OPPT Illuminati & Fulford Ties Cracked

Recent articles have proven links between OPPT and the White Dragon Society to which Ben Fulford serves as its “unpaid” spokesman.

Ben Fulford, as most of us know, is tied to the Gnostic Illuminati to which Alexander Romanov serves as its representative.

Romanov claimed earlier that his organization has moles in every intelligence organization on the planet. Furthermore, his organization was responsible for all the revolutions in Europe that toppled monarchies in the past 300 years, or so.

In the book The Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps, it was the military organization known as the Society of Jesus who were responsible for such upheavals. This makes the Gnostic Illuminati and the Jesuits one and the same. These people also goes by the name, Hidden Hands.

In this article, the link between OPPT and Illuminati is being investigated in the same fashion as Jordan Maxwell would have done. This finding will reinforce the first-hand claim of Dutchinse about an elaborate attempt to bribe all Alternative Journalists and bloggers in a massive campaign of fooling even the “awakened” segment of our society to effectively hijack the ongoing revolution. Please refer to the video on that page.

This is the field of expertise of the Jesuits.

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  1. According to Doc Marquis, December 25 was not the birthday of Jesus. The Bible does not state the exact date of His birth, but it was not in December. December 25 does coincide with an occult holiday.

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