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There are reasons why we’ve lost respect for the Men in White Robes

There are reasons why we lost trust & respect for the Men in White Robes. And it’s more than what you think. They play with the system of greed which involve the spread of addiction, disease and the gradual killing of people around the world in the grander scheme of depopulation reduction. Continue reading There are reasons why we’ve lost respect for the Men in White Robes

Jew, Arab and Gentile leaders all have same criminal mentality

Deutschbank CEO Ackermann - 'One Of The Most Dangerous Bankers In The World' We again feel it’s very important to post an internal updated report.   We are spending a lot of time collecting intelligence and what follows is an outline of what we know so far.

You Can Defeat Nuclear Radiation Now!

One of the technologies being used to induce earthquake can also be used to neutralize nuclear radiation. Make no mistake about it, this is for real. And you can do something about it by following very simple instructions. The only difference between this and the Earthquake Machine or HAARP is the magnitude of voltage we will be using. HAARP is broadcasting in the range of billion watts of sheer power. We will be doing it in the range each of us can afford. The idea is to form a relay. And when a critical mass is achieved, we will be protecting Mother Earth from nuclear fallout in the comfort of our own homes.

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The Nuclear Debate

On the brink of a Nuclear Holocaust

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. We always comfort ourselves with those words every time we feel we are about to confront inevitable demise. As of this writing, a fourth loud explosion rocked Fukushima and fears of possible nuclear meltdown skyrocketed as levels of radiations increased a hundred fold. All workers have already been evacuated from the power plant, while a mass exodus of foreigners scrambling for flight home.


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The Wisdom of MediChanical Procedures

MediChanical is our short term for medical-mechanical operations.

If you really look upon it in its proper perspective, medical operations, e.g. surgical removal for failing bioparts, organ transplants – all, if not most, of them are actually mechanical operations. This type of invasive procedures have no place in a technology advanced environment.

Mechanical substitutes to your bioparts are always subject to incompatibility issues – and there are many. Below is just one of them.

The Implants Loophole

Published: December 16, 2010

A recently recalled artificial hip made by a unit of Johnson & Johnson, designed to last 15 years or more, is failing worldwide at unusually high rates after just a few years.

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