achieve the release of his trusted friend and associate.

The situation is rapidly evolving, as additional allies come forward, and crucial documentation is provided (this writer has recently learned that prominent activist and researcher Peter Eyre, an authority on the history of the Accounts, has been providing consultation to Mr. Keenan for a number of months). A number of options are under consideration to move into the final phase of shutting down the long, sad story of the cabal’s hidden domination of our planet’s resources, with the goal of rapidly implementing global debt-relief, emergency aid, free-energy utilization, infrastructure improvements, environmental cleansing, and other desperately needed humanitarian programs.  The changes will not come overnight.  Neil Keenan has always been consistent in his refusal to promise instant “rose garden” transformation.  But great and positive change is coming soon.

One final note to emphasize: the accumulated wealth mentioned here is comprised of hard assets —  not phony Illuminati debt-slave notes — but the real wealth of planet Earth, which the guardians are determined shall finally benefit the entire family of humanity.

Michael Henry Dunn

(Twitter: mdunn551)

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Asian Clans, Keenan, ETs Taking Definitive Action

Here’s the latest from Asia thru Neil Keenan as reported by Michael Henry Dunn.


Posted on July 30, 2013 by

• Powerful Asian clans call Keenan to series of meetings to discuss Global Accounts
• Countering HAARP: A “machine” is now in place to selectively eliminate a list of 500 cabal members responsible for mass-death weather and earthquake technology.
• “Angels”(E.T.’s? – 4th Dimensional Allies?) are now in place assisting the Shift, according to senior clan leaders
• “Empress” not in picture
• Keenan obtains lawyers for Nelu – appeal to be filed
• Keenan gives personal testimony regarding Hong Kong meetings in accompanying videos

by Michael Henry Dunn

Dramatic developments in the evolving story of the Global Collateral Accounts are unfolding this week in the wake of Neil F. Keenan’s three-day series of meetings with senior leaders of the ancient ruling clans of China – the rightful owners of hundreds of trillions in notes and assets which have hitherto been frozen or stolen by the Western banking cabal.  In recognition of Keenan’s long fight to free the Accounts from the grip of the cabal, high-level leaders of the clans invited Keenan to Hong Kong last week to discuss the status of the Accounts, and to plan immediate forward movement in the shift of control over the notes and assets back to the rightful owners.  Keenan was informed by clan leaders that, given China’s ownership of 88% of the United States (thanks to vast U.S. borrowing over the last several decades), the clans are interested in how a shift at the World Bank could give the clans access to and control over their assets for the first time in a hundred years, with the hope of immediate implementation of humanitarian programs utilizing the vast funds in the Global Accounts.

The president of the World Bank has been traditionally chosen by the president of the United States.  Barack Obama’s choice of Dartmouth University chancellor Jim Yong Kim, a global health expert, was seen as a break from the practice of choosing a cabal-insider banking figure.  However, any World Bank president, by definition, operates under the thumb of the corrupt Western financial elite, which has previously hijacked the global financial system twice within the past sixty years. On his return from Hong Kong, Mr. Keenan stated, “The clans themselves have not only not received one dollar, they have not even been able to get into their own accounts. Therefore, a Westerner’s choice would not really carry any weight since the families/clans already been scammed on numerous occasions by the West. The clans prefer to access their own funds, and they also would like to work directly with the people through monitored, transparent foundations throughout the world where the funds would be directly controlled by the people and not by the governments.”

Keenan was informed that a technology exists to counter the HAARP mass-death weather technology used by the cabal: a weapon that can be precision-targeted to essentially “disappear” cabal leaders wherever they may be located – even to the extent of targeting one person seated at a table of ten. Use of this sci-fi level weapon is necessary to stop the ongoing slaughter and destruction of the planet perpetrated by top-level cabalist leaders. A “List of 500” cabal members is said to have been drawn up for targeting.

In one of the most startling developments related to Neil Keenan by clan leaders, hundreds of “angels” (the term used by the clan) have been in place on the planet for several weeks now to assist in the Shift to freedom. (Whether this term refers to extra-terrestrial or so-called “Galactic” allies, or to 4th Dimensional beings, or simply to highly evolved spiritual beings is not clear.) These beings were said to have held back from intervention because there was not sufficient awareness and awakened determination for freedom among the people of Earth. That balance has now shifted in favor of liberation, allowing the angelic forces to step in. In what ways and in which arenas this assistance may play out is not yet known.

While Keenan had previously been given to understand from various contacts that Bennie Hua, (known to some as the Empress elected from within the Qing Dynasty) represented China’s interest in the Accounts, she does not appear to be involved, according to clan/family sources.

Meanwhile, Keenan’s work in Indonesia to obtain the release of his right-hand man, Martha Wibawa (called Nelu), is making significant progress, as a team of lawyers is now in place. An appeal is scheduled to be filed this week in the Supreme Court. A further update to this situation is expected in the coming days.

Neil Keenan gives extensive personal testimony regarding his meetings in Hong Kong in two videos accompanying this article (see below).

Michael Henry Dunn



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We have just released the Second Edition of Towards Healthcare Emancipation eBook. The proceeds from this book will be used to fund our next project, Towards Energy Emancipation.

The aim is to make the subject of free energy more understandable for the layman so that anybody could replicate and install his own power plant and be completely living off-grid.

Thank you very much for your valuable support.

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Keenan Assassination Attempt & the Phony Crayford


·         OITC Fraudster David Crayford recycles false reports on Keenan…while his OITC friends continue to peddle phony diplomatic immunities at $20,000 each

·         Crayford accuses Keenan of ties to “General Myers” – but he’s got the wrong general…

·         The Truth about the Monaco Accords – the U.S. Warship that wasn’t…and the model for the BRIICS that was

·         How to tell a whistleblower from a blowhard, or a hero from a liar (hint: David Crayford is not Edward Snowden, or Daniel Ellsberg, or Bradley Manning)

·         Also – How to tell a cabal stooge from a good guy (hint: the good guy isn’t taking $20,000 for phony immunities, he turns down massive bribes, his best friend gets killed by the cabal, he spends millions of his own bucks on a lawsuit against financial tyranny….and, oh yeah, the bad guys try to blow up his hotel suite)

by Michael Henry Dunn

July 9, 2013 – With his latest unsubstantiated and inaccurate smear campaign against Neil F. Keenan, David Crayford is attempting to drape himself in a mantle to which he has no claim.  Apparently undeterred by the embarrassing exposure he suffered in our rebuttal to his last list of lies, Mr. Crayford is actually now daring to call himself “Whistleblower.”  Let’s be clear about what this term means, about the courage it takes to be an authentic whistleblower, about the consequences that follow, about the risks taken by an genuine truth-teller.

And then we’ll look at David Crayford.

Daniel Ellsberg was a whistleblower.  A military analyst who was privy to appalling information about the conduct of the Viet Nam War, he risked his life and his freedom to publish The Pentagon Papers, which made him the target of CIA plots, and subjected him to ongoing persecution for years afterward.  His actions led to a profound shift in the debate on the war – he is rightly regarded as a hero by those who cherish our right to freedom of speech and the press.

David Crayford, on the other hand, is a self-appointed spokesperson for the so-called Office of International Treasury Control (OITC), a fraudulent organization claiming affiliation to the UN, which is currently selling phony diplomatic immunities for $20,000 apiece.

Private Bradley Manning – now on trial for his life for espionage – had access to thousands of diplomatic cables that revealed U.S. duplicity and war-mongering around the world.  He chose to risk his life and his freedom to share that massive trove of information with Wikileaks, and has since suffered imprisonment, torture, and solitary confinement.  To those who treasure what it once meant to be an American, Bradley Manning is a hero.

David Crayford, on the other hand, does not apparently have access to any hidden truths, as the information he has shared thus far are merely a list of unsubstantiated smears.  Mr. Crayford has apparently taken on the not very noble task of propping up the OITC’s bogus claim to the Global Collateral Accounts by attacking the reputation of Neil Keenan, whose actions have been open, above-board, and on public record from the beginning.  While we can only guess at what Mr. Crayford’s compensation for his work may be, I can tell you that thus far Mr. Keenan’s wages have included months of hard work, danger, and tedium on behalf of humanity (including a recent attempt to blow up his team’s hotel suite in Jakarta), while spending large sums of his own money to recover the Dragon Family assets stolen by Daniele del Bosco.

Edward Snowden’s story is now well-known to us all.  He sits in some holding area of the Moscow airport, while the Obama administration decides which international law it will flout next in its ruthless attempts to silence him.  If by some terrible mischance he falls into the hands of the U.S. government, he will share the fate of Bradley Manning: solitary confinement, torture, and trial for treason.

Judging by the standards of Ellsberg, Manning, and Snowden, Neil Keenan is a whistleblower in the tradition of these American heroes, and even in the tradition of the patriots of the American Revolution, who pledged “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor” when they signed the Declaration of Independence (and some indeed paid with all they owned, or with the forfeit of life itself).

David Crayford’s agenda and motives are best known to himself, but the fact that the OITC’s director landed in a Cambodian jail for fraud should incline us to caution regarding his statements.

As to the charges from Crayford:

·         CHARGE:  “Keenan in an article dated 2010 stated that General Keith B. Alexander and Gen. Myers were fully cooperating with him in respect of the Collateral Accounts and his actions (Unlawful and Criminal), and that they (Alexander and Myers) held the power to make decisions.”

·         REALITY:  Crayford does not provide a link to the article he cites.  Nor does he provide a context for the supposed statement by Mr. Keenan.  Nor does he provide a quote of Mr. Keenan’s words.  Crayford goes on to accuse Neil Keenan of actions “unlawful and criminal” but does not state what those actions were, what laws (of what country) were broken, nor does he provide any evidence to back these accusations.  These are libelous and actionable statements for which he may be called to account in a court of law.  Regarding Keenan’s alleged relationship with General Keith Alexander and General Myers, in point of fact, Neil Keenan has many contacts in the military and intelligence communities, which have been very useful to him in the process of his work.  As anyone following the story of the lawsuit and the global financial shift should be well aware, there are factions within factions, and webs within webs, plots within plots, and dangerous ground wherever one treads when it comes to these networks.  Since Mr. Crayford has named the wrong general in this case (the General Myers known to Neil Keenan was Jack Myers who has since passed away), and has completely misstated the facts of the meeting in Monaco, it is apparent that his due diligence is, in fact, as usual (if you will) doo-doo diligence.

·         CHARGE:  In an article in late 2011 related to the Monaco Accord organized by Keenan and the Swiss Government, it was clearly stated that Gen Keith B. Alexander and Gen Myers were at that meeting, which, if readers remember, was held in Monaco and moved to a US Warship moored in the Mediterranean Sea following the disruption, which was blamed on Jay Rockefeller, of the meeting in Monaco.

·         REALITY:  Once again, Crayford’s “facts” are falsehoods.  The meeting was indeed organized with the help of certain Swiss officials, but it was held on a 160 foot yacht, not a U.S. warship.  The entire purpose of the Monaco Accords gathering was to free the non-aligned nations (especially the Asian nations) from domination and control by the Western oligarchy – no such gathering could ever have been held on a U.S. warship.  Word of the gathering reached the Rockefellers, the pre-eminent U.S. clan of that oligarchy, who dispatched Senator Jay Rockefeller to essentially “crash” the party as an uninvited guest.  He was physically blocked at the gangplank by Neil Keenan.  When he demanded “don’t you know who I am?” Keenan responded, “Yes, you’re exactly the person we don’t want on this boat.”  After Rockefeller’s unceremonious ejection, the yacht was then buzzed by Blackhawk helicopters before French fighter jets gave a warning pass overhead, whereupon the copters retreated.  The Monaco Accords proved to be a hugely important event, providing the basis for the subsequent BRICS alliance (though that alliance will apparently prove to be just a rerun of the European Union, as it lacks access to the Collateral Accounts).  As a sitting U.S. Senator, Jay Rockefeller would not have been denied entry to an American warship, nor would this hugely sensitive and secret gathering of non-aligned finance ministers ever have taken place on such a warship – the finance ministers would simply have refused to board it.

·         CHARGE:  Crayford goes on to state: “We now know who Keenan is working with/for and my comments at the time on this matter have proven to be immensely accurate, which I add Keenan denied at the time…”

·         REALITY:  Having gotten the facts wrong, Crayford here draws erroneous conclusions from his non-facts, and once again cites “comments” which he fails to provide a link to, and fails to substantiate.  What comments?  What accuracy?  We are simply to take Crayford’s statements at face value.  Evidence please.  Crayford’s entire statement is a succession of inaccuracies and unsubstantiated smears.  As to who Keenan is working with and for, I can testify from first-hand experience that Mr. Keenan is working with a wide array of allies and contacts, and that he works for no one – in fact, he adamantly refuses to work for anyone, and has done so since his last snow-shoveling job as a twelve-year-old back in Rhode Island.  Trust me on this, the guy absolutely refuses to take orders from anyone. He’s in this  for his friends, his country (both of them, Ireland and the U.S.) and his family.  Once he found the truth about the cabal, that family extended to include the rest of us.

CONCLUSION:  Given David Crayford’s failure to provide substantiation for his charges, his pattern of flawed or false reporting, his failure to address the gross inaccuracies noted in our previous article, and his failure to address the fraudulent nature of the OITC, it is only logical to conclude that OITC’s floundering credibility can only reestablish itself by attacking the one man who is actually making progress with the Global Accounts.

Neil Keenan’s team was the target of an assassination attempt last week. The hotel suite previously occupied by this writer was broken into in the middle of the night, and the gas valve on the main tank unscrewed, so that the entire gas supply was released into the apartment. Inchul Kim and our colleague Jo were narrowly saved from being either poisoned or blown up by the timely actions of Inchul, who woke in the middle of the night, smelled the overpowering gas aroma, found the sabotage, recognized the danger, and carefully opened the windows to clear out the apartment.  The slightest spark would have been sufficient to blow the rooms sky-high, killing not only Mr. Kim and Jo, but in all probability Mr. Keenan as well.

Neil Keenan jokes about it in his recent video update, but that is just because it is Keenan’s nature to make light of danger.  But it is no joke to him – the lives of himself and his friends are in danger in Jakarta from many enemies.  But that is the risk taken by a real whistleblower.  However, Neil Keenan is more than that – he is a fighter.  It is a pity that he has to take time from his work to defend himself from these lies, but that’s just part of the job.

Michael Henry Dunn


We have just released the Second Edition of Towards Healthcare Emancipation eBook. The proceeds from this book will be used to fund our next project, Towards Energy Emancipation.

The aim is to make the subject of free energy more understandable for the layman so that anybody could replicate and install his own power plant and be completely living off-grid.

Thank you very much for your valuable support.

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Keenan: Enough is Enough!

It is time for this sorry tale to end! Neil has tried everything he can to accomodate the court system in Indonesia, and now it’s clear to both of us that Nelu never had a chance, right from the very beginning! He was set up from the git-go!

There was no discovery process for Nelu; yes, there was a summons issued, but the summons never got to Neil, because Prosecutor’s Tanti’s Office handles the summons! Nelu was never allowed to present his defense at a defense hearing—even though Neil Keenan, Nelu’s only witness was present in order to speak. Instead, apparently to avoid any statement at all by Neil, the Court went directly to Nelu’s sentencing, thereby eliminating the most major part of the adversarial process!

The case now stands here: The Higher Court has overruled the prosecutor’s objections and is returning the case to the Lower Court, which still can make changes to the sentence. This is the first time in the history of the Court that this has ever happened! At this point in time, in order for Nelu to defend himself, Neil was told he needs more than just a lawyer, he needs – – and one who speak Bahasa, the language of Indonesia!

What we’re talking about is very simple: Neil cannot access any of Nelu’s documents; only Nelu’s lawyer can do this. In other words, unlike the United States, Canada, and various part of Europe, in Indonesia these documents are not public record. What they are doing is effectively locking Neil out of Nelu’s case. From beginning to end, this entire case has been a farce.



Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 10.52.29 AM

Nelu has been in jail for almost eleven months, and  it was all a set-up!


Neil speaks:

Well we have gotten this to the point of no return, or so it seems. We can no longer think that we can get this completed by ourselves. I have been told that I would not be given any documents from Nelu’s case file, because I am not an attorney and more importantly not Nelu’s attorney. No matter what, they know how close to the end we all are in this, and they are going to do their damndest to keep him a bit longer despite what we do.

I have opened up this case into something so transparent, but it seems like the bad guys have so much more than truth going for them in such matters. I am sorry it comes to such things in cases involving people’s lives, but take a look at how many people they have destroyed over the years. What is one more?

I cannot tell you how sick I am knowing I cannot yet finish this up when it is all within reach.  What we take for granted in our countries, over here does not exist. Hell, we Americans have the Obama era, and we are in deep doo-doo, but guess what, it is still worse right here, right now. Indonesian people are wonderful, mind you, but their system is antiquated and needs change. We have a chance to change part of it, or maybe a lot of it – right now, but who knows.  I can only say that Martha Wibawa has been a patriot from the beginning of his detention.  He does not consider himself a warrior, but does have  a fervent love for not only his country but also for his people. Many of his emotions for his people have rubbed off on me, and I can understand why he feels so deeply.

I am not walking away and will find other ways to assist Nelu, but right now I cannot move further without help. Nelu needs a lawyer to get out, and Nelu needs the right lawyer—even with everything in his favor. We need your help here.

Me, I have ideas that if Nelu pays, they all do. The International Courts are waiting with open arms for this case, which I have already discussed with them, but I do not want to head in that direction unless I have to. For now, please understand that I’m never going away, I am only thinking the best way out of this for everyone. It is not easy, but believe me, I will find the way.

I have gone this far, and I will not stray from the course now. It will be done!!!!!

Neil Keenan

Now, please read Nelu’s plea, in his own words:

First of all and foremost I want to thank everyone for supporting me through this moment.  Please understand that Mr. Neil Keenan has been such a great help in putting me in such a position whereas I might be freed, but I do not think he will be allowed to finish this for me.  I have heard Mr. Keenan will be prevented from receiving any of my documents from the administration office and if this is in fact true then this will prevent me from being freed and I will be forced, I understand, to do another three to four months in here preventing me from getting to work on the collateral accounts with Mr. Keenan.  I am pretty sure there will be many coming forward to assist him but I am not sure they will not be anything more than what Mr. Keenan has already dealt with [Keith Scott].

I hope you can see the importance of my plea for help.  They made it clear to Mr. Keenan today that he will not be allowed to receive any documentation in my behalf.  It is a plan that Mr. Keenan saw through from the beginning.  They also told him I would need not just an attorney but a great Attorney and I do not know how Mr. Keenan can do this seeing he cannot speak our language.  He is a miracle worker but our language is not that easy to learn and especially overnight.

I am a Humble person who believes in fate and who feels with his heart and I now have to reach out to everyone to reach back and see if they can help me find this special attorney I need to help me.  I am so sorry that I ask for this and I know Mr. Keenan wanted to finish this all himself but it is not written yet that he is to finish this part of the journey.

Can someone please find me the attorney to assist me in the final steps of my trial.  I cannot tell you everything about it seeing Mr. Keenan knows more than me.  He has been amazing gathering all the facts but now we are short in time and he is not going to be allowed to assist me in the final stages.  I thank you all for your help and I could feel your energy coming to me and it did left me behind.  I very thank you.  Now I need just the attorney does someone somewhere know one that can come to me and help me finish this up.  I pray now for one more miracle to happen.  Please forward all replies to Mr. Keenan or whoever he designates.  Thank you for your support.  I have no idea what I did so bad to deserve this when all I wanted was to be a patriot for my lovely country Indonesia.

Your Humble Servant

Martha Wibawa (Nelu)


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Pamela F, $100
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Millard C, $15


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History: Global Collateral Accounts

We have been mentioning Collateral Accounts for more than two years in this blog, and while we understood what its implications for the future are, most of us don’t really know the whole story.

Below is a concise review of its history.

It would also help the reader to read The Corporation: History and Revolution, and this article to strengthen his understanding on the subject.


Posted on June 8, 2013 by Jean

The history behind the Global Collateral Accounts is vast and complex, and reaches back some 250 years. For the purposes of this brief overview, we will focus on two key elements which are now headlining stories around the world: debt, and gold.

The Western banking oligarchy’s current global control can be traced back to the Rothschild family’s dominance of international banking in the early years of the 19th century. The long-term strategy of the elite banking and royal bloodline families was simple: gain control of the global gold supply in order to maintain power through the control of global currency and its underlying collateral.  Gold and Debt – that is the essence of this story.

Where Did the Gold Come from and to Whom Does It Belong?

For two thousand years, the gold of the world flowed east toward China, along the Silk Road, from the Roman Empire, on through to the Byzantine and the Spanish, in exchange for the silks, spices, and treasures of the East.  When the bankers of Europe decided to seek control of the world financial system, control of this gold became essential.

Who created the Global Collateral Accounts and why?

Operation Golden Lily is the well-documented story of the Japanese gold-collecting teams, which infiltrated key gold-holding nations well in advance of the military invasions of China and other nations, with the express intent of seizing the hundreds of thousands of metric tons of gold that had accumulated in Asia (primarily in China).  The Nazi gold-collecting system is well-known, but the Japanese accumulated a far greater hoard, with the knowledge and cooperation of certain European banking interests.

Where is the gold and how did it get there?

The “official” total for the entire amount of gold said to be above ground since humanity first began mining the precious metal is approximately 160,000 metric tons. Evidence now indicates that a more accurate figure is well in excess of two million metric tons. During World War Two, the Japanese dug tunnels and bunkers throughout Southeast Asia to store the gold – primarily in Indonesia, Thailand, and The Phillipines.  After the war, the gold was discovered by the Allies, and was incorporated into a system set up by the European central bankers before the war for this very purpose.  The exact total of the wealth in the off-ledger accounts is not known, but is said to be in the thousands of trillions of dollars in gold, platinum, and gems, in addition to an undetermined amount in Federal Reserve notes and other currencies.

How did the nations come to agree that the Accounts were to be used for humanitarian programs?

At the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944, when the soon-to-be-victorious Allies met to create a new global financial system, the International Monetary Fund was created.  In the late 1940’s, President Sukarno of Indonesia was appointed monetary controller of behalf of the depositors to monitor and implement the Global Accounts for redevelopment purposes.

How did the banking elite abuse the Accounts?

The central banking families had already put in place essential structures to seize and control this wealth: the Bank of International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the United Nations, all of which were funded by elite banking figures, including the Rockefellers and Warburgs. The agreements to use the funds for development were neglected, and the banking elite proceeded to use them for their own ends, blocking the depositors from access. President Sukarno of Indonesia had been appointed “M1” or Monetary Controller of the Accounts (as much of the assets are stored in hidden bunkers in Indonesia), but he was removed from power after making a deal with John F. Kennedy to use the funds to back new U.S. Treasury dollars, in a direct move against the central bankers’ power. Kennedy’s assassination prevented this move from succeeding.

The central bankers put in place a system that allows the Federal Reserve to block anyone but banking elite insiders from using the Accounts, thus blocking the actual owners – the depositors – from utilizing the assets for humanitarian programs, as originally intended.

Who is Neil Keenan and what is his relationship to the Global Accounts?

The emergence of Neil Keenan at the cutting edge of these events can be traced to the theft in 2009 by Vatican financial insider Daniele dal Bosco of $144.5 billion in Federal Reserve notes which were entrusted to Mr. Keenan by the Dragon Family, the group of ancient wealthy clans in Asia who are the legitimate owners of vast amounts of gold in the off-ledger Global Accounts. The Dragon Family has been attempting for decades to utilize the Accounts for their originally intended purpose, and sought out Keenan’s help because of his reputation as a well-connected, tough-minded international businessman.  The story of this theft, and of Mr. Keenan’s filing of a trillion-dollar lawsuit against elite figures and institutions (including the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, The World Bank, the Italian government, the Italian Financial Police, Silvio Berlusconi, and others) was first revealed by Benjamin Fulford, former Forbes Magazine financial editor for Asia, who traveled to Italy to conduct initial investigations, where an attempt was made on his life. The story was then taken up by best-selling author David Wilcock (who then also received death threats), confirming the story in an investigative article on his influential blog.  The 110-page lawsuit, first filed in New York federal court, can be viewed at this link.

In addition to his lawsuit (which he subsequently withdrew in order to re-file in a more effective jurisdiction), Keenan also filed a Cease and Desist order (available upon request) on behalf of the Dragon Family against a Who’s Who of the cabal power structure, putting them on notice that they were defrauding the Global Accounts, and would be prosecuted for any further fraud.  This Cease and Desist names George Herbert Walker Bush, George W Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, David Rockefeller, Hillary Clinton, and a host of other world figures and organizations who are in the inner circle of the cabal.

The bonds which were stolen from Mr. Keenan were Federal Reserve notes given to the Dragon Family in payment for the gold deposited in the Accounts – notes which the Federal Reserve continually blocked from utilization. Mr. Keenan’s lawsuit represents the first formidable attempt to defeat this theft.

As may be expected, his life is in danger.  He has survived four assassination attempts to date, and now has protection in place from numerous allies around the world.  Mr. Keenan is currently in Indonesia, finalizing agreements with the Indonesian elders, and Chinese officials holding lineal claim to the majority of the assets in the Accounts.

Mr. Keenan is in possession of key documents, such as the original of the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement between Kennedy and Sukarno, and the “Black Book,” secret records of the Accounts.  Numerous other pieces of evidence can be provided. In addition to Mr. Keenan’s participation, other key players may be brought to the table as part of the interview process, including Indonesians involved in the guardianship of the Assets, powerful Asian financial officials, and others. We propose immediate discussions to explore this possibility.

Michael Henry Dunn

One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

You can join the fight against the Dark Cabal and accelerate its demise just by boycotting Big Pharma. You can effectively do this by downloading “Towards Healthcare Emancipation“, a fully illustrated do-it-yourself instructional eBook that will help you in implementing all eClinik methods that would negate the use of expensive medicine, avoid radioactive diagnostics and treatments in completely defeating cancer, AIDS and all other parasitic diseases. These methods, when faithfully followed, work 100% all the time. Find out more about this here.

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Dear Friends, Family,

So very often you, my readers, have asked how you can help our efforts to get the ‘real’ truth out, and I believe your help today is key! If you feel so inclined, at the end of this article, Neil asks that you make a simple phone call in support of Nelu’s freedom – and what is actually also the freedom of us all. Please support Neil’s efforts to see that Nelu is free, thus insuring, as well, the freeing of the Global Accounts to benefit all of humanity. 

Many thanks and hugs,


  • Indonesian patriot still in prison as Prosecutor Tanti tries to pretend Neil Keenan is just an “internet legend”
  • Court summons for Keenan to testify is secretly blocked – by whom?
  • High Court and other officials doing the right thing – and then they smell a rat
  • High Court separates Nelu’s case from tainted currency – no evidence remains to hold him – so why is he still in prison?
  • Keenan asks Indonesian government to look into possible prosecutorial misconduct
  • Real culprits, Keith Scott and his cohorts, go unpunished – but not for long

by Michael Henry Dunn

May 18, 2013

Neil Keenan has learned the truth.  And now there will be hell to pay.  The gloves are coming off his fists, and he is ready to match blow for blow.  Keenan has been in Jakarta since January, waiting to testify on behalf of Martha Wibawa (called Nelu), the unjustly imprisoned Indonesian patriot chosen by Keenan as his right-hand man to help move the Global Collateral Accounts into action to finally benefit the people and defeat the corrupt banking elite.   Weeks have gone by as the actions in this case of Prosecutor Tanti, became more and more suspect – and as Keenan waited for a summons that never came.  Week after week, Neil Keenan was told that he would be called before the judges, that his testimony would be heard.  “Tomorrow,” they said.  “Next week, certainly,” came the word.  In early March the judges in the lower court ruled that Nelu should be freed based on time served – a three and a half year sentence, which (though undeserved) we understood would have given him his freedom on probation that day.  The prosecutor objected (Indonesian law allows her to do this), and an appeal process began.  Again, Keenan was told he would be called.  Again, no summons came.  The High Court rightly saw that the only incriminating evidence in the case was against co-defendant Mulyadi (Nelu’s father-in-law) and ruled that the cases should be separated – leaving no evidence against Nelu.  Again, Keenan was told he would be called, and that his testimony would be the final word needed to free Nelu.  Again, no summons came.

And now Neil Keenan has learned the truth.  And, yes, now there will be hell to pay.

As the weeks went by, Keenan’s suspicions were aroused.  Early this month, he and his Korean sidekick Inchul relentlessly sought the facts behind the delay, even to the point of knocking on the office doors of the high and lower courts.   Finally some fair-minded court officials looked into the record, and discovered the stunning truth that a summons to Keenan had in fact been issued – possibly more than one – and that someone prevented the summons from ever being delivered.

Keenan is now considering a request that the Indonesian government look into possible wrongdoing in this high-stakes case.  Prosecutor Tanti is where the investigation should focus.  Was a summons issued?  Where was it delivered and when?  If not, why not? Did anyone sign for it?  If the summons was deliberately blocked, Nelu was denied due process.  His key witness was not allowed to come forward.

All along, Prosecutor Tanti’s flimsy case rested on the assertion that Nelu’s claim of working with an Irish-American international businessman and the Heritage Foundation to legitimately put Global Account notes into trade was just a story, that Neil Keenan was no more than “an Internet legend,” whose existence she challenged Nelu to prove (the Heritage Foundation is a globally recognized entity and is nominee on many of the Global Account notes, while a majority of the Account assets are owned by the Qing Dynasty in the person of Empress Bennie Hua).  A thirty-second Google search would have validated the fact of Nelu’s connection to Neil Keenan, but Ms. Tanti was not interested in facts.  She apparently counted on the idea that Keenan would not take the trouble and expense to travel to Jakarta and appear in Nelu’s behalf – she assumed that she could spin her false version of the story unopposed.  It is not, after all, very often that Westerners have bothered to travel all the way to Jakarta to testify on behalf of Indonesians who have been trapped in the hitherto murky world of the Global Accounts.  She could not, of course, know of Mr. Keenan’s combination of loyalty and tenacity.

I sat with Mr. Keenan in the courtroom that day, and saw Prosecutor Tanti’s shock at Neil Keenan and his colleagues’ unignorable presence in the front row of the court (see accompanying video). Neil later noted to me that the judges smiled in acknowledgement of his presence, but that Prosecutor Tanti looked quickly away.  She must have known in that moment that if Keenan were allowed to testify, her bogus case would be exploded.


And then a strange thing happened.  A notice to appear now sits in the records of the case – a summons to Neil Keenan to testify before the judges.  But someone saw to it that the summons never reached Keenan.  Someone made sure that Prosecutor Tanti’s case against an innocent man would go unchallenged.  Meanwhile Neil Keenan sat by day after day, expecting a summons that never came, waiting to testify in his friend’s behalf, ready to tell the truth.

If the summons had been delivered, if Keenan had been allowed to testify, the case would have dissolved, and Nelu would now be free,  and the bunkers holding the Global Account notes and assets would already be in the auditing process. Who knows?  Humanitarian programs and debt relief might already be flowing out to the stricken people of the world, if not for this obstruction of justice in Jakarta, this suppression of the truth.

But the truth in this case is a very inconvenient thing for certain powerful people – or perhaps one should say for certain soon-to-be-formerly powerful people?  With the flimsy foundation of the case exploded by Keenan’s presence – and still further obliterated by his written statement exonerating Nelu, submitted to the court in early March – the questions would then turn back on the prosecutor: who were the real culprits in this case?  Who set up the “phony Tony” in the bank parking lot to lure Nelu into a trap?  Who used Nelu’s own father-in-law as a spy to track the movement of the notes? Who benefits from blocking forward movement of the Accounts?

Keith Scott was in Indonesia at that time, why was he not investigated?  And why did the prosecutor never investigate Scott’s cohorts Peter Wagoner (who identifies himself as David Rockefeller’s nephew), and Teena, and Dewi? Rest assured, Neil Keenan has the evidence of how these people set Nelu up, and how they intended to benefit.  Their time is coming…

And when it comes to Prosecutor Tanti, there is more evidence that the Indonesian anti-corruption task force may wish to hear.

But the first question Ms. Tanti will be asked is this: what became of the legal summons issued to Neil Keenan? If it was blocked, that is obstruction, and denial of due process. If it bears a signature acknowledging receipt, that signature is not Neil Keenan’s – and that is forgery.  These would be criminal acts, and should be investigated immediately.

Keenan has more cards up his sleeve, begging to be played.  I can attest that he usually has an ace or two tucked away, major cards left unplayed, to be brought out when needed.  The timing is his own little mystery.

If Tanti is serving some other group’s agenda, who are they and what is that agenda?  If there was a deal, what were the terms?  With the global attention given to Neil Keenan’s work, the likelihood of interference by the criminal banking elite is off the charts.  The cabal’s desperation is now obvious. From all over the world the reports come into Keenan: the banksters are floundering as their once-secret plots are exposed by formerly muzzled mainstream media – oil-price rigging revealed by Rolling Stone, and insider revelations that the recent G7 emergency financial meeting had an “end times panic,” (with Keenan’s name frequently coming up) as the tottering fiat currency monster reels over the fiscal cliff to oblivion, threatening to drag the rest of the world with it.

The rest of the world, however, will be only too happy to cut the chords of captivity that have held the planet in bondage to the Western oligarchy since the end of World War Two, and let the cabal tumble over the cliff unaccompanied.  Discreet calls from heads of state are now coming in to Neil Keenan in Jakarta, opening lines of communication for the coming shift.  Once-firm friends of the cabal are positioning themselves to switch sides, and even the long-loyal financial media are beginning to report once unreportable stories.   A last ditch attempt to co-opt the revolution, to deceive the people with a false dawn (one which would leave the dark forces still in control) is underway as the bankster gang pursues a massive gold and silver buying spree, attempting to underwrite their own version of a new financial system. The writing is on the wall, and the pressure on the cabal is mounting.

Someone attempted to channel that pressure against Nelu, against Neil Keenan, against the liberation of the Global Accounts, in Jakarta.

Indonesian lower-court judges rightly recognized the facts, and ruled that Nelu should be freed based on time served.  At some point, someone acted to block the legal summons issued to bring Keenan to court to give testimony which could have freed Nelu months ago.  The person responsible for this criminal act should be identified and brought to justice.

The High Court has since rightly acted to separate Nelu’s case from his co-defendant, leaving no evidence to hold him.  Why, then, has he not yet been freed?

Nelu is more than just an innocent man wrongly imprisoned.  He stands as a symbol for humanity in its struggle against the bankster-bloodline criminal gang…a gang that knows he is a key partner to the man whose work is one of the greatest threats they face.

As the High Court convenes to resolve the case, any supporters who wish to ask the disposition of Martha Wibawa’s (called Nelu) case, may call the Indonesian High Court in Jakarta at this number: +62 –21-425-2069 (or fax 425-4257), -referring to Case # 130/Pid2013/PT.DKI – the case number for Martha Wibawa. (***Please see the list below for YOUR COUNTRY’S EXIT CODE, used in order to make an international call.)

A special video message from Neil Keenan (below) gives his latest thoughts on this important story.

Michael Henry Dunn


*** See Exit Codes from your country below:
Source: HowToCallAbroad

What are Country / Exit Codes?

Country codes are used when dialing an international phone number. On the other hand, exit codes (also known as international access codes or IDD International Direct Dialing codes) are used for dialing out of your country. For example if you want to call from Anguilla to Afghanistan you must dial: 011 + 93 + phone number.

Below is a comprehensive list of all country phone codes and international exit codes. For more info on dialing a specific country (such as area codes, phone books, and more) please use the top navigation to choose your country.

What is a Trunk Code (Prefix)?

Trunk Codes are single or double digit codes used to place calls within a certain country. They are left out when dialing in from abroad.

Country Country Code Exit Code Trunk Code
Afghanistan 93 00 0
Albania 355 00 0
Algeria 213 00 0
American Samoa 1 011 1
Andorra 376 00
Angola 244 00
Anguilla 1 011 1
Antigua and Barbuda 1 011 1
Argentina 54 00 0
Armenia 374 00 0
Aruba 297 00
Ascension 247 00
Australia 61 0011 0
Austria 43 00 0
Azerbaijan 994 00 0
Bahamas 1 011 1
Bahrain 973 00
Bangladesh 880 00 0
Barbados 1 011 1
Belarus 375 810 80
Belgium 32 00 0
Belize 501 00
Benin 229 00
Bermuda 1 011 1
Bhutan 975 00
Bolivia 591 00 0
Bosnia and Herzegovina 387 00 0
Botswana 267 00
Country Country Code Exit Code Trunk Code
Brazil 55 0014 – Brasil Telecom
0015 – Telefonica
0021 – Embratel
0023 – Intelig
0031 – Telmar
British Virgin Islands 1 011 1
Brunei 673 00
Bulgaria 359 00 0
Burkina Faso 226 00
Burundi 257 00
Cambodia 855 001, 007, 008 0
Cameroon 237 00
Canada 1 011 1
Cape Verde 238 00
Cayman Islands 1 011 1
Central African Republic 236 00
Chad 235 00
Chile 56 1230 – Entel
1200 – Globus
1220 – Manquehue
1810 – Movistar
1690 – Netline
1710 – Telmex
China 86 00 0
Colombia 57 005 – UNE EPM
007 – ETB
009 – Movistar
00414 – Tigo
00468 – Avantel
00456 – Claro Fixed
00444 – Claro Mobile
Comoros 269 00
Congo 242 00
Cook Islands 682 00
Costa Rica 506 00
Croatia 385 00 0
Cuba 53 119 0
Curacao 599 00 0
Cyprus 357 00
Czech Republic 420 00
Democratic Republic of Congo 243 00 0
Denmark 45 00
Diego Garcia 246 00
Djibouti 253 00
Dominica 1 011 1
Country Country Code Exit Code Trunk Code
Dominican Republic 1 011 1
East Timor 670 00
Ecuador 593 00 0
Egypt 20 00 0
El Salvador 503 00
Equatorial Guinea 240 00
Eritrea 291 00 0
Estonia 372 00
Ethiopia 251 00 0
Falkland (Malvinas) Islands 500 00
Faroe Islands 298 00
Fiji 679 00
Finland 358 00, 990, 994, 999 0
France 33 00 0
French Guiana 594 00 0
French Polynesia 689 00
Gabon 241 00
Gambia 220 00
Georgia 995 00 0
Germany 49 00 0
Ghana 233 00 0
Gibraltar 350 00
Greece 30 00
Greenland 299 00
Grenada 1 011 1
Guadeloupe 590 00 0
Guam 1 011 1
Guatemala 502 00
Guinea 224 00
Country Country Code Exit Code Trunk Code
Guinea-Bissau 245 00
Guyana 592 001
Haiti 509 00
Honduras 504 00
Hong Kong 852 001
Hungary 36 00 06
Iceland 354 00
India 91 00 0
Indonesia 62 001, 008 – Indosat
007 – Telkom
009 – Bakrie Telecom
Inmarsat Satellite 870 00
Iran 98 00 0
Iraq 964 00
Ireland 353 00 0
Iridium Satellite 8816/8817 00
Israel 972 00, 012, 013, 014, 018 0
Italy 39 00
Ivory Coast 225 00
Jamaica 1 011 1
Japan 81 010 0
Jordan 962 00 0
Kazakhstan 7 8 – wait for dial tone – 10 8
Kenya 254 000 (006 and 007 to Uganda and Tanzania) 0
Kiribati 686 00
Kuwait 965 00
Kyrgyzstan 996 00 0
Laos 856 00 0
Latvia 371 00
Lebanon 961 00 0
Lesotho 266 00
Liberia 231 00
Libya 218 00 0
Country Country Code Exit Code Trunk Code
Liechtenstein 423 00
Lithuania 370 00 8
Luxembourg 352 00
Macau 853 00
Macedonia 389 00 0
Madagascar 261 00
Malawi 265 00
Malaysia 60 00 0
Maldives 960 00
Mali 223 00
Malta 356 00
Marshall Islands 692 011 1
Martinique 596 00 0
Mauritania 222 00
Mauritius 230 00
Mayotte 262 00
Mexico 52 00 01
Micronesia 691 011 1
Moldova 373 00 0
Monaco 377 00
Mongolia 976 001 0
Montenegro 382 00 0
Montserrat 1 011 1
Morocco 212 00 0
Mozambique 258 00
Myanmar 95 00 0
Namibia 264 00 0
Nauru 674 00
Nepal 977 00 0
Country Country Code Exit Code Trunk Code
Netherlands 31 00 0
Netherlands Antilles 599 00 0
New Caledonia 687 00
New Zealand 64 00 0
Nicaragua 505 00
Niger 227 00
Nigeria 234 009 0
Niue 683 00
Norfolk Island 6723 00
North Korea 850 99
Northern Marianas 1 011 1
Norway 47 00
Oman 968 00
Pakistan 92 00 0
Palau 680 011
Palestine 970 00 0
Panama 507 00
Papua New Guinea 675 00
Paraguay 595 00 0
Peru 51 00 0
Philippines 63 00 0
Poland 48 00
Portugal 351 00
Puerto Rico 1 011 1
Qatar 974 00
Reunion 262 00
Romania 40 00 0
Russian Federation 7 8 – wait for dial tone – 10 8
Rwanda 250 00
Saint Helena 290 00
Saint Kitts and Nevis 1 011 1
Saint Lucia 1 011 1
Country Country Code Exit Code Trunk Code
Saint Barthelemy 590 00 0
Saint Martin (French part) 590 00 0
Saint Pierre and Miquelon 508 00
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1 011 1
Samoa 685 0
San Marino 378 00
Sao Tome and Principe 239 00
Saudi Arabia 966 00 0
Senegal 221 00
Serbia 381 00 0
Seychelles 248 00
Sierra Leone 232 00 0
Singapore 65 001, 008
Sint Maarten 1 00 1
Slovakia 421 00 0
Slovenia 386 00 0
Solomon Islands 677 00
Somalia 252 00
South Africa 27 00 0
South Korea 82 001, 002 0
South Sudan 211 00
Spain 34 00
Sri Lanka 94 00 0
Sudan 249 00 0
Suriname 597 00 0
Swaziland 268 00
Sweden 46 00 0
Switzerland 41 00 0
Syria 963 00 0
Taiwan 886 002 0
Tajikistan 992 8 – wait for dial tone – 10 8
Tanzania 255 000 0
Thailand 66 001 0
Thuraya Satellite 882 16 00
Togo 228 00
Country Country Code Exit Code Trunk Code
Tokelau 690 00
Tonga 676 00
Trinidad and Tobago 1 011 1
Tunisia 216 00
Turkey 90 00 0
Turkmenistan 993 8 – wait for dial tone – 10 8
Turks and Caicos Islands 1 0 1
Tuvalu 688 00
Uganda 256 000 0
Ukraine 380 00 0
United Arab Emirates 971 00 0
United Kingdom 44 00 0
United States of America 1 011 1
U.S. Virgin Islands 1 011 1
Uruguay 598 00 0
Uzbekistan 998 8 – wait for dial tone – 10 8
Vanuatu 678 00
Vatican City 379, 39 00
Venezuela 58 00 0
Vietnam 84 00 0
Wallis and Futuna 681 00
Yemen 967 00 0
Zambia 260 00 0
Zimbabwe 263 00 0

source »

One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

You can join the fight against the Dark Cabal and accelerate its demise just by boycotting Big Pharma. You can effectively do this by downloading “Towards Healthcare Emancipation“, a fully illustrated do-it-yourself instructional eBook that will help you in implementing all eClinik methods that would negate the use of expensive medicine, avoid radioactive diagnostics and treatments in completely defeating cancer, AIDS and all other parasitic diseases. These methods, when faithfully followed, work 100% all the time. Find out more about this here.

We are very grateful to the following for the love and support they’ve given us for the month of May 2013:

James F, $10
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Ø  Why is one man so important?  He’s not – unless you care about justice or truth…and an honest and legal system for putting the defrauded wealth of the nations to work for mankind.

Ø  How this frustrating delay may have worked to clear the path for the Accounts

Ø  Keenan goes to court on Nelu’s behalf one more time, as forces align for a breakthrough

Ø  Keenan’s affidavit delivered in person as Nelu’s appeal to the High Court begins

Ø  Naming names – how Keith Scott and others conspired to block Keenan’s progress with the Accounts…and landed an innocent man in jail.

Over the past few weeks, we have repeatedly been informed by reliable high-level sources that a wide range of crucial actions by key allies aimed at the takedown of the banking cabal have been held back, awaiting Neil Keenan’s official anointing as manager of the Accounts, awaiting the release and implementation of the funds into humanitarian programs, awaiting the re-filing of the trillion-dollar lawsuit in the most effective jurisdiction – providing the legal basis for action against key bankster figures.  Meanwhile, Neil Keenan worked patiently in Jakarta to win the freedom of one seemingly small player, locked in a Jakarta prison cell.

Many have asked, why is this one man so important?  And what have Neil Keenan and his allies actually been doing these many weeks?

For meanwhile, as we know, the poisoning of our skies and our soil continues unchecked, the ritual abuse and murder of children goes on, false flag terror attacks escalate, and the eroding of our freedoms by the gradual expansion of a police state grows unabated, while the global banking system seems to teeter on the brink of collapse.

Was this strategic folly?  To make one man so important, and to make it seemingly so easy to delay action against the criminal elite?

The fact is, this one man’s freedom and the story behind it goes to the heart of the cabal’s failing grip on the Global Accounts, and the right way forward for the freedom of Nelu (Martha Wibawa) will empower the right way forward for the release of the Accounts, and for the re-filing of the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit.  Above and beyond this, Nelu has proven himself to be an honest and trustworthy man of integrity, an Indonesian patriot, and has rendered invaluable service in providing crucial information and contacts for Mr. Keenan’s work with the lawsuit, the Global Accounts, and the Sukarno Trust. He is not only bilingual in Bahasa and English, but has a respected background in banking, and knowledge of the Global Accounts. Neil believes that the best way forward with the Global Accounts is to use Nelu’s innate abilities, his acceptance among the Elders and society in general to assist him. Nelu is Neil Keenan’s right-hand man.

In truth, the elements of Nelu’s case go to the core of the legal implementation of the Global Collateral Accounts, for the following reasons:

1.       The notes in the Accounts need to be verified and authenticated by a bank, with the cooperation of the nominees and depositors, in order to be put into Private Programs for humanitarian projects.

2.       The Western criminal banking interests devised a system whereby they could authenticate notes if they wanted to use them, or declare the same notes counterfeit if the original Depositors (or persons authorized by them) wanted to use them.  This system of fraud allowed the banksters to save themselves trillions in interest due on these notes, while landing innocent people in jail.

3.       Martha Wibawa (Nelu), who is trusted by Neil Keenan and by the Indonesian Elders, was spied on and his movements reported to Keith Scott, who intended to prevent Keenan from moving forward with the Accounts.  Nelu by this time had recognized Scott’s deviousness and was refusing to work with him, thus forcing Scott to turn to Mulyadi, Nelu’s own father-in-law, to spy on Nelu.  Nelu arrived in Jakarta for an appointment at a major bank to authenticate the notes.  In a trap set by Scott, Nelu was arrested in the parking lot, and charged with counterfeiting when it emerged that fake notes had been placed in his bag by Mulyadi.

4.       He has spent the last eight months in prison, as Neil Keenan worked to see justice done by repeatedly journeying to Indonesia to testify in his friend’s behalf.

5.       The clearing of Nelu’s name is closely connected to the clearing of the path for the Accounts to be put to use for humanitarian programs, as intended more than sixty years ago.

Monday morning quarterbacking is always a temptation.  But as this writer has been an eyewitness to the effort thus far, here’s a quick summary of what Neil Keenan and his team accomplished while he patiently worked to free Nelu:

Ø  European central bankers’ secret moves to stockpile gold in preparation for a coming collapse were exposed, as Keenan issued a global alert that may have helped to thwart cabal strategies.

Ø  Former Deutschebank president Josef Ackerman’s scheme to back a new cabal-controlled financial system for Asia with secretly acquired gold was exposed.

Ø  The soon-to-be-bankrupt status of the euro was revealed, as Keenan exposed the counterfeit notes issued by Mario Draghi to lease the Global Account gold that backs the euro.

Ø  The fraudulent nature of the cabal-sponsored One People’s Public Trust (OPPT), and their allies at UN Swissindo was thoroughly documented for all to see, and potential violence in Indonesia averted.

Ø  Keenan personally delivered evidence regarding OPPT/Swissindo to the office of Indonesian President Yudhoyono to help keep the peace.

Ø  Two key pieces of evidence for Keenan’s lawsuit were provided by an anonymous source…and a cabal attempt to delete the files was thwarted.

Ø  The stakeholders of the assets in the Accounts saw Keenan demonstrating the vigilant protection of the Accounts that has earned him trust worldwide.

Ø  An informant and infiltrator on Keenan’s security team was exposed and dismissed

Ø  Keenan and his team received numerous death threats, and Keenan survived a poisoning attempt

Ø  An attack on Keenan’s integrity by the bogus entity called the Office of International Treasury Control was thoroughly debunked

It is tempting to think that higher forces were working behind the scenes to clear the path during this frustrating delay, by means of these important developments.  Now Nelu’s case is finally being heard by the High Court in Jakarta, and the judges requested that Neil Keenan file an additional statement clarifying Nelu’s innocence.

Neil Keenan (as requested by the chief judge last week) personally delivered an additional affidavit – in both English and Bahasa Indonesian – to the court (see video below).  After a cordial and important meeting with officials at the court yesterday, we hope for a breakthrough in the coming days in this exhausting case, and ask the prayers of supporters around the world who hope to see the hundreds of trillions of dollars in defrauded wealth in the Global Collateral Accounts finally put into the service of the people of Indonesia, into the relief of the struggling debt-ridden nations in Europe, into the cleansing and restoration of our world, amid a new birth of freedom for us all.

The full text of Mr. Keenan’s statement to the court may be read below.

One last word – Neil Keenan is no fool, and we may rest assured that he has plans B, C, and D in place to move forward with the Accounts if thwarted in court.  A missed shot always opens a chance for an offensive rebound and a slam dunk.

by Michael Henry Dunn



I, Neil F. Keenan, Citizen of the Republic of Ireland, Passport number ————, do hereby swear under penalty of perjury that the following is true to the best of my knowledge:

I have been here in Jakarta for many months, having heard repeatedly that both the Lower Court and the Higher Court desired to hear my testimony in the case of Martha Wibawa.  It was not until I met the esteemed gentleman who is the chief judge of the Higher Court that I learned that the best and most correct thing to do would be to submit a statement to the court and place it in the file (this is actually what I felt intuitively would be best all along).  The actual live testimony might be better for this court but because of its controversial nature I am sure they decided they did not need to open up a large can of worms.  I therefore humbly submit my written statement for the Courts and I send my thanks to the Chief Judge for his diligence.

The matter of the Martha Wibawa case is very simple for me to see.  I lived it myself.  While trying to assist in getting the Global Accounts unblocked I met many characters whose dealings would prove to be less than honest.  The most deceptive one that crossed my path was a man named Keith F. Scott, who along with a man named Peter Wagoner (who also uses the name Rockefeller to deceive people) would eventually attempt to undermine my efforts, resulting in the unfortunate arrest of Martha Wibawa.

When I first filed my lawsuit against the criminal Western banking interests, it was the very same Keith F. Scott who educated us all on the Collateral Accounts.  There are not many who know as much as he does about this matter.   Unfortunately he has demonstrated a pattern of self-serving deception that ultimately causes him to lose the trust of those who work with him.  Nevertheless, in the beginning, he was instrumental in assisting us in this matter and is a treasure trove of knowledge.

While assisting with my lawsuit, Mr. Scott was also attempting to use my friends and connections to do other legitimate deals, which was okay with me at the time.  However, after three or four failed attempts, my associates complained to me that Scott repeatedly failed to match his actions to his words. I therefore asked him to stop making contact with them.  He not only did not listen he went after other connections of mine as well, advising them to not report the contact back to me.  Here he miscalculated, as I have the respect of my friends, and they kept me informed.

It was right about this time that Mr. Wibawa and I flew to Singapore in the Spring of 2012 to meet with Alex Le Ling Soon.  Alex is not only a very astute businessman but he is a scholar as well.  Finally he is a gentleman.  This is how I would define Alex.   While there we did not conclude any investment, as I did not feel the time was right to speak with Alex of such.  There had been business offers of $ 5 million on the table but it never was the right time for either of us to move forward.  At that time, Keith Scott would have been included, and would have received funds to pursue information for the lawsuit should this business arrangement have been settled.

At that time Mr. Edy Seno was the person who could help provide me with information for the legal action.  He not only held some documents needed to provide me with jurisdiction but he also had documentation that would have supported my entire claim.  We never got to that point although I consider Edy Seno not only one of the scholars of the Accounts but also a good friend.  No one has made me laugh harder in Jakarta than Edy.

Back to the Subject and the Road to it:

Upon our return to Jakarta (Mr. Wibawa and myself) I soon learned that Keith Scott was once again going behind my back in attempts to do business with my friends.  How did I know?  My friends told me everything he was up to.  He would tell them not to tell me anything about their arrangements but I received all the information and more.    I eventually confronted Scott and told him to stay away from my friends, associates etc.  I might have been a little crude in my confrontation but I got my message across.  I left Jakarta soon thereafter, only to learn upon my arrival home that Scott had written all my friends advising them that I was not what I seemed and had an ego beyond compare and much more.  My friends knowing me did not agree.

After many attempts to sabotage my lawsuit Scott went in another direction and decided to set up a meeting between Peter Wagoner (who calls himself Rockefeller) and Alex Le Ling Soon.   They decided they might be able to steal the $ 5 million offered to my lawsuit in which the Soekarno Trust would also play a part in the negotiating.   So in essence this is where it all begins for Martha Wibawa.  The story took many strange turns as Keith Scott attempted to manipulate Mr. Wibawa’s father-in-law to play the spy on Scott’s behalf, leading ultimately to Mr. Wibawa’s arrest.   I will write the events here leading to the arrest.

Jack Singh, Peter Wagoner (Rockefeller), and Martha Wibawa (protecting our interest) flew to Singapore to see Alex.  Alex did not wish to see Wagoner but did after much persuasion by his right hand man.  During this meeting Wagoner produced an outdated plan about 20 years old and attempted to persuade Alex to finance it.  Alex asked Wagoner if he thought his ideas were better than mine.  Wagoner told him that I was a fool (certainly I was a fool for ever speaking to Peter Wagoner).  Alex Le Ling Soon told Wagoner he did not share his opinion of me and that he would not finance Wagoner’s plan.  This unexpected response not only destroyed Wagoner/Rockefeller’s plans but exposed him as a fraud, when it turned out that this supposed “Rockefeller” did not have sufficient funds to pay his way back to Hong Kong.

Another gentleman, Chris Brosnahan of the Heritage Foundation (which was the nominee for the notes in question) had set up the banking so that the notes Mr. Wibawa was carrying would be officially verified, thereby making them legal for trade once the procurement of signature from the Depositors – The Xing Dynasty – was procured.  I am in touch with the Qing Empress and she has not had any problem with the Notes being officially represented seeing I have the rights.

Here is the part that should interest the court now that it has the background:

Scott and Wagoner, in an attempt to divert or even have Mr. Wibawa detained, made contact with Mr. Wibaba’s father-in-law, Mr. Mulyadi and told him that Alex Le Ling Soon had given me $35,000 USD which I had supposedly given to Mulyadi’s son-in-law, Martha Wibawa.  This was not true.  However, Scott and Wagoner planted the seed of jealousy to manipulate Mr. Mulyadi, and it grew.

Mulyadi confronted Martha and asked about this money and why he had not been given a piece of it.  Martha told him it did not exist.  Mulyadi was in constant touch Scott, who kept feeding him lies so that Mulyadi did not believe Martha.  He chose to believe Scott and decided to stay close to Martha and report back to Scott on Martha’s actions.

Everywhere Martha went Mulyadi went also and would report back to Scott exactly what Martha was doing.  It was at this time Scott told Mulyadi that he would get nothing from Martha’s work so he would have to find some of his own notes to add to the package.  Otherwise he (Mulyadi) would be excluded.  Wagoner confirmed this to Mulyadi.

The above was actually the first mentioned moment of Mulyadi acquiring notes.  The purpose at that time was to use The Heritage Foundation and banks to verify the authenticity of the notes in order to place them into Private Programs.  Never (to my knowledge) did Scott and Wagoner give one thought to the possibility that Mulyadi’s notes might be fake.  Why would they think about it?  Mulyadi would be the one in danger, not them.  Mulyadi spoke with Scott daily advising him where Martha Wibaba was and what he was doing and receiving advice from Scott.  At all times Scott led Mulyadi on to believe that his bonds would be verified by the Heritage Foundation.  Never did he speak otherwise.  I have an email from Scott to Mulyadi telling him not to give us the bonds because they were real.  (Please understand I still use the words bonds and notes in the same context).

Mulyadi, while I was in Indonesia, would often come to my Terrazzo or text me advising me that Martha was not the man to do business with, but that he was.  I would let this go without notice, as I always trusted Martha.   Mulyadi would also do the same with people I introduced him to.  He tried to lure everyone into believing him, but I had already let my associates know that, in case they encountered him, he would try the same line.

The situation regarding Martha Wibawa is very unfortunate, since if it were not for Mulyadi and Scott the notes and bonds and collateral accounts would now already be opened and Humanitarian Programs and packages would already be working.  This was the plan.  It was set up to be legal all the way and always through the banks and the depositors.  We knew there would be occasions when a fake note might be involved but we had set up precautions to detect such fraud, so that it would be clear that those that printed the notes were responsible.  What the Courts may not realize is that such counterfeit notes were not designed to be perpetrated on the Indonesian Nation but instead on the Global Accounts.  These frauds were deliberately printed by the debtor nation so that they would not have to actually pay back the interest on the notes, thereby alleviating them from trillions of dollars in debt.

It still works the same way today but we are getting closer to closing the doors on the nations and their treasuries and receiving compensation or bankrupting them for printing phony notes as payment for their actual leasing of the gold for the backing of their currencies.   Here is where the counterfeiting begins and unknowingly people get involved in such garbage,  as expected by the Western Nations that are perpetrating such a fraud.

In this matter I not only received texts but also photos with Mulyadi holding Singaporean Dollars and US Dollars in his attempt to entice me into his venture.  It never happened but what did happen is he stayed with Martha like Glue.  He did not let him go anywhere without him being present.  I warned Martha that his presence was not good for anyone, to which Martha responded that “this is family sir, what am I to say”?  In the meanwhile Mulyadi stayed in touch with Scott who played with him like one would a puppet.

There were occasions when Martha would have things lined up properly with the Heritage Foundation and Mr. Brosnahan only to learn that there were people waiting for him to come down from the hills to steal whatever he was taking to the banks.  This was again lined up by Mulyadi and Scott.

Then finally there was the ARREST.  Again this was a set up and it was set up by Keith Scott, Wagoner/Rockefeller and two individuals known as Tina and Dewi.  On this occasion Martha and Mulyadi went into the hills and Martha acquired some legal notes to have authenticated.  They were believed to be real and as the court later learned they are very real indeed, having since been authenticated.   At this time also Mulyadi placed his notes into Martha’s bag (the bonds were now mixed) which tainted his assets thereby causing his detention.   If Mulyadi had carried his own notes Martha would never have gone to prison for one day.  The arrest itself is also another Scott deception also assisted by Wagoner, Tina and Dewi.  The Heritage Foundation had someone named Tony coming in to assist Martha with the notes but he received a phone call telling him to stay where he was.  Instead – get this – a “phony” Tony appeared and had Martha and Mulyadi arrested.  Now I wonder if that was in their plans.

As the court knows, Mulyadi later acknowledged that the phony notes were his.  The two cases were only recently separated and I was never called as a witness despite my sitting there and waiting to be called upon as I had heard the courts demanded.  I also heard the prosecutor stated I was only an internet legend who actually did not exist.  Sort of a ghost but here I was sitting before her, flesh and blood and a real figure not a ghost – but although I submitted a statement, I was never called upon.  I now await the High Court to call me in but on reflection there is no case against Mr Wibawa.  His case has been separated from Mulyadi’s, and Martha Wibawa never owned any of the fake notes, as the court already knows.

I have so much more I can add here but out of respect for the courts – who have been so respectful to everyone involved here  – I will leave that be for now.  I see the court’s compassion and understanding and I also understand that this is something they do not see every day.  In order for the collateral accounts to work properly everyone will have to have a clear understanding and work together, and this is how we can repair our faulty financial system and make sure that all uphold the rules.


Neil F. Keenan

source »

One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

You can join the fight against the Dark Cabal and accelerate its demise just by boycotting Big Pharma. You can effectively do this by downloading “Towards Healthcare Emancipation“, a fully illustrated do-it-yourself instructional eBook that will help you in implementing all eClinik methods that would negate the use of expensive medicine, avoid radioactive diagnostics and treatments in completely defeating cancer, AIDS and all other parasitic diseases. These methods, when faithfully followed, work 100% all the time. Find out more about this here.

We are very grateful to the following for the love and support they’ve given us for the month of May 2013:

James F, $10
Millard C, $15
Meera M, $49.95
Pamela F, $100
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May 1, 2013 by

Ø Keenan personally delivers hard copies of UN Swissindo’s  acceptance of OPPT’s “Military Declaration”  to the office of President Yudhoyono of the Republic of Indonesia

Ø Having alerted the public and the authorities to the OPPT agenda, Keenan is moving on with his own work, while keeping an eye out for further fraud

by Michael Henry Dunn

JAKARTA, April 27, 2013 –  Neil Keenan is clearing the decks for imminent forward movement with the Global Accounts.  Since the Accounts have been the playground for a motley crew of crooks, banksters, and scam artists for most of the past sixty years, that means Keenan’s work these days involves a lot of mopping up: exposing hidden agendas of Global Account fraudsters; clearing up confusion over the nature of the Accounts and to whom they belong; and exposing the UCC filing fraud behind the “phony freedom” offered by movements such as OPPT, who are merely one of many groups laying false claim to Account assets.

The thousands of people who buy the false claim that all governments and corporations have been “foreclosed” and no longer exist run the risk of loss of property and/or freedom when they find that judges and  courts are well prepared to demonstrate the fraud behind these supposed UCC filings (see the “State Strategies to Combat Fraudulent UCC Filings” by the National Association of Secretaries of State).

Meanwhile, a prominent international lawyer (who was instrumental in assisting the Russian government to free itself from oligarchic control) made the following statements in a message to Neil Keenan:

“I have  selected clear provisions of the UCC itself that completely destroy all attempts to abuse and misrepresent it.  Its own provisions directly contradict all ways that “common law” theorists (like Winston Shrout or OPPT) try to use it. This proves that attempting to use it to obtain rights from third parties is criminal Fraud….You will have a concise and clear Legal Report, that you can show to anybody you are dealing with, to prove to them that OPPT are conducting criminal Fraud and have no rights nor legal standing.”

The Legal Report mentioned above will be published by Mr. Keenan in the coming days.

Those foolhardy few who decide to take OPPT up on the dangerous “Military Order and Declaration” that urges insurrection against the supposedly obsolete governments of the world run the risk of endangering their own lives as well as others.  Once Mr. Keenan became aware of the specific attempts by OPPT and their allies at UN Swissindo to encourage an insurrection in Indonesia (using a false claim to Global Account assets to gain credibility), his duty became clear.  He has been asked by Global Account stakeholders (i.e., the original Depositors of the assets) to order and manage the Accounts, beginning in Indonesia, where he has the confidence and support of the Elders who guard the assets.  Even a bungled and incompetent attempt to execute the OPPT Military Order could cost many innocent lives.  Therefore Mr. Keenan personally delivered a hard copy of the OPPT/UN Swissindo documents to the office of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, where he met with the president’s staff to explain the cause of his concern.


As previously noted by this writer, authorities in the U.S. and Switzerland – where UN Swissindo also has an office – have also been notified, including U.S. President Barack Obama, Swiss Attorney General Michael Lauber, Indonesian Attorney General Basrief Arief, and the Office of the Qing Dynasty.  Neil Keenan is leaving the matter in their hands, to take whatever actions may be appropriate in accordance with the laws and national security concerns of the nations involved.

The question has been raised by some as to what difference there is between the rumored “mass arrests” of banking cabal figures in the United States, and the plan proposed by OPPT.  Those who have followed the work of Drake Bailey and the growth of the community-based American militia movement will be well acquainted with the difference between the two.  Any such arrests in the U.S. will be made by local law enforcement, armed with lawful warrants, accompanied by U.S. Marshalls, and backed up where necessary by military units, in keeping with the military oath to protect and defend the country against “all enemies, foreign and domestic.”  A legal reset to our founding documents would then take place, guided by the will of the people.

The OPPT simply proposes anarchy.  They state that the government no longer exists, and need not be obeyed. They “authorize” individuals to detain any and all “actors” in financial or government crimes, claiming the right to name such persons themselves, based on their own sublime certainty, with no need for recourse to judge or jury.  These words are taken nearly verbatim from their own documents.

This is a key difference between Mr. Keenan’s approach and the OPPT’s essentially anarchistic (and in fact fraudulent) “foreclosure” on our planet’s existing structure of finance and governance.  Keenan wants to reform from within by freezing out the banking cabal from their access to the Accounts, while responsibly placing into trade the heretofore stolen assets in the Global Collateral Accounts.  The re-filing of Keenan’s trillion dollar lawsuit against the cabal will give additional legal grounds for other moves against these criminals.  Humanitarian projects worldwide, the eradication of phony debt, and the implementation of free energy technologies will be the death-knell of the cabal, and signal a rebirth of freedom.

OPPT claims the assets will be allocated to their use by a fictitious group of Indonesian royals (figures who, even if they exist, have no ownership rights to the assets, but are merely placeholders and guardians of the property of other nations and families.)  An actual Indonesian royal made the following statement on Facebook, regarding what he called UN Swissindo’s ludicrous fraud:

“So I have this to say, for and on the record, in regards to OPPT’s claim of UN Swissindo and Indonesian royals holding 90% of the world’s gold (this is the bullshit they are currently spinning).  It’s ironic that they picked the Indonesian royal families for this scam, allow me to explain.

I am married to the granddaughter of the Sultan of Borneo, one of the major royal families in Indonesia of hundreds of years, well before the Dutch even discovered Borneo and Indonesia. It just so happens that my wife is on holiday visiting her grandparents for the past week, so a perfect time to ask.

So, for and on the record, I can state as 100% fact that the Indonesia Royal families do not hold 90% of the world’s gold, and the alleged royals making the Youtube videos claiming to be Swissindo do not say which family they are (there are many independent royal families from different islands, but they all know each other) which is disrespectful to other royals and not typical for the normally very proud royal families. Secondly those in the video are not recognized.

Lastly, common sense should prevail, in the Swissindo Youtube videos, the UN logo in the background is white paper cut out and glued onto a blue paper background, and the blue paper background is made up of many blue sheets of paper – I mean how dodgy is that? Is that not a red flag?

Indonesian Royals are independent from government but are a part of government in a sense that they make decisions and are consolidated with. While they may not be rich in western standards, in Indonesian standards they are millionaires who could certainly afford to have a proper background set made up if they were going to produce a video for the whole world.”

OPPT’s principals claim that the Accounts themselves “no longer exist” because the governmental and corporate structures that formed them have been foreclosed, and that the Assets belong by right to “the One People.”

Try telling that to the Empress of China (who now represents China’s historic claim to 85% of the assets in the Global Accounts) and her allies in the Chinese military and other power centers.

If you want to see how the OPPT approach worked in the past, you might want to read up on the bloody chaos of the French Revolution.  Those who want to tear down a whole system overnight have historically become tyrants in short order.

Mr. Keenan has a better idea: legally freeze the bad guys’ access to funds, and reform the system from within.  You can’t pay mercenaries with autographed photos of Dick Cheney.

There has never been a military coup against the United States government – even though the current corporate bastardization of the Founding Fathers’ framework may have richly deserved one – and it is apparent that the patriots in the Pentagon do not intend to set that precedent, if it can possibly be prevented.

However, as Thomas Jefferson reminded us early on in our history, the right of revolution always remains to a people oppressed beyond endurance….when all legal remedies have been exhausted.

Those victimized by the OPPT’s false promises can become passionately attached to the instant-freedom-and-wealth pipe dream, and may become enraged at those who puncture the fantasy.  It’s normally not Neil Keenan’s job to go around puncturing fantasies.  Most days, he’s busy with what is often (trust me on this one) the daily drudgery of moving the Global Collateral Accounts closer to the goal of being finally put to use for the betterment of humanity.  The upshot of Keenan taking the time to expose the many frauds perpetrated on the Accounts has been that millions of people have been allowed to see the OPPT’s agenda, nakedly explained by the OPPT itself in black and white: seize control of gold that does not belong to them, and use it to overthrow the governments of the world with their “Military Order and Declaration.”  Of course, no one is to be harmed during these insurrections, we are told.  Right.  Try telling that to the Tunisians, Egyptians, or Syrians.

There’s only one yardstick that matters in the end: changes on the ground.  The goals of humanitarian programs, eradication of phony debt, freedom from oppression, and environmental restoration come closer to reality every day through the hard on-the-ground work of Mr. Keenan and his many allies.

When it comes to the final takedown of the elite cabal power figures, will that play out peacefully?  We certainly hope so.  But that is not Mr. Keenan’s job.  We will leave that to the patriots in our military and intelligence communities, and to the responsible community-based actions of the vast American militia movement.  The cabal criminals will be brought to justice by the proper authorities.  Mr. Keenan’s work is to freeze their access to the Accounts….and to work with the Global Account stakeholders to put the funds to work for humanity.

And he has already resumed that work with full focus.  Expect good news soon.  And just to reassure everyone that Mr. Keenan still has what it takes to be the point man for the Accounts, here is some recent footage of the former star point guard “shooting the lights out” on a Jakarta basketball court.


And just a last footnote regarding the “Rose Garden Scenarios” – remember, you can tell a scam in the first thirty seconds by the following tell-tale signs:

1.      First is a request for help – ‘Hey, we’re trying to free the world – are you interested?’

2.      Then they flash the cash…which has one real $100 bill over a stack of phony ones – ‘Hey, I left a huge stash of money in a locker in Indonesia…and with your help I can get it out and save the world!  Wanna help?  I’ll pay you six million dollars!”

3.      And then they want something from you up front – like, oh, say your signature on an Oath and Bond (with a nice friendly title like “Courtesy Notice”) wherein your assets are now part of the One People’s Public Bust….

Ask the NYPD cops in Times Square.  They’ve seen gullible marks fall for this kind of scam for decades.  Then see the list of links below with additional evidence of the true nature of the OPPT to share with others who may need this information.

Michael Henry Dunn


An up-to-date listing of information on the truth about the OPPT may be found at the following website:

The basis of OPPT is that Charles C. Miller, after a UCC filing in the year 2000, owned the Uniform Commercial Code and in February of 2012, “gifted it” through a UCC filing to Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf:

PL 88-243, 77 stat 630 is the act that created the UCC, so Charlie is stating in the filing that he had “full right, title, interest and ownership to the UCC itself. Here is the the content of PL 88-243:

The infamous OPPT UCC #2000043135 OPPT are forever quoting, was never a OPPT filing – it was by Charlie Miller in 2000 long before OPPT even existed, the whole thing is based on a fiction!

So Charlie (possibly from prison) files and claims the UCC, for 10yrs does nothing, then gifts it his business partner: Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and Charlie Miller were business partners.

A full set of Public documents are posted for public viewing and can be found at

source »

One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

You can join the fight against the Dark Cabal and accelerate its demise just by boycotting Big Pharma. You can effectively do this by downloading “Towards Healthcare Emancipation“, a fully illustrated do-it-yourself instructional eBook that will help you in implementing all eClinik methods that would negate the use of expensive medicine, avoid radioactive diagnostics and treatments in completely defeating cancer, AIDS and all other parasitic diseases. These methods, when faithfully followed, work 100% all the time. Find out more about this here.

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GAME OVER: OPPT Scammers’ Arrest Imminent

Exploiting on our struggle for economic freedom, this Jesuit agency tried to fool us with their $5 billion lies and think they can get away with it. The legitimate holders of the Collateral Accounts based in Indonesia are taking proactive measures through Mr. Keenan.

It is also interesting to note that this devious organization declared they have done their business as of March 18th, according to one website. Thanks to Rick2012 for this link.

From the looks of it, it’s more like they’re out of business.

Neil Keenan to OPPT – Your dangerous game is over…

Posted on April 23, 2013 by Jean

Please Note: There was an uploading problem with this video, and there is a slight visual distortion in the first five-and-a-half minutes..  Because of the importance of this information, we did not want to delay its publication. It will be replaced with a better quality version shortly. ~J

Uploaded on Apr 22, 2013


An extended interview with Neil Keenan in Jakarta, Indonesia, in which he reveals just what a dangerous game the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) was attempting to play with people’s lives and freedom – not only in Indonesia, but around the world.

It is, however, a game that has been shut down, as Keenan tells how OPPT went from one Global Accounts scammer to another (Adnan Sahkli, White Spiritual Wonder Boy, and now UN Swissindo) hoping to find someone to fund their totalitarian revolution – a phony movement that gives every appearance of being the bankster cabal’s attempt to co-opt the real and profound global awakening that spells the end of their control.

“We had to be devious in the beginning” said one OPPT principal in a taped call that was sent anonymously to Keenan.

Now Keenan simply warns them that their arrests are likely imminent….and warns people longing for freedom not to buy into the OPPT “rose garden” false promises of instant wealth.

Help is on the way…from global humanitarian programs funded (with the blessing of the nations) from the Global Collateral Accounts.

Source »

One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

You can join the fight against the Dark Cabal and accelerate its demise just by boycotting Big Pharma. You can effectively do this by downloading “Towards Healthcare Emancipation”, a fully illustrated do-it-yourself instructional eBook that will help you in implementing all eClinik methods that would negate the use of expensive medicine, avoid radioactive diagnostics and treatments in completely defeating cancer, AIDS and all other parasitic diseases. These methods, when faithfully followed, work 100% all the time. Find out more about this here.

We are very grateful to the following for the love and support they’ve given us for the period between March 26th and April 2013:

Peggy P, $20
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Pamela F, $100
David M, $30
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Rick G, $50
Keith H, $75

Rodrigue B, $49.95
Howard K, $5
Geoffrey D, $10
Mike R, $20
Clayton F, $5
Sheryl C, $25
Russ M, $20
Steven K, $20
Joyce D, $10
Chris A, $5

AHC, $50
Rodrigo B, $5
Linda H, $6
Terry B, $5
Chris A, $1
Kipp S, $10
Wendell I, $12
Edgar R, $10


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Update, 20April2013: The OPPT Code Has Been Cracked

Indonesia is the keeper of the Collateral Accounts. Thru a New Age organization known as One People’s Public Trust [OPPT], the desperate Dark Cabal sought to ignite a military coup in Indonesia, to derail Global Settlements and, consequently, the availability of the Collateral Accounts for worldwide reconstruction, and free energy implementation.

To make things clearer with regards to OPPT, an itemized dissection of the “legal” Courtesy Notices is hereby published through Jean Haines blog:

OPPT Courtesy Notice – A point by point review – Part 1

Posted on April 19, 2013 by Jean


The OPPT promotes the use of a Courtesy Notice (CN) amongst its followers. The stated purpose of the CN is “To politely and powerfully notify all alleged “ corporate agents ” who seek to interact with us, of the foreclosure of the world’s corporations, including all “ banks ” and corporate “governments” and the subsequent capacity in which recipients act upon receipt of this notice, namely as individuals with full liability for their actions”.

For those considering the use of the CN and are looking for a second opinion we have conducted an unbiased, unemotional and objective analysis of the CN in several parts. All the information presented is transparent and you are free to check the legal definitions yourself. The article is presented for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Please always seek your own legal advice in regards legal documents that you are considering signing.

Further, this review should not be construed as an attack on the document. It is simply an unbiased and unemotional analysis of the material to enable you to make up your own mind.

The first and foremost thing to understand about the CN is that it is a legal document that defines rights, duties, entitlements and liabilities, no differently to any other contract, will, deed, promissory note or share certificate. This should be no secret as OPPT also tell you this in their Courtesy Notice guideline document.

Now let’s look at the details point by point. Any text in bold and italics is from the Courtesy Notice while normal text is my commentary:

Page 1

The personal details of the Respondent and the Proponent are in separate boxes. A name inserted within a box is specific to corporate identities. Respondent means the party against whom an appeal is taken, in other words the person that is being sent the CN. The Proponent, which is you, the person sending in the CN, means a person who puts forward the contract for consideration or acceptance.

In other words, if you are offering this document to another person, you are offering to enter into a legal contract with that person. The respondent is accepting it as an appeal, which means that you are prepared for this matter to go to a higher authority and have the matter dealt with in a court of law.

Unlimited personal liability arising from foreclosure of all banks, all corporate governments and all other corporations by UCC filings of the One People’s Public Trust. (OPPT)

This statement places personal accountability on you for any action that may occur because of the termination of another entity’s rights to property by the OPPT. In other words you are personally liable if the wronged entity decides to seek satisfaction, which could include going after your own personal assets. These entity’s include banks, corporate governments AND corporations.

This statement clearly establishes that by signing this CN and using it, not only has the power of another entity over yourself and your assets been removed, but you have accepted that your personal corporate powers including any legitimate contract you hold, have been removed and you are now under the control of the OPPT.


This makes the statement that you are legally, and through a witness to your signature, agreeing to this document and everything that may occur to you because of that agreement.

I am the sole lawful and legal REGISTERED owner, custodian, and trustee of my BE’ing, any and all creations therefrom and property thereof…

This paragraph states that you are making your oath of ownership to contract to the OPPT. ‘REGISTERED’ means entered in a public registry, enrolled formally, recorded, filed. ‘BE’ing’, in all caps is the dictionary definition of Bills of Exchange. The ‘ing’ turns it into a doing word. ‘Creations’ refers to the act of making something that has not been made before, the making of a new life.

In other words, in this oath you are establishing everything you are giving into the contract, past, present and future. This includes the following:

  • Your de jure rights – your nationality, which includes your standing and your inherent rights as a claim to God;
  • Your de facto rights as provided by government;
  • Any item you have registered under your legal title;
  • Anything you own;
  • Anything you hold custody of – specifically your children;
  • Anything you are trustee for – your will and assets on behalf of your children, your one share

and one vote in your constitutional structure of government;

  • Your ‘self’ as an asset of value – collateral;
  • Your children and other creations that emanate from your body and mind, which includes

your DNA;

  • Your property of any kind and form that exist because of your body and mind; and
  • Property you now hold and any property you may hold in the future.

…UCC Doc. File No’s 2012127810, 2012127854, 2012127907, 1012127914 restated and incorporated here by reference as if set forth in full, original notice of DECLARATION OF FACTS by public registration made and given by the One People’s Public Trust, hereafter “OPPT”.

Why does it say these filings are ‘restated’? My legal dictionary indicates that a Restatement is a specific form of formatted documentation that is not binding on a court unless it has been officially adopted as the law by that jurisdiction’s highest court.

The UCC documents are established as the documents of a corporation – that being the OPPT – in this CN through the reference to the DECLARATION OF FACTS. So anyone planning to use the CN would be very wise to have read and absorbed ALL the details of that DECLARATION – and any and all other documents that relate or are involved in it, prior to using the CN in any way.

The CN effectively creates a contract between the person and the OPPT corporation.

I have and do knowingly, willingly, intentionally adopt, reconfirm and ratify said DECLARATION OF FACTS as my own duly verified due DECLARATION OF FACTS, nunc pro tunc praeterea preterea, unrebutted as a matter of law, as a matter of fact, and as a matter of public policy, hereafter “Proponent”.

This is a clear oath of acceptance, freely and willingly entered into, with full knowledge of the outcome, giving formal approval.

It is interesting to note the use of the word ‘ratify’. That is a legal term specific to Treaties. It indicates that one sovereign is agreeing to a contract with another sovereign. In international law the final establishment of consent by the parties to a treaty to be bound by it usually include the exchange or deposit of instruments of ratification.

The Treaty being enacted is the DECLARATION OF FACTS, which is unknown in its implications (still to be analysed). However, you are now claiming it for your own use and have verified that with a witness, making it an enforceable legal instrument over you.

Nunc pro tunc praeterea preterea, loosely translated means “Now for then, thereafter, further”. In other words you are binding yourself to the DECLARATION through treaty, for the past, the present and the future. Now read this closely:

  • That means you are agreeing that this treaty can never be undone. You and your children are bound forever;
  • You are accepting that the filings have not been rebutted in any court of law, under any facts or as a matter relevant to the whole of society; and
  • From now on you have legally adopted the role of the Proponent.

The conclusion is that this document is a treaty between yourself as a sovereign, corporate, legal and equitable person and an organization of undisclosed political & international ramifications, wherein you give yourself and your personal property and rights (both past, present and future), as outlined above, to that organization for ever. Think about the implications of that.

To be continued in Part 2.

One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

You can join the fight against the Dark Cabal and accelerate its demise just by boycotting Big Pharma. You can effectively do this by downloading “Towards Healthcare Emancipation“, a fully illustrated do-it-yourself instructional eBook that will help you in implementing all eClinik methods that would negate the use of expensive medicine, avoid radioactive diagnostics and treatments in completely defeating cancer, AIDS and all other parasitic diseases. These methods, when faithfully followed, work 100% all the time. Find out more about this here.

We are very grateful to the following for the love and support they’ve given us for the period between March 26th and April 2013:

Peggy P, $20
Matthew W, $35
Pamela F, $100
David M, $30
Monika ME, $30
Levi H, $20
Rhoda D, $20
Rick G, $50
Keith H, $75

Rodrigue B, $49.95
Howard K, $5
Geoffrey D, $10
Mike R, $20
Clayton F, $5
Sheryl C, $25
Russ M, $20
Steven K, $20
Joyce D, $10
Chris A, $5

AHC, $50
Rodrigo B, $5
Linda H, $6
Terry B, $5
Chris A, $1
Kipp S, $10
Wendell I, $12
Edgar R, $10


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Update, 20April2013: The OPPT Code Has Been Cracked

After singing the line… “I beg your pardon. I never promised you a rose garden.”, a few days ago, Neil Keenan has been poisoned but survives.

We decided to ignore their “kiss and make-up” days earlier because we really think something is really wrong with this OPPT thing. You only need to look back to the first two weeks of their interviews, and you’ll notice some hard questions being answered whimsically. It sounds a lot like those “New Age” BS we’ve heard years ago.

The argument against their “methods” is very simple: If indeed we are already free, why there’s a need to sign voluminous documents to enforce it? Corporatocracy in another flavor? We’re not buying it. Sorry.

We can be free if we have the technological means to be so. And that’s what we are trying to do right here. That’s what we are trying to do through our book “Towards Healthcare Emancipation“, and many other publications in the coming months.

So, it is high time now to abandon this OPPT diversion for good, and look forward to what we can do, by and for ourselves. If Keenan and his group will succeed in the full recovery and exorcising of the Collateral Accounts, then our job will become easier.

But even without the GS, we must press on as planned. But don’t misconstrue this as a “rose garden”. It does require hard work.


Posted on April 19, 2013 by
  • OPPT breaks peace with Keenan – declares they own the Global Accounts on behalf of “the People”
  • Death threat becomes real – Keenan survives poisoning attempt
  • OPPT a replay of Lenin’s Cabal-backed revolution – but the people won’t fall for it this time
  • OPPT’s Paula Humfrey informs phony “elder” Apriyanto of Swissindo that OPPT “Military Declaration” empowers Indonesian army to overthrow the “foreclosed” government and to arrest all corporate or banking officials – but “nicely” of course.
  • Keenan notifies Indonesian government and Swiss authorities
  • OPPT “Courtesy Notices” Analyzed – How to sell your soul and your children to OPPT forever  with one signature
  • Laying down the law: 85% of the Accounts belong to the Qing Dynasty, and Keenan’s job is to protect the assets from fraud, and put them to work for humanity
  • Qing Empress and team working with Keenan to clean up Accounts
  • Sorry, OPPT – we gave you a chance: game over

by Michael Henry Dunn

JAKARTA – April 19, 2013:  The One People’s Public Trust broke their phony peace with Neil Keenan only one day after declaring they had no designs on the Global Accounts, and have now shed the last few veils over their cabal-backed co-opting of the freedom movement.  In plain words they declared that the OPPT “Military Order and Declaration” empowers any nation’s military (and specifically that of Indonesia) “to take into custody any and all actors” on behalf of humanity: pre-empting private property rights of any and all persons deemed by OPPT to be “actors” on behalf of the “foreclosed” governments and corporations of the world – in other words, anyone connected with government or corporations who hasn’t “OPPTed in.”

Paula Humfrey, an OPPT principal, urged a supposed Indonesian “elder” to encourage a military insurrection against the government of Indonesia, stating that OPPT’s “Military Declaration” on behalf of “the People” had given him the right to do so.

OPPT has now crossed a dangerous line, inviting grave consequences. The Indonesian government has been notified, and is not likely to take this information lightly.  The task of deciding which of the principals are well-intentioned naïve dupes, and which are cabal agents will have to be decided by legal authorities.

Meanwhile, the cunningly devised “Courtesy Notices” being promoted by OPPT carefully employ legal terms that bind the entire being and property of those who sign them (including assets, children, DNA, without limit) to OPPT nunc pro tunc praeterea preterea – a legal phrase meaning now and forever after.  This is a retread of the cabal’s old device of the enslaving Corporate Birth Certificates which turned human beings into income-generating securities traded in the City of London.  Independent legal analysis reveals the insidiously precise legal language that will bind the ignorant signers of the Courtesy Notices to a beyond-lifetime contract of bondage that is nearly unbreakable.  A devastating post from another researcher into OPPT will be shared shortly.  When it appears on Jean’s site, please share it as widely as you can to prevent this cabal-designed enslavement pact from spreading.

The OPPT principals disavowed any connection with death threats made personally to Neil Keenan which warned him to “lay off” OPPT.  Undeterred, we went after them, concerned for others who also received threats.

One day later, Neil Keenan survived what his doctor diagnosed as a poisoning attempt (not food poisoning – poison), only because he carries powerful anti-poison antidotes due to previous attempts. The naïve OPPT principals make jokes about the threats.  The cabal puppet masters who are pulling their strings simply carry them out.  Those of us working with Mr. Keenan to defeat the cabal and free humanity are not laughing.

Well, actually, Neil Keenan is laughing.  He always is.  His bathroom wasn’t a pretty sight – take my word for it – but he was cracking jokes all through it, as usual.

Neil Keenan took the high road, and took the OPPT at their word that they had no designs on the Global Collateral Accounts, which Keenan has been asked to manage by the rightful Depositors.  One day later, Brian Kelly’s post of OPPT’s conversations with UN Swissindo makes plain their real intentions.  Any doubts about the nature of this movement must now be removed.

With mind-bending naivety, Mr. Kelly tells us that OPPT is not interested in gold and assets in discussions with UN Swissindo, but merely an “energetic exchange.”  Try looking up a definition of the nature and purpose of money, Brian – be it gold bars, currency, Federal Reserve notes, or Manhattan Island traded for Indian beads, it’s an “energetic exchange.”  UN Swissindo is pretending to represent money in the Global Accounts.  And OPPT is pretending to represent humanity.

Both of you are, in fact, empty-handed.

Brian Kelly tells us up front that OPPT has made no agreement with the shady organization calling itself UN Swissindo, and that all they desire is the greatest openness, transparency, and due diligence ever known to man.

Fair enough.  OPPT’s communications with Swissindo as revealed by Kelly make it plain what OPPT really is, and what they’re really after. OPPT principal Paula Humfrey’s own words in an open letter to phony Indonesian “elder” Apriyanto are sufficiently appalling, with no spin – this is Vladimir Lenin’s recipe for revolution all over (and he was backed by the Rothschilds, too):

Our creator god will return to us what is rightly due, and then the value can be returned to the people. I believe that there is a way for our shared struggle to be over right now, in this moment. Please see the attached Military Order and Declaration that was filed as international and universal law by the One People’s Public Trust at the end of 2012. You have every right to arrest all of the actors to whom you refer in your most recent message. The banks have committed fraud and, as discussed above, the government of Indonesia is a corporation that has now been foreclosed by the One People’s Public Trust. It is not an organic government for the people, but instead a corporation beholden to its investors. I send to you this day another filing that allows the military to take into custody any and all actors, providing that no harm be should be done to them. I trust you will know how to implement this very powerful tool. Please empower the Indonesian military to arrest corrupt bankers and government officials so that they can do no more harm to the people of Indonesia. The One People’s Public Trust Military Order mandates that every soul on the planet is safe: no harm will be done to another being. However, it is very important to stop these beings from committing further crimes against the people. The future is for our children, and it is our duty and responsibility to make it available to them, free from any wars that these ACTORS and CRIMINALS would like to initiate. I know full well of their crimes and manipulation. This is why the One People’s Public Trust has foreclosed on these illegal corporations acting under the disguise of people’s governments. This is why the One People’s Public Trust has foreclosed on all the central banks of the world, including Indonesia’s (Rakyat). The Indonesian people should feel empowered immediately to undertake changes to business and civic systems…”

The combination of arrogance, incipient tyranny, and naivety in this statement is breathtaking.  Humfrey’s assurance that “no being shall be harmed” borders on the idiotic – does she really believe that the Indonesian military will go about peacefully arresting their own government and corporate/financial structure without bloodshed?  This absurdity would tempt us to let the whole thing slide – who would take this seriously?  But the forces behind OPPT, the ones who issued the death threat against Neil Keenan for exposing them (and then presumably carried it out), have a powerful agenda in mind – one that has historically worked for them before.  It goes like this:

  1. As revolutionary forces gather among the oppressed people, create or co-opt a movement to control the revolution from within.
  2. Promise the people undreamed-of freedom and abundance – a six-million dollar check for everyone!  (or was it five billion?).  Doesn’t matter – all we have to do is pry loose our rightful abundance from those bad, bad people who believe they own it.  Down with the Bastille!
  3. Once the revolution has released the pent-up yearning for freedom, move in to reclaim the assets for the puppet-masters, under the “new system” of the Wonderful Oneness of the One People and their One Trust….which owns everyone and everything – the ultimate cabal dream.

Let’s think about this for a moment.  All government and corporate structures are “foreclosed.”  What does that leave?  The OPPT.  The military is urged to arrest their own superiors, the elected governments, and any and all bankers and corporate officials as well.  Meanwhile, the judiciary of these governments has been disbanded as well, so who does that leave?  The OPPT.  Who is to determine the guilt or innocence of those arrested?  Why, Paula Humfrey, of course, because as she tells us in her own words: “I know full well of their crimes and manipulation.”

In the words of Severus Snape, Paula, I can only say…”How grand it must be to be ‘The Chosen One’!”

In practical terms, what does this scenario invite, if OPPT does indeed become the world-wide movement they aspire to be?  What would happen if Mr. Apriyanto were foolish enough to follow Ms. Humfrey’s advice, and incite an overthrow of the Indonesian government, utilizing some faction of the military?

Let’s not kid ourselves that it involves a love-fest of BE-ing and DO-ing. It is the cabal’s recipe for chaos and bloodshed – a manipulated revolution that permits either a police-state crackdown and cabal seizure of the Global Accounts, or a phony revolutionary victory….and cabal seizure of the Global Accounts.

I’m trying really hard to remember here just when it was I gave Paula Humfrey this power on my behalf.  I must have forgotten to “oppt-in” – but then that doesn’t really matter, because that makes me one of the “actors” to be arrested.  OK, Paula, here goes – I will now openly admit my guilt, in an unabashedly anti-OPPT, pro-freedom manifesto:

  • I believe in the rights of private property, and my right to keep that which I have earned – even if that property takes the form of an asset connected with a corporation “foreclosed” by a phony revolutionary movement I abhor
  • I believe in the freedom of sovereign nations and individual cultures to determine their own destiny, free of any interference from globalist banking cabals….or from phony revolutionary movements I abhor
  • I believe in the decentralization of authority to local governments that reflect the values and traditions of the people who live there, within a loose protective confederation of peace-loving nations that guarantees basic human rights, but otherwise leaves people to their own lives, in keeping with the original revolutionary American motto – “Don’t Tread on Me!”…in contrast to the “One World – One People” globalist fig leaf of a phony revolutionary movement I abhor
  • I believe that Mr. Neil Francis Keenan is the kick-ass sheriff chosen by wacky destiny to clean up the fraudsters who’ve been feeding off the Global Collateral Accounts, and that he will then implement humanitarian programs around the world, and I don’t give a rat’s behind if that fact distresses a phony revolutionary movement I abhor.

OK, Paula, there it is.  I’m one of those dastardly “Actors” who hasn’t “oppt-ed in.”   Now come arrest me!  After all, you “know full well of (my) crimes and manipulation.”  And guess what?  I used to have a securities license, and once sold mutual funds!  Come and get me!

And while you’re trying to find some Indonesian insurrectionist to come arrest me, you might also want to glance over your shoulder for the arrival of the Chinese authorities who may decide to enforce the Qing Dynasty’s rightful claim to 85% of the assets you have just told Mr. Apriyanto now belong to “the People.”

Claiming to represent an asset you do not own, and entering into negotiations for the transfer of that asset, is criminal financial fraud – something you and Mr. Apriyanto and Swissindo might want to keep in mind.  OPPT’s statements render the principals subject to arrest for criminal financial fraud.  That includes:






…and any other OPPT principals who may now be subject to arrest by virtue of their involvement in financial fraud. A final note: how can anyone expect that the long-suffering nations of Asia, who have seen their property stolen and defrauded by the West for the last sixty years, would consign those assets to this group of NWO lackeys?

Since Mr. Keenan has been appointed by the Depositors as the new sheriff of the Global Accounts, it might be a good idea to let everyone know just how this works: who owns the assets, who doesn’t and how they may be rightfully utilized.

First of all, a historical note: Neil Keenan is in this position because he fought the cabal at the risk of his life to recover assets entrusted to his care – and in the process revealed to the world (and especially to the Dragon Family) two things: a) that the Global Accounts had been defrauded by a malevolent banking elite and b) that he is smart enough, just real enough, tough enough, fearless enough, well-connected enough, and honest enough to follow through and take these bastards down.

Who owns the Assets?  The banking cabal created the Global Collateral Accounts via a historic subterfuge, under the rubric of preventing endless wars for gold by gathering up the global reserves into a collateral fund.  This was begun with the founding of the Bank of International Settlements in the early 1920s, designed by the Rothschilds and their cabal allies as the central bank of central banks.  After triggering the Great Depression, the bankrupt United States of America willingly surrendered her gold. The other nations needed a little more persuasion – especially the gold-rich nations of Asia, where the greater part of the world’s supply had accumulated over two thousand years.  The cabal funded the Japanese Imperial rape and plunder of East Asia, encompassing the systematic seizure of the continent’s gold supply in Operation Golden Lily.  It is now estimated that 85% of the total gold in the Accounts is in fact owned by China in the person of the Qing Empress, who has recently been elected from within the Dynasty to assume authority over the Royal Treasury, with the backing of essential military and government factions within the Chinese power structure. (The Empress has invited Mr. Keenan to manage the accounts on the Dynasty’s behalf, and has offered him a seat on the Dynasty Council). The remainder of the gold and assets in the Accounts are owned by other nations, as recorded in the Account ledgers.

Who may rightfully move, utilize, or place the assets into trade? Only the Depositors!  Not the Holders (the Indonesian and other elders who have guarded the bunkers – they are owed long-overdue compensation, which Mr. Keenan will see to it that they receive).  Not the Federal Reserve and the cabal cronies.  And not bogus entities in Switzerland which set up a phony United Nations knock-off lectern and read aloud phony disbursements of astronomical sums to the nations of the world.

How did OPPT first get the idea they might access the Accounts?  One contact was with Mr. Malik Hughes, a key ally of Mr. Keenan’s with the Qing Dynasty office, who informed us that OPPT reached out to him to try to determine if they could reach the mysterious “Madam Wu.”  The real Madam Wu is dead.  The phony one (a mid-level bank functionary in China) has had to deeply apologize to the Empress several times for presumption, in hopes of avoiding retribution.  OPPT claimed that Malik promised them access to the assets.  He emphatically denies this and states he made it clear to them “they got nothing – no assets whatsoever”. They then connected with Swissindo so they could still promise their followers a “rose garden” by some other route. But as is now plain, neither of them have anything to offer.

What are Mr. Keenan’s plans for the Global Accounts?  Simple, folks.  Audit them (a huge task).  Freeze out the bad guys who’ve been defrauding them (almost there).  Emergency relief for hard-hit areas.  Humanitarian, free-energy, and infrastructure programs world-wide.  A responsible structure put in place for permanent guardianship with the blessing of the nations.  A balancing of the historic wrongs done by the West to Asia, and to the world, through restoration of the assets to the rightful owners.

This fight has now moved into a decisive and final phase.  Allies around the world are cheering Mr. Keenan on, telling him that he is winning decisively.  It’s not easy.  It’s not predictable.  It’s not glamorous.  And it’s not entirely safe.  But it’s worth it.  The world already owes him a debt of gratitude.  And we are grateful for your prayers on his behalf.  And we thank all those friends and allies who have given Mr. Keenan the information, protection, and support needed to complete this great task.

Michael Henry Dunn

CC:  Chinese Empress, Bennie Hua
President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Attorney General of Indonesia, Basrief Arief
President of Switzerland, Ueli Maurer
Attorney General of Switzerland, Michael Lauber
United States President, Barack Obama

source »

One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

You can join the fight against the Dark Cabal and accelerate its demise just by boycotting Big Pharma. You can effectively do this by downloading “Towards Healthcare Emancipation“, a fully illustrated do-it-yourself instructional eBook that will help you in implementing all eClinik methods that would negate the use of expensive medicine, avoid radioactive diagnostics and treatments in completely defeating cancer, AIDS and all other parasitic diseases. These methods, when faithfully followed, work 100% all the time. Find out more about this here.

We are very grateful to the following for the love and support they’ve given us for the period between March 26th and April 2013:

Peggy P, $20
Matthew W, $35
Pamela F, $100
David M, $30
Monika ME, $30
Levi H, $20
Rhoda D, $20
Rick G, $50
Keith H, $75

Rodrigue B, $49.95
Howard K, $5
Geoffrey D, $10
Mike R, $20
Clayton F, $5
Sheryl C, $25
Russ M, $20
Steven K, $20
Joyce D, $10
Chris A, $5

AHC, $50
Rodrigo B, $5
Linda H, $6
Terry B, $5
Chris A, $1
Kipp S, $10
Wendell I, $12
Edgar R, $10


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Madame Wu

This is another intel from Drake on the personal background of Madame Wu re Global Settlement.

Google search would yield deep connection of this Lady to the Cabalists and the corrupt financial system they built. Drake’s intel below should be reliable.

madame wu
Wu Xiaoling

Madame Wu – Financial News

by Drake

Subject: Madame Wu

I must apologize for the amount of time it has taken to complete this investigation. However, obtaining specific information is no longer a simple or easy matter.

This comes directly from China which makes intelligence gathering all the more difficult.

I have stated many times that as I get information/intelligence, I would offer these insights to our audience.

Although this is short, it does get straight to the point. Further, the questions posed are those asked by certain officials of China.*
These sources will remain confidential.

– Madame Wu is NOT related to a former President of China. This woman is not the ex President’s daughter, she is just a banker, not a princess or anything else. She is merely the former governor of the Bank of China not the Central Bank and they are broke…

She is in no way related to the Dynasty nor Royal Bloodline and in fact the Dynasty office would love to speak to Madame Wu as she knows that she has no rights to any of our treasury.

She is going to be in shock because the Dynasty Offices are going to call her. If we are correct her family was the first Chinese family with a gambling license, her tie to Las Vegas.

Her family was taken down by Chairman Mao.

They were hired by the Dynasty as was Sen, Chek, Li, etc.  They are all hired employees and not Family members at all. Don’t believe us read the history.

* Ask Madame Wu where is her Dynasty office and ask her when was the last time she was in Mainland China?

-The answers are: she has no Dynasty office and she hasn’t been in Mainland China in a long time.

Ask her about the 9th or 8th or 7th.  She should know exactly what we are referring to.

She is another thief falsely staking claim to things which are not theirs.  There are 1000’s of these overseas princesses.  They aren’t even full Chinese.  They are all thieves of the people.

It has been very clearly stated that the Collateral Accounts are to benefit the people of the planet.

The Chinese will own their assets as they do now and everything that is theirs falls under their umbrella, which means at least 85% of the accounts.

The accounts have to be audited and reviewed and when sound they can be wrapped up for trades. Governments will not get a dime.

>The funds for the projects will come to the foundation and the foundation will issue the funds to the projects.

Due to misuse, theft, and refusal to honor agreed contracts of repayment, those who hold responsibility for these accounts, are left with no alternative except calling these ‘usages’, collateral and interest, due and payable.

Further actions are pending.

Happening NOW :
The Rockefeller family is no longer in the United States… Jay and David retired grabbing the money and ran!

There is no more money in the Federal Reserve because The Rockefeller’s took it with them!

With nothing in our vaults, you can see from what is going on, we are near The End.

The Rockefeller’s bought an Island  near Fiji intending to form their own sovereign nation.

~ Drake

Drake | January 30, 2013 at 2:38 pm | Categories: News | URL:

One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

You can join the fight against the Dark Cabal and accelerate its demise just by boycotting Big Pharma. You can effectively do this by downloading “Towards Healthcare Emancipation“, a fully illustrated do-it-yourself instructional eBook that will help you in implementing all eClinik methods that would negate the use of expensive medicine, avoid radioactive diagnostics and treatments in completely defeating cancer, AIDS and all other parasitic diseases. These methods, when faithfully followed, work 100% all the time. Find out more about this here.

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Hotel California


Just received this intel from Drake.

Intel and The Real Truth

by Drake

      [12/12/12 – The Grand master in Astria is the Koska brothers one was Nato command and the other the grand master of the masons taking orders from the Queen of England

Their current form of operations other than Raifessen bank is the PSA Software and financial systems worldwide who are using all the securities illegally via the international markets and working through Fiji in the South pacific under the US military command structures.

They are working in conjunction with the Albanian Mafia in Washington through Americare on Wall Street.

The oversight of that is the Gigante crime family with CRC securities who are former CIA operations people working with the Mossad and placing orders of deals from Toronto Dominion bank in Canada.

ICBC is the Canadian mounted police who are partners with DIA and the Nevada and California Mafia. In San Francisco they have a retired CIA operation room that works with Switzerland and Credit Swiss. IN Spain the Spanish Mafia working with Deutsche bank through the Lisbon Central banking systems and the French via Andora to launder drugs and arms money through the central operation rooms in Zaragoza, Spain  and Barcelona and the French military operations with the controlling part of the Mossad . Then the British from Bavaria with all of the Cancer agents with Bavaria and the Hanser Royals of Germany under the guidelines of Siemens , Krupp and the Mannesmann Group who were the original funders of the Nazi structures in Germany and the creators of WW2 to take back the throne for Edward from Victoria.

Drugs, Oil and arms that’s all that the problems are about.

Scocroft the same slug that Bush, Sr. made his national security adviser.  On the Watergate tapes available from the Nixon library Scowcroft told Nixon that there were as many as 300 American POWs held in Laos at that time more than a year after Operation Homecoming in May, of 1973, Bush, Sr. like his father just decided to subvert the POW issue for personal; profit.  Again if the secret CIA office designated “hotel California is ever opened for full public review the entire U S government will collapse within 3 days, the people will demand it.  And remember Australian, Ross Milosevic is a paid contractor of CIA station Bangkok, and thus a paid Bush, Sr. contractor, similarly Rick Wade of Valdez, Alaska is a good friend of top Nazi Armitage and also a paid Bush, Sr. contractor as is his faux business, the dots can be easily connected, it is all pure evil, and there must be justice, the sooner the better

> privileged information

– One live American POW by name is Captain Kenneth Stonebreaker, USAF, February, 2012 held in Vietnam right across the river from Savannakhet, Laos, we have a man on station in the open air flee market in savannakhet, Laos to pick up any further info, he is Stonebreaker’s common law father in law, see book An Enormous Crime by Hendon and Stewart, the 1990 live sighting report on Stonebreaker is referenced and quoted extensively, he is the guy missing his left hand from the ejection, female who nursed him back to health is his common law wife, her father works with us a retired Lao army officer, a Col, so there is at least one specific name and we know the exact current location of jack in Dien Bien Phu, and we know which guards can be bribed to gain access to obtain full name.  Names of all are held with photos and DNA samples in previously referenced :hotel California” also hold previously referenced master computer disc, with modified promise software list as noted

> On orders from Bush, Sr. Ed Meese stole the promis software, it was then sent to an Indian reservation in California and slightly modified, in the modified format there is a master computer disc, hold all the information of 200 to 500 live American POWs secretly returned and given new witness protection identities, along with all other data such as relocated locations, master disc is held in the previously referenced “hotel California’  it all comes up POWs, Bush’s father did the same thing in 1945,46 and 47, also for personal profit, reference secret Berger Codes, 1945, codes still in use today.  “hotel California still in operation as of this time, pure evil must be stopped for the sake of all humanity, looking forward to a positive sign on Saturday and major revelation in a few days

> specific name CWO William Milliner, but he may have died in Laos within the past year, not yet confirmed, but if the U N approved humanitarian aid project goes the exact date and burial location will be determined, I am sure his relatives would want to know, the U S government knew he was there all along, Bush, Sr. sentenced him to a harsh and gruesome death as a captive live POW, after decades of great suffering, pathet Lao military records are held in the warehouse at the 14 mile marker north of the capital in Laos, they will reveal the burial locations of all the live POWs Bush sentenced to death while they suffered in captivity,, it is a crime and Bush should be sentenced to death as a war criminal, the sooner the better, look forward to the news on Saturday and the “major revelation in a few days

> when the POE offer went to the White House in 1981 no one was buying.

Reagan and Allen wanted to do a rescue.  Bush and others opposed.

Meese supposedly said ‘who gives a damn about a bunch of POWs’.

> In China just north of the north Korean border, there is a large medical facility holding as many as 1,000 live American POWs one is named Zook, he is in a wheel chair, in the U S library of Congress there is a live sighting report on Zook  from the time there was a major earthquake in that exact area, the staff to save Zook pushed him out of the building, a few days later he was found rolling down the local road and returned to the medical facility, the U S government has known about this for years.  As many as 1,000 live POWs held.  If the U N humanitarian aid project for Laos get approved by the corrupted current Lao government,  then those 1,000 live POWs could be moved to Laos via Soon La a major transit point between Laos and China, and they could be staged for return to the U S on the aid delivery aircraft, under a U N designation of “humanitarian refugees” this would bring great  international humanitarian credit upon the new Chinese leadership, and further expose the war criminal Bush, Sr., especially since the U S government has had that Zook live sighting report for years publicly available in the library of Congress, for any bribed member of congress to see including that war hero fraud John McCain, I hope that this suggestion can  be included on the evolving agenda, Bus, Sr. Et all will have a lot of questions to answer and much explaining to do, back tomorrow, Lord willing

pics of caves, assets from 1950s !!!! And also people who worked for this CONTACT of mines family in the 40s, and up to the 60s whom were linked to EUR and AMERICAN principles and one of them is ROBERT LOVETT and AUGUSTUS LONG !!!!!! (From TEXACO and co – ROCKEFELLOR shit)….

FREEPORT is a totally CORRUPTED enterprise and I can take them down NOW. So this is what may help you. FORGET anything else like OBAMAs Birth CERT and FRNs… that’s just water on a bridge not under it !!! – WAIT TILL U SEE WHAT I WILL SHOW U. I have the entire package. HUEG files, MICRO film and Notes, Letters the LOT. And still getting them coming in. I have total EVDEINCE that FREEPORT were forced over CUBA MOA BAY where KENNEDY did the “JOB”, ( not at his will that is) I have papers showing the DUTCH were or conquered as it were on PAPER in 1500s, and companies owned by CHN and USA from DUTCH EAST INDIES which were in POWER under CHN for 200 years, in 1800 NEATHERLANDS took control till 1941 ( I have all this shit and its strikingly HORRFYING how and what and WHO were INV and did ) they caused war and disease and everything else to BAT control over it all for their own benefit.. PROB is SURHATO was part of it all…

STUFF that USA (BRITISH CROWN) paid JAPs to get to IND somewhere I think in 1940 and papers showing HATTA also signing forms (pics) to (not sure who) EUR or USA guys in SWITZ (WARWICK HOTEL), BRITISH then came to IND and took over IRAN JAYA (pics and papers) and KILLED many people to take over the place, I have pics of the TRIBES being SHOT by BRITISH not JAPS !!!!!!!

KENNNDEY then was already involved in all this, A LOT Of film and pics and papers of CHN guy “CHOU EN LAI” was part and parcel of taking GOLD and giving FUNDS to SURHARTO and this is when the CIA got INV once they knew where the GOLD was and is they STOLE it. NOTHING TO DO WITH PKI. I know all the DUTCH HOLDING Co.’s and people SOME ALIVE today in UK. THESE Cos were CIA approved by CHN agents and were financed also. THIS Is when the BRITISH CROWN USED their 2 OIL companies that were controlled by AUGUSTUS LONG AND ROBERT LOVETT ( I know they bought GOLD but at same  time STOLE too) these are ROCKEFELLOR pawns, STANVAC were INV also and MOBIL COCONY at the time whom set up FREEPORT SULPHUR who I told u about….

I have all the shit on FRANK WIESER (CIA) doing this, and a guy called JOSEPH BURKHOLDER whom was a friend of SURHATO. (CIA) JOSEPH was part and parcel of the NSA; I have papers of this from 1960s and before. ALLEN DULES who DAD knows well was also INV in trying to work on methods but failed he then became a GOLD HUNTER in PI, (not sure where or how he is today must be DEAD at his age)…. ( but he knows everything)……PLEASE remember Neil at this time SHEFFIELD EDWARDS big wig for CIA at the time was working for BRITISH GOV and ROYAL FMAILY and CHN and USA and IND all at the same time….

HAVE A LOT OF ID stuff on ROIME and VATICAN re IND and these guys all LINKED for some reason as if its SAME CLUB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING…. Even the POPE. What I want to find out is why FREEPORT got INV and how and paid by whom and what I know all the companies who FREPORT are owned by in shares.. I can send all that to  u… CHARLES WIGHT was the actual “OWNER” and PRESDIENT and did jobs in CAN and UBA before IND, was a bad guy, he was part and parcel of MOA BAY SAGA, he was part and parcel of all the mini wars and SUICIDEs and MURDERs, horrible stuff, THIS WAS WHEN KENNEDY came in or so the papers I have say and state, about 1961 but some show he was WORKING before all this time, he knew SUKARNO was dealing with Russians and CHN with ARMs, but the idea KENNDEY had was to sort out WEST IRIAN and so this is where the GOLD AGREEMENT came out as so much was buried there, ( not to sure yet of this),

KENNDY got a DUTCH and IND USA agreement taken up, Kennedys brothers got involved too or so the epics say, BUT what bugs me is the NSA agreement that KENNDEY had to agree with over IND in 1962, do u know of this ???? I have proof that KENNDEY was threatened to be killed by FREEPORT as was causing something beyond his depths,…. And was threatened many times, this can be proved it was PKI groups whom u know who was behind it… (FREEPORT itself) In 1965 KENNDEY borught over 100M from USA and other funds too, in exchange for GOLD NUGGETS that were refined by FREEPORT , ( BOBBY KENNEDEY), BUT then KENNDEY died,

BOBBY still took over, BUT he had to follow ORDERs that KENNDEY himself didn’t want but have to RDO and change rapidly, PRES JOHNSON were instructed by UK to do this and that, and he had the funds to do so ( not sure where), THIS IS WHEN  a FRONT ( TEXACO) took power for BOBBY and JOHNSON, and run by AUGUSTUS LONGs principles as agents, The CO was called GOLDWATER, EDWARD KAISER was the CEO of it and even ROBERT LEHMAN too and THOMAS CABOT…. CRAZY….

TEXACO was a small time Co under STANDARD OIL and other, and I have all the papers of MULLEN CO that were negotiating on behalf of JOHNSON all thru this CHANGE…….. While AUGUSTUS came into GREAT funds and GOLD and POWERR he got to be promoted along the way and instructed SURKARNOs fate!!!!! (DEAD 1965).

PROOF that SURHARTO became conscious and aware what was happening and he tried to change his ways and FIGHT off the Companies and FIGHT off all the NEW to bring back the OLD… but……  PKI were by then knowing SURHAROTO wanted to change and so they did a lot of mini panics to prevent change and ABRUTION,…  (Epics of millions dead by what u will not believe) (This is proof CHN was inv and paid by the USA which is UK… crazy shit….. NO way GERMANS would do this! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a lot of stuff that BOBBY gave SURHATO re FREEPORT SULPHOR and a DUTCH co called ERTSBERG, which showed GOLD was in the region,…… THIS is what interests me…AND these letters are from LANGBOURNE WILLIAMS>> BLAKHEATH knew him in the 1970s,.. (See my other emails)… THE SECRET GUY I am meeting is JULIUS TAHIJA he owns a hotel and under a NEW name and will not email or speak to me but will meet me when I sent him pics. he says he will share something with me that will help You….

There is a lot about the BECHTEL meetings and papers here, and he was an OLD CIA agent and worked with ALLEN DULLEs, RICHARD HELMS is still alive and was in PI for many years in the 80s, 90s as Dad met him he would fly his plane around PI,..  THIS IS WHEN EXIM became INV with LONG into FREEPORT and how HENRY KEAMS came into giving power and funds, for FREEPORT but was all a front, AND he got caught and hence why he flew to PI>. Not sure where he is nowadays.. DUBAI probably…..

Proof all this above is controlled BY HENRY KISINGER 100% and GERALD FORD.


HUGE stuff on FREEPORT…. KISENGER was getting paid for all this!!!!! FREPORT Now own the NEW ( not yet but soon) coming WORLD FOOD and WATER that will supply shit food and water to the world soon….. I know all about JAMES MOFFETT>….WHAT is ruling IND is TEXAS, as FREEPORT rebuild and FIANNCES TEXAS Neil…..

– What originally was over 50,000 MTs of GOLD JAVA bars…… And now only 10 to 12MTs left.

I have links now to KISSENGER and his COMPANIES which are all ACOCUNTED for AT COUTTS in LON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drake | December 13, 2012 at 4:51 pm | Categories: News | URL:

One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

You can join the fight against the Dark Cabal and accelerate its demise just by boycotting Big Pharma. You can effectively do this by downloading “Towards Healthcare Emancipation“, a fully illustrated do-it-yourself instructional eBook that will help you in implementing all eClinik methods that would negate the use of expensive medicine, avoid radioactive diagnostics and treatments in completely defeating cancer, AIDS and all other parasitic diseases. These methods, when faithfully followed, work 100% all the time. Find out more about this here.

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Unsettling Issues at the Global Settlements

More details have come about the previous post (a reblog actually) about Neil Keenan’s predicament, while handling the Global Settlements to its final desirable conclusion, in the person of Keith Scott, Peter Wagoner, et al.

From the DivineCosmos site, Keith Scott’s name and signature appeared in the previous Liens filed against the Cabal’s Federal Reserve but not anymore in the soon to be refilled lawsuit.

Keith Scott has been exposed as someone who, like the usual Cabalist, wants to dip his hands into the biggest pot in all of known history of this planet.

Keith Scott is said to use several aliases self-promoting his own public credentials. But no one is buying it now.

If he thinks Asians can be fooled this time around, he’s just dreaming. And that dream will soon turn into a nightmare as the update from Drake below would suggest…


News from Keenan Aug 27, 2012

by Drake

Wagoner attacks Keenan, Keenan attacks Wagoner, and I’m the referee… 

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Neil Keenan
To: ‘ Drake Bailey ‘
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2012 3:00 PM
Subject: KO Round 6

 August 27, 2012

Ref: Letter of Explanation

Dear Drake,

It is time we talk directly, as the work we are both doing is the most serious work of our generation. It is important that we do this work for the benefit of mankind, and not for our personal egos. I am requesting a conference call by Skype to sort things out in a proper way, because the disinformation and lies that Neil Keenan is reporting are going to be damaging to your credibility and mine if it continues unaddressed. If our credibility is tarnished, then our ability to be effective is greatly diminished and we simply do not have time to waste cleaning up these types of childish games

Dear Mr. Rockefeller I mean Wagoner,   I understand Drake’s serious work but what serious work are you talking about that you are involved in.  You have a financial package, one that your Rockefeller Family did not finance for you, so you are looking for outside financing and going from one person to the next throughout Asia hoping to acquire some shekels from someone.  Your financial package is not superior to Benjamin Fulfords nor was it superior to Dr. Vandemeer’s or any of the others out there.  And in fact if you are a Rockefeller than your family would do this for you.  You said your mother is David Rockefellers sister and I doubted you then and that you are a Lawyer which you told Benjamin and myself.  I doubted you from the very beginning but spoke with you out of respect for Benjamin and look where you have ended up…Hahahah you are a thief Peter and you lose.  You got caught!!!

I have firsthand knowledge of this case, as it is my mission here on Earth Your Mission is make everyones pockets a bit lighter.  Remember what you told me Peter.  You would get the money and then come to me and arrange it so I would never need money in financing what I am doing.  Do you think I believed you?. While I do not know everything, you can be most assured that the Global accounts are real, as I have checked them thoroughly I doubt you can get anywhere near them not being a Rockefeller and or Lawyer… I have been on this case, so to speak, for over 20 years, and have traveled the world in search of the truth totally independent of Neil Keenan, Ben Fulford, or anyone else whose name you would recognize. You have travelled 20 years and it has led you to Keth Scott through me.  Hahahahahj  you are one sick puppy.  All those real people out there and you want us to believe that your finding Scott is the answer.  Hahahah.   I have received my own contacts with the Royal Families and the Amanah  You did not bring yourself to the Amanah it was Abe that brought you there, the Trust which controls these assets and they do not control these assets.  Not the people you met anyway and if so why do they go to the Elders for what they need.  You are way off base Peter and it is good you are because it shows how little you know after 20 years.   It is only in the past 2 months that I have been in contact with Ben Fulford, and thru him, with Neil Keenan.

At my first contact with Neil, I was intrigued with his approach, though I felt that his approach of “prodding the dragon”, while bold and challenging, was not one that the Royal Family members that I knew would approve of. These assets are in the private, and it is not appropriate to use adversarial public legal action to bring them into the public. Nor did these royal family members approve his legal actions, or him thrusting public awareness of these assets into the limelight. I care about the Dragon Family not the European Royalty nor do I believe for one second you know anyone there seeing the few I know never recognized your name. I found out that Neil had asked for an outrageous share of any proceeds from his legal actions on their behalf. Say what?  Hahahah we had an agreed upon figure and this has nothing to do with what is going on what is going on is that you would like to work with the people I brought to the table but little do you know that they carry lots of baggage and now you will carry it.  When they turned him down, suggesting a smaller amount, he appears to have gone rogue. I was never offered a smaller amount and the would be buyer can  confirm why this deal never happened and it is simple, Keith Scott lied and cheated and was more than dishonest and the buyers who were brought to the table by me were distraught by the conversations they held with Scott.  He furthermore attempted to do another deal whereas he states “do not let Keenan know anything”.  They withdrew their support of his actions, and issued the Cease and Desist letters which you have received. At this point, I still have not ever met Neil, though I have spoken to him on the phone. You make this C & D sound so serious when in fact it is just a simple piece of paper constructed by Scott and signed by someone other than the Amanah.

Recently, I took a trip to Singapore to meet with some investors. I was surprised when one of the group there introduced me as “The Rockefeller’s Lawyer”. When I asked why they called me that, I was told that that is how Neil referred to me. It is how you referred to yourself you should not have been surprised,  Afterall Benjamin refers to you in his blog as the Rockefeller Attorney which is how you introduced yourself to him and to me. Your mother was his sister.  Remember?  I have never been a lawyer Of course you haven’t and you have never been a Rockefeller either. and I have never represented any Rockefeller in anything. I doubt they would let you seeing you must be one of the illegitimate members of the clan  It is true that my aunt married a Rockefeller not aunt you said mother and that you saw your Uncle David once a year but did not like to.  Oh the webs we weave when we get desperate Peter.  Did you really think you would just walk over there and take what I had produced?  I say not. , but I have never had contact with that family, even as a child.

I know Alex from Singapore If you knew Alex why did you have to call people I know to get together with him? , and he is a very straight forward honest business man. He was trying to help resolve a case for Dr. Seno. No he is not helping to resolve a case he is trying to help Seno get the Family Heritance Guarantee which you also apparently know nothing about. Keenan met with him and earned his trust, and then conned him out of USD $30,000 for expense money to make certain introductions that will never happen. I never conned him and never got a dime nor did I ask for one.  Nor did I ever proffer introductions.   This is wrong! Keenan has made a real name for himself conning people out of expense money Expense money?  Yes Alex flew Nelu and myself to Singapore but neither of us wanted to leave.  Alex was supposed to be in Jakarta upon my arrival according to Jack (another con) to complete a long withstanding agreement that went on for thtee months.  I also understand you told Alex you wanted 100 thousand up front and he asked what about Keenan (if he really gave me 30 thousand why would he be so concerned with what happened to me) and you said “he is a fool and forget him” and here we are Peter right where you belong lying about your family name and business and everything else., claiming to have the skills to resolve this case or that case when, given the kind of person he actually is, this will never happen Sorry we did not have a case to resolve.  My case is my case no one else’s.   I am not in disagreement with the fact that expense funds are required for this kind of work, but one must have the skills and integrity and higher spiritual understanding of the true nature of this problem to have any hope for success. Without the ability to understand how to connect the dots, one will never succeed Then you should go home because you are missing many dots and buttons from what I can see.  For this reason and the fact I have been declared winner by KO in 6 rounds I have no reason in answering the rest of your inaccurate silly nonsensical letter that are based mostly upon your assumptions when in fact I am loaded up with TNT.  When you come to fight Peter you come with weapons and you came with a POP GUN.  I will be kind enough to answer many of the issues below without printing in Blue and will provide documentary evidence substantiating the real and accurate position.


Upon reading Wagoner’s letter I must conclude that he has no damned idea what he is talking about.  None whatsoever.! As many know for example Alex Le Ling Soon was not there upon my arrival and I waited 2 weeks before hearing from him.  The delays were acceptable seeing his family member had passed away.  After this he wanted to fly us to Singapore to conclude the deal.  While there money was never mentioned and I have his proposal still in my possession.  Two weeks after returning to Indonesia Jack brought the fact that Alex wanted to meet with Rothschild and that was never part of our agreement so I said NO.  Then again come to think of it Wagoner, I introduced Alex indirectly to a Make Believe Rockefeller isn’t that close enough?

Also, you never got a dime.  Did you connect your dots?

[23.8.2012 г. 04:41:25] Nelu: Last night Mr Nelu already explained to Neil that he did to singapore to bring documents to verify the truth of DR Seno document before Mr.Alex Soon as sponsors and to show that what has been done Mr.Neil is the true and only Mr Neil that can do it all.

Nelu went to Singapore with Jack rather than Peter Wagoner and not to leave Mr.Neil.

Proven proposal given by Peter Wagoner rejected by Nelu and Alex Soon.

Until now Nelu still hear and do all the suggestions and commands

[23.8.2012 г. 05:02:49] Nelu: Because until this moment Alex Soon also did not provide the funds to make the deed in the Notary Foundation Nelu then assume all been dead ends.

Seems that you have your facts mistaken.  They shut you down.  Refused your offer for your inept financial package.  Let me tell you something Wagoner, I have seen 50 financial packages none better than Dr. Vandemeer’s and Benjamins.  All with Free Energy and the one with the European Free Energy is considered by the Russians and Chinese by far the best.  So why would people waste their money on your package.  Tell me?  You are even behind in this regard.  Far behind.  20 years of what did you say?

We can go on all night about your inability to find accuracy in statements and you are the fool for accepting all you do but then again you contribute greatly to your own demise.  Your reputation should take a HIT for this and I PRAY it does:  Mr. Wagoner claimed that I called someone a liar, thief, and diddler which I meant to keep out of the News seeing it is a horrible thing to be called and then again to be one.  He also says Dr. Vandemeer was interested in becoming part of THEIR GROUP.  Well here is what the good Doc god bless his soul had to say when speaking to me.  Little does Wagoner know that Dr. V did not speak to Scott for 12 or 13 years and the reasons why:

[03.8.2012 г. 19:52:40] Dr Michael V andemeer:

i am man of honor, i even honored keith scott by not  informing you of his true history, umless i discussed with him and warned him of his messing with poor young girls, but i wanted to infom him, over the phone or skype,

Or how about his interest in your group?  You say he was interested!

[09.8.2012 г. 18:47:45] Dr Michael V andemeer: mr keenan, it is my life my reputation, and my analysis of that which i have gleeaned from the world situation, i have neaver been wrong in my predictions, when you met keith and sang his songs of how brilliant he is etc, much couls have been brought to  grinding hault yes he did not want to call me, you had to make discovery about him and many other persons yourself, it costs money and time plus reputations. i informed you when keith tried to draw me into his conversation on sexual child exploits in cambodia, i dropped him because of this and he had cost me much money and time with the year in and out that the monies for the projects was around the corner, year in and out, i will sort the wagoner and dr eckland matter out, myself and friends called me today to tell me they are not who they claim to be. when are you going learn there are other persons on earth, that think do and and have their own deep experiences around the world.   i play matters very close to the chest, as i have no avarice and greed or ulterior motives, before the egg there was a chicken created. it is not whether it is salle, fergerson, keith etc, child abuse is repugnant, i look upon it in the same terms as murder, it robs the soul, i have a difficult patient at the moment that comes from leading family in napa, an dthe destrutive forces it created in her life, her health, but she is making great head way

Did Dr. V. state that Wagoner is not from the Rockefellers as stated above?  And did Dr. V as he has told me many times stop communicating with Scott (for the first time I hear why) because he is a diddler.  I left Scott because he is a thief and attempts to use your connections without your knowledge.  Here are more statements countering Wagnoner/Rockefeller’s self serving statements:  Who lied to who?

[28.7.2012 г. 01:02:09] Dr Michael V andemeer: i hjave just been waiting for him (Scott)to make his move as well, i have warned you enough about him, yes some one from saint ggermaine contacted me last week about you, asking questions, about the trust etc. your disagreements with scott must stay under cover please, the statement i have writtten has essence, do be circumspect, he has had access to much inside workings and personal !!!

[28.7.2012 г. 01:03:30] Dr Michael V andemeer: no unravelling please the opposition loves dissention, and wedges,

Chris to Keith.  As you can see the problems are mentioned and Scott was told he had to make peace to stay involved.  Scott was the delivery boy for this deal but he wanted much more.  Much much more.

[29.7.2012 г. 13:27:39] chris: [11:00:52] chris: ok be careful with the bank you are talking about i have delt with them as for neal i dont know i dont think he knows who he is dealing with i run the federal service in europe ask alessandro he will tell you i meet with the ibs next week to resolve indonesia problem me and my team dont play we will do this at goverment leval i was asked to talk to neil so this could be resolved and it will be i suggest if you are part of his team make peace regards chris

This is when Chris saying goodbye to Keith …Keith had asked him to do deals behind my back but Chris is very honorable and did not like the deceit involved in the way Keith tried to do things.  So he said Ciao keith do not let the door hit you in the backside on the way out.  Below.


[09.8.2012 г. 13:14:46] chris: [11:14:32] chris: keith i dont want to know about all the shit that goes on with you and neil i have no intrest i only get concerened when people i introduce start doing stuff i dont care about the money i just like honesty but i run a very powerful foundation and they will not put up with this so best of luck

Or how about my not having connections and so forth and again the good doctor who listened in to many many of my calls:

Dr Michael V andemeer:


Finally Keith knew that Abranham Stanbouli never should have walked into the Singapore Monetary Authority and as mentioned above,  Chris stated that the deal was government to government.  Keith also received this information from his friend that contacted PM of Singapore :

“Neil..Keith has told me about these old Singapore currency when I was there, and

Could I do something about it. I have my friend who knows Sing. PM,

he has approach the PM with these notes..the reply to my friend that they know about it a long

time..these notes are issue during the Soekarno can only redeem through Govt. and Govt.

not outside the bank..he warn my friend don’t get caught holding these notes they get arrested,

So two groups told Keith not including myself not to let Abe go into the Singaporean Central Bank but Keith while I was there was stating there is no way anyone can get arrested and he even tried to get someone to go into the Hong Kong Central Bank with no takers.  Abe Stanbouli is in jail now do not believe Wagoner and if this is a game then he is playing it with all Abe’s friends and family.  This is from last night and by the way Wagoner is trying to protect his credibility but after this I am afraid he will have to look real hard to find it:

Here is the conversation of the 26th one that Wagoner did not know about:  Keith and a  friend of ABE’S.

[26.8.2012 г. 15:07:54] S: [14:00:01] S: Hi Keith, how are you?

Any progress?  Is Abe already out, can you give me an update?

[14:01:36] Keith Scott: Hi S. Not much to tell at the moment as we cannot get information but Peter called me and told me it is 15 years for attempting to pass counterfeit currency

[14:01:55] Keith Scott: This is not just a smack on the wrist thing

[14:02:01] S: What?  Is Abe facing that?

[14:02:10] S: Is there anything we can do?

[14:02:40] Keith Scott: That is what Peter has been told. I did not want Abe to go, but he was determined

[14:03:02] Keith Scott: I think he needed to get some money back

[14:03:15] Keith Scott: and felt this was the best wat to do it

[14:03:18] S: Yes, I’m afraid so.

[14:03:36] Keith Scott: I dont think there is much anyone can do.

[14:03:57] S: Ok, mate. Sorry to hear.

When will me know for sure?

[14:04:14] Keith Scott: I am totally screwed. Trying to get my brother to cover the costs of getting me and Shahany out

[14:04:31] S: Yes, important to get out of there ASAP

[14:05:00] Keith Scott: I think we might have some indication of what is going to happen on Monday afternoon or maybe Tuesday.

[14:05:59] Keith Scott: Peter has been talking to some people there who have a lot of clout and has explained everything to them and he has managed to get some sympathy there, but how that translates into help is yet to be seen

[14:06:20] S: Ok, let’s hope for the best.

[14:06:32] Keith Scott: hopefully I will be out of Indonesia by maybe Tuesday   (fleeing the country….)

[14:06:48] S: yes. OK, thx mate.

Take care

[14:06:55] Keith Scott: Cheers

What more needs to be said about Peter Wagoner’s honesty.  He sat right in with this group and started lying from the beginning and he fit.  Let’s just call it right.  Wagoner is not important.  He lied about being a Rockefeller to both Benjamin and myself.  His mother is not David Rockefellers sister. He is not a Lawyer again a Lie so what is he?  He is no more than an individual desperate to sell his Financial Package and he hoped and prayed Alen Le Ling Soon would purchase it or finance it for him or that he could get his hands on the Global Accounts but this is never going to happen.  Not for someone like this.  Alex is not a stupid man and he never gave me 30 thousand dollars.  This was not meant to be seen but my friend Drake would never keep anything from me unless it was to protect me.  I am thankful the WORLD has had the opportunity to see this newbie called Peter Wagoner and what he is all about.

Dr. V wanted nothing to do with him and had heard he is not what he claimed and of course the children entered into this and Keith not only has Dr, V making such statements but the Fed have a pretty big file on him as well.  Chris made it clear with his chastisement on honesty to Keith and his saying goodbye and so much more.  It all is pretty clear and is overkill but I have much more I never produced.  I am sorry people have to see this but it had to happen sooner or later.  They were trying to get rid of me and I am not that easy to get rid of:  I BITE.  Wagoner you told Alex Soon that I am a fool but guess what? It seems that you are the Liar and Fool here.  You should not play with the big boys when you are only big in size.  Lights are on but no one is home.  Now go play with your diddler and shut up!!!!

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>>>Due Diligence Alert<<<

Hang Em High
A few days ago I received an email with attachments from Keith Scott basically complaining about Neil Keenan and hoping to get some recruits for his team. This letter was about Keenan being dismissed from the Soekarno Trust and the Amanah refusing Keenan’s presence. It talked about the Liens,  Abe Stanbouli’s supposed arrest, and the fact that Keenan lied when he said that Stanbouli was detained in Singapore. I read that Keenan is a big liar referring to Alex Le Ling Soon’s case, and finally he tried scaring me by saying that Keenan’s case is no good without him and his group.

                   Soon after this I received a call from Wagoner, Scott and Winston Shrout, all complaining about Keenan. Wagoner told me Keenan was ruining his reputation and was cursing about it. Scott voiced the same opinion as Wagoner, stating Keenan was nothing and causing problems. Although Winston agreed, he expressed his objections much better and held a civil tongue.
                   I did my due diligence as Scott suggested. I advised him that the Soekarno Trust Mandate had expired in 1998. The Amanah has to be accepted by the BIS, World Bank, Government of Indonesia, UBS, and many International Agencies.
            That they would have licenses from all the above if they are the Amanah.
            We know who the Amenah is and he has nothing to do with Scott.
            I asked for these documents during the call and have not heard from Scott’s team since.
                   So, if there is no Soekarno Trust Mandate and Scott’s Amanah is not the rightful Amenah, then this means Scott and his group have nothing but falsely filed claims in the US District Court. Keenan already withdrew from those liens seeing as he knew about all this. So this leaves Winston and Scott holding fraudulently filed liens.
            I would think Shrout would know better.
                   Then there is Abe. It was Wagoner who emailed Martha Wibawa saying Abe might be in jail because Abe never came out of the Singapore Central Bank. Scott was speaking to an attourney named Stanley Hoop who said Abe was in jail facing 15 years.
            They were playing a game but Keenan considered Abe a friend and was trying to find a way to help him. They claim Keenan lied by mentioning Abes name yet Keenan neversays anything bad about Abe. Keenan was worried about a friend at the time but no longer considers him one.
                     Now we have Singapore and Alex Le Ling Soon. Wagoner told Keenan he knew Alex before he did, if so, why did Wagoner need Keenan’s people to help? Alex Soon did not want to see Wagoner. In a call one of the principles said that they had to plea for Alex to see Wagoner. Wagoner made his presentation and Alex told him he did not like it and it was old. He asked Wagoner what he thought about Neil, and Wagoner called Keenan a fool. Soon said hard headed but not foolish, Neil’s package was more creative and the only one so far that had a chance to help Edy Seno. Wagoner then asked for 100,000 to do his financial package and was denied. There was no mention of Alex Soon giving Keenan $35,000 or any amount. Wagoner did not have funds to leave Singapore so Alex bought him a ticket to Hong Cong. Wagoner’s version of events is inaccurate and the attempt in Singapore was to remove Keenan from the picture, which was promoted by Scott and Wagoner. Wagoner and Scott say Stanley worked with them as the third party in this.
                     This leaves the C & D (cease and desist) issued by Edy Seno to Neil Keenan. Seno, the head of the Soekarno Trust, was in the hospital and no one could see him. Wagoner called Soon’s right hand man Chee who is very close to someone Wagoner knows asking for Jack’s (Indian) number, calls Jack and tells him that he had spoken to Nelu, and got the number from Nelu. Wagoner tells Jack that Neil Keenan can’t help anymore so they need to get Keenan off the C & D immediately. Peter Wagoner had not spoken to Nelu, Nelu did not approve anything, and Jack and Wagoner went to the hospital together and got Seno to sign the C & D. To this day Seno is confused as to what happened. Peter Wagoner, Keith Scott, and Abe thought they had won when they got the C & D but underestimated Neil Keenan. I was told to do my due diligence, I am doing that and then some.
                      I spoke with the president of a large organization who willingly discussed the Keith Scott situation with me, telling me that while Keenan was trying to complete a deal, Keith was trying to do a secondary deal behind Keenan’s back. Keenan knew he was doing this, warned the principle, and sure enough Scott’s people screwed that deal up as well. That was an O.I.T.C. guy named Ron Ferguson, and I heard that Scott and Ferguson have no idea how to handle a transaction. At the same time Keenan had to return home and Scott took over the Singaporean Dollar deal, immediately going after Keenan’s position in this. He tried hard to move Keenan out but the BIS closed Scott, Abe and their Amanah down.
            They tried working things out without the foundation/organizations approval and were shut down. As Scott said, they had nothing.
         The same foundation did a complete background check on Scott using the federal system, finding what has been said to be true. The foundation is disgusted with Scott, what he has done with children and never wants to hear from him again.
        This was a systematic effort to remove Keenan from everything. Wagoner is a broker, not a Rockefeller, his mom is not Rockefeller’s sister, and he is not a lawyer, just a wannabe.
            He screamed and shouted about how Keenan was treating him. Scott thought he had a fantastic plan to rid himself of Keenan, putting himself in charge, and he ended up with nothing but failure.
            Keith Scott is the liar, as the saying goes between Wagoner and Scott, ‘one lies and the other swears to it’. What they failed to realize is that Keenan baited the trap and they bit, that Keenan was always a couple of steps ahead of them. This is about the legal money they tied up in Indonesia, the money that was to be used to finance the lawsuit.
                         One final note, Keith Benedict and Terrance Wayne from London, working with Tonni from Indonesia ( all Pakistani), are involved in this scam and are all informants. Apparently they are working for the Cabal.
                          I hope this clears the air and explains the things few others know about.
                            ~ Drake
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One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

You can join the fight against the Dark Cabal and accelerate its demise just by boycotting Big Pharma. You can effectively do this by downloading “Towards Healthcare Emancipation“, a fully illustrated do-it-yourself instructional eBook that will help you in implementing all eClinik methods that would negate the use of expensive medicine, avoid radioactive diagnostics and treatments in completely defeating cancer, AIDS and all other parasitic diseases. These methods, when faithfully followed, work 100% all the time. Find out more about this here.

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Keith Scott Undressed – Or Why Neil Keenan Has Not Re-filed His Lawsuit, August 27, 2012

One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

You can join the fight against the Dark Cabal and accelerate its demise just by boycotting Big Pharma. You can effectively do this by downloading “Towards Healthcare Emancipation“, a fully illustrated do-it-yourself instructional eBook that will help you in implementing all eClinik methods that would negate the use of expensive medicine, avoid radioactive diagnostics and treatments in completely defeating cancer, AIDS and all other parasitic diseases. These methods, when faithfully followed, work 100% all the time. Find out more about this here.

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WhiteHats: House of Lords, it’s time to perform

On February 16, 2012, Lord James of Blackheath made history by being the first public official anywhere in the world to expose the criminal enterprise being run by and through the Federal Reserve.  Known as “White Thursday”, four months have passed since this historic event without any apparent effort by highly paid regulators, Agencies or Government officials to rigorously investigate.  For the Mother of Parliaments, this is inexcusably lax conduct. Leader of the House, Lord Strathclyde, when will you investigate, as history will show this happened on YOUR watch, making you solely responsible for the directed actions or lack thereof.  We gave the Lords a chance to show their exemplary leadership, and unfortunately due to the same politics that has overcome the United States, a block to the investigation has been put in place.  The one action you did provide was a poorly thought-out decision to cut off information to the media who desperately wanted to report the news and the assumed progress in good faith.  The leadership of the world and the British citizens who trusted you deem this unacceptable!   Only the most explicit answers to these very troubling questions are acceptable. And answers are not forthcoming.  Again, it’s on YOUR watch!

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One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

You can join the fight against the Dark Cabal and accelerate its demise just by boycotting Big Pharma. You can effectively do this by downloading “Towards Healthcare Emancipation“, a fully illustrated do-it-yourself instructional eBook that will help you in implementing all eClinik methods that would negate the use of expensive medicine, avoid radioactive diagnostics and treatments in completely defeating cancer, AIDS and all other parasitic diseases. These methods, when faithfully followed, work 100% all the time. Find out more about this here.

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