It is Time to Storm the Bastille, Vive la Revolution

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Posted by benjamin
March 13, 2012

The financial war that has been raging intensively at least since 2001 may be finally ending. This week a three pronged effort to convince the Luciferian banking cabal to surrender is being carried out. In one prong, the Chinese government has announced it will start the mass installation of wind and solar power devices on rooftops world-wide in order to free humanity from the cabal controlled energy grid. In another prong, the cabal controlled central banks will be asked to make good on broken promises by redeeming financial instruments backed by gold stolen from holocaust victims during World War 3. The third prong is still being kept secret but essentially it is a promise to start a bottom-up revolution in cabal controlled countries like Italy, France, Germany, the UK and the US unless these countries stop their ceaseless war-mongering.

The arrest of Bill Gates, the announcement in an Italian paper that the pope will resign on April 15th, and the presence of a US marshal accompanying cabal operatives like Timothy Geithner are all signs that very little, if any, opposition remains.

Last week a Chinese delegation met with a representative of the White Dragon Society in Tokyo. At the meeting an informal agreement was reached in which the Chinese side promised to provide manufacturing facilities and financing for new energy technology. To start with a revolutionary roof-top wind turbine and solar panel combination will be distributed with no initial down-payment necessary to householders and enterprises world-wide. These householders will then pay the installers the equivalent of their current energy bill for 5 years after which they will become energy independent. This is a concrete and realistic way to give the atomic and fossil fuel based energy cartels time to find a new line of business.

Other “free energy” technologies, if proven to exist, may be used in lieu of these devices but only after safety testing. The installation of these devices would also be phased in so that existing energy corporations would have plenty of time to transition into new lines of enterprise. Toyota has also already begun its assault on the fossil fuel industry by producing cars, now on the market, that get over 100 kilometers to per liter or over 300 miles per gallon.

In a different, and more direct move, the banking cabal will be asked to make a $15 trillion donation for the purposes of ending war, ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction and freeing humanity from drudgery, poverty and disease. This will involve a specific actual move that we cannot write about in detail at this time other than to say it involves asking the Odessa/Bush Nazis to pay back the gold they stole from holocaust victims. The only other thing that can be said about this particular maneuver at this time is to tell the Romans to “beware the ides of March.”

There will be an announcement, aired live on March 13th on the internet, by the hacker group anonymous, the gnostic Illuminati faction and the White Dragon Society. If this announcement is not heeded, there will be revolution according to both anonymous and the gnostics.

In other news, Western embassies in Tokyo will all be shutting down on March 20th, ostensibly to celebrate the vernal equinox. If this embassy closure is a pretext to evacuate personnel in preparation for a mass terror attack against Tokyo, there will be unfathomable consequences for the Western ruling oligarchs and their extended families. In addition, nuclear weapons have already been placed in both Jerusalem and Rome by gnostic agents and these two cities will vanish forever if Tokyo is attacked. We urge all citizens of these two cities to evacuate immediately should Tokyo be terrorized by the Romans.

Furthermore, the Chinese and Japanese military have finalized preparations to sink the La Palma rock formation into the ocean and cause a 100 meter tsunami to hit the US East coast and Southern Europe in retaliation for the planned attack on Tokyo. The world will no longer tolerate Roman terror. The Romans must renounce Satan and the Vatican must be purged of all Satanists. This is not negotiable.

In other news, an informant has provided this writer with more details on how the banking cabal has manipulated the Japanese political system. Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, a freemason Satanic agent, was bribed by the bankers with the promise his son would be the “first prime minister of a world government.” The source of this information is a friend of Hatoyama’s wife.

Hatoyama and Banri Kaeda, along with Seiji Maehara are some of the top Satanic P2 lodge agents in the current Democratic Party of Japan government. This source also confirmed at former Prime Minister Naoto Kan is a North Korean Satanic P2 lodge agent. Power broker Ichiro Ozawa tried to switch sides and “join the Chinese,” but he was in fact an agent for J. Rockefeller who was trying to infiltrate the Asian secret societies.

The Japanese magazine Kami no Bakudan (paper bomb) has also reported in its latest edition that current Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda is part of a homosexual network of agents linked to Panasonic founder Konosuke Matsushita and the CIA international homosexual network centered at Georgetown University. Any government official worldwide who was sent to Georgetown for graduate studies is likely to be part of this network. However, as far as we can tell, the gay network is supportive of the White Dragon Society and its aims to end poverty, end war and stop environmental destruction.

We would like to ask this network to fully activate itself in order to dismantle the remaining Satanic agents still working to terrorize Japan into submission to their plans for a world fascist government. They know the specific agents who have been carrying out this traitorous work and they must all be put into preventative custody this week.

The first anniversary of the March 11, 2011 tsunami and nuclear terror attacks has come and the Japanese corporate media provided extensive coverage while carefully avoiding saying it was a natural disaster. This is a clear sign the media moguls here are still cowards who are sitting on the fence and waiting to see who wins the financial war.

They need to understand that Satan has already left this universe. Humanity will finally be set free.

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16 thoughts on “It is Time to Storm the Bastille, Vive la Revolution”

  1. Right on Ben… Love your work! Here is some of mine. A little gift for your readers.

    We have a think tank thinking up our thoughts right now,
    Test marketing repression of our inner light, How?
    Through the defience of science, as it unfolds,
    Be tought as thier version of history untold.
    Edipeius of suppression, we’re right brain prisoners,
    Create a lot of talkers, not enough listeners.
    With covert actions unjustifyible,
    Trying to satisfy greed that’s unsatisfiable.
    Constructing our outlook, through public opinion,
    Keep the public docile, and keep them sinning.
    Spinning the masses with psycological shock,
    The nudity, drugs, the war, and the rock.
    A Tavistock product of public relations,
    Salvations what they found in our public sedation,
    Education is the veriation, of the grasp of our thoughts,
    We’re not responsible for anything that we are tought
    Stop that, I’m Brainwashed.
    Right now ,I’m Brainwashed.
    Look like them, act like us , dress like that,
    Oh, what, it’s all a bunch of bullsh*t.
    Be friends with them, prey like that, no mayhem,
    What now? The messege that you transmit.
    It’s all lies, lies, lies, from the day were born.
    The plan is carried as advised,and thier winning the war….

    The T.V., Im Brainwashed.
    The radio,Im Brainwashed
    Religion,Im Brainwashe
    At school, Brainwashed
    My parents, Brainwashed
    My friends, Brainwashed
    In love……Brainwashed.
    Thanks Ben, can’t wait for more updates.
    “All Rights Reserved”
    Mike in Reno, Nv. U.S.A

  2. Hi everybody,

    I would like to believe that Ben is right. He probably is at a certain extent but the dark cabal will not surrender without fighting. The Uk has sent 6000 tanks in germany. What for? The grecs have paid 600 Tanks with money they do not have. US and european army is at Iran’s door and ready for attack. President Sarkozy and Merkel are in a rush to implement a federal state in Europe and of course they follow the dark cabal orders from the Uk and the US.
    From my part, I can see that this battle is far from beeing won. I have hope like those on this website. I hope that the justice will win in this crazy world.

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