The endgame is being played on with the dirtiest tactics unimaginable at this point in time. We are to choose between perpetually cursing the darkness or lighting up candles and stick ’em into the Mafiosi’s asses. We will be looking at the details of how the Collateral Accounts are plundered by whom in the coming … Continue reading FINANCIAL DOOMSDAY UNLEASHED

Karen Hudes: Buried Philippine Gold

My video on Russia Today TV went viral in the Philippines, and the man who knew where the gold in the Philippines had been buried (by Japanese prisoners-of-war, who were buried along with the gold) called me. Is it time for a kinder world or are we locked in a downward spiral of war, greed … Continue reading Karen Hudes: Buried Philippine Gold


September could be the month when the final cabal takedown will occur or all hell will broke lose as the Cabalists are now preparing war materials aimed at invading Syria that could trigger the BRICS to respond. As we’ve already known, the process to recover the Collateral Accounts is nearing completion through the efforts of … Continue reading FINAL SHOWDOWN

Establishment’s Collapse Imminent

Recent events are undeniably in favor of the Reformists and Progressives who have long realized that, to avoid mutually assured destruction, a different kind of war must be fought that ensures the least collateral damage but which requires cooperation of the widest spectrum of our society as, much as possible. This proves to be, not … Continue reading Establishment’s Collapse Imminent

The Revolution Intensifies

Update 31 may 2013: MAJOR OFFENSIVES The revolution is intensifying, and the revolutionaries are just fine. Never in the most recent times has the Vatican experienced a massive attack right at its doorsteps. I would consider these actions below as significant because this war is, first and foremost, a war for the Mind. Once the … Continue reading The Revolution Intensifies

Trapped in A 3D World

Update 24 April 2013: Sweeping the Local Backyard It was said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Yesterday, Keenan and his team released this photo update with regards to the fight for the Collateral Accounts which is tantamount to a fight for all our freedoms. Such funds will be used for worldwide eradication … Continue reading Trapped in A 3D World


The latest update from Neil Keenan is a breath of fresh air having survived the pagan ritual in its extreme rendition. As of yesterday, Nelu Webawa, an Indonesian patriot who was arrested earlier for holding Global Accounts notes, is still in jail but will be freed soon through the efforts of Neil Keenan. Among the … Continue reading EURO BAILOUT MADE OF THIN AIR

The Fall of the Empire

I can sense it. I can feel it. I can see where this is all going, and it is for the better. But it is not without interim collateral consequence. Unfortunately, these consequences may include the loss of your bank deposits, if you don’t act quite soon enough. Months ago, we were anticipating the closure … Continue reading The Fall of the Empire

A Brave New World

The previous week was full of many milestones: Cyprus Bank Holiday is just one of the significant symptoms of the true extent of the EuroCrisis; The English subtitled version of the Financial Tyranny of David Wilcock can now be viewed via YouTube; Zionists losing power while the State of Palestine is finally recognized; Peter Romanus … Continue reading A Brave New World

Not Just Sexual Abuses

Update 1mar2013: Celebrating a Pope-Free World The Old Media is now in high gear as to the discussions about sexual abuses of the priestly demons creeping inside the Vatican. And willing participants in the New Alternative Media are now falling into the trap of the lesser crimes that the Vatican, Inc. has committed. As Kevin … Continue reading Not Just Sexual Abuses

Madame Wu

This is another intel from Drake on the personal background of Madame Wu re Global Settlement. Google search would yield deep connection of this Lady to the Cabalists and the corrupt financial system they built. Drake’s intel below should be reliable. Madame Wu – Financial News by Drake Subject: Madame Wu I must apologize for the amount … Continue reading Madame Wu

Desperately Looting [UPDATED]

Update 5:52 PM 26jan2013: The Philippines is said to be clueless as to why a US minesweeper is in the area of a world heritage site we love to call as Tubbataha Reef. USS Guardian is causing about 1,000 square meters of damage and counting. The irresponsible parties are now considering three options on how … Continue reading Desperately Looting [UPDATED]

Final Push for Golden Age Accelerates [UPDATED]

Update 11:44 AM GMT+8 25jan2013: From the same Youtube Channel, Alang Jr, showing details of the Global Settlements. These videos prove, once and for all, that the funds known as Collateral Accounts that would eliminate global poverty in 3 months and usher a Golden Age for humanity, do exist. Update 7:37PM GMT+8: This video is … Continue reading Final Push for Golden Age Accelerates [UPDATED]

Ghost Cities of the Future

Two years ago, satellite pictures of Chinese Ghost Cities appeared on various web sites. photos » A lot of speculations have emerged as to why the Chinese are doing these not only in China but also in Africa. Are they going nuts? Some said that these empty cities are where the slaves of the system … Continue reading Ghost Cities of the Future

Unslave Yourself [UPDATED]

Updated, 5 jan 2013: Below is the transcript of the whole conference call involving Heather of the Peoples’ Trust 1776. Whether coordinated or not, there is a multipronged attack against the Cabal that used to run the world. The latest that we’ve come to be aware of is that of the Peoples’ Trust which involves … Continue reading Unslave Yourself [UPDATED]

NESARA is Real, IRS and Federal Reserve Are Not

There are several financial assistance programs waiting in the wings. One of them is that which involve the Collateral Accounts. In contrast to the other “prosperity packages” which are obscured in myths and legends like the St. Germain’s Trust, the Collateral Accounts, that will be settled in the process called Global Settlements, is fully documented … Continue reading NESARA is Real, IRS and Federal Reserve Are Not

You are Entitled to $5 Billion in Lawful Money [UPDATED]

12/29/2012, 7:49PM GMT+8: Additional backgrounder from the first few recipients: American Kabuki, Kauilapele… This information has been updated to answer pertinent questions from all over the planet. Announcement no.2 minimizes the legal “mumbo jumbo” of the first. So just scroll down if you will. We understand that the amount and the trust involve is separate … Continue reading You are Entitled to $5 Billion in Lawful Money [UPDATED]

UBS Goes Down – GS Update [2 Dec 2012]

Last September 2011, UBS CEO Oswald Grübel resigned amid rogue trading scandal. This was followed by the announcement of cutting down 10,000 of the workforce in October this year. This is just the tip of the whole story for in mid-February of this year, massive resignations in the banking cartels occurred. Skeptics argued that all … Continue reading UBS Goes Down – GS Update [2 Dec 2012]

Chasing Filipino Dream for the World

Filipinos, today, can be seen in every country that welcomes immigrants and foreign workers. The lack of employment opportunities back home forces them to seek greener pastures elsewhere. They are said to contribute as much as US$20 Billion per annum to the government coffers, with as much as 80% going to service foreign debt. The … Continue reading Chasing Filipino Dream for the World


The latest update from Ben Fulford suggested that there are only two options for our brothers and sisters in America: “One is for the US to issue a devalued treasury dollar in exchange for a one-off debt write off. The other is to wait for US income levels to fall to Chinese levels. Either of … Continue reading Advisory: GET YOUR MONEY OUT NOW!

Choking the Serpent: Liens Filed Against G7

We have expected something like this to happen as the final window of opportunity draws near. Previously, liens were filed against all twelve branches of the Federal Reserve. Now it’s time for the corporate hemorrhaging countries to receive the final knockout punch before the ceremonial final takedown of the International Dark Cabal at their premiere … Continue reading Choking the Serpent: Liens Filed Against G7

Cabal Takedown Advisory: Get Everyone Ready!

We were waiting for that “final advisory” from Drake before the final takedown of the Dark Cabal. We feel this could be it. This update came after the reported attempt to plunder Philippine Gold cloaked as military exercise Balikatan 2012 held in Palawan and Fort Magsaysay, Philippines. Previously, Drake indicated that “scrambling of patriots” are … Continue reading Cabal Takedown Advisory: Get Everyone Ready!

Lien Claimants Demand 4,638,791,996 kgs. of Pure Gold from Federal Reserve; Prelude to Mass Arrests

The serving of  Notice of Cease and Desist to all twelve (12) branches of the Federal Reserve is a very strong indication that the final takedown of the Dark Cabal is about to begin, possibly next week. That will not be a Martial Law, but a civilian-sanctioned military, federal marshal and police operation. There could … Continue reading Lien Claimants Demand 4,638,791,996 kgs. of Pure Gold from Federal Reserve; Prelude to Mass Arrests

White Hats Report #31

BUSH SR. – THE “KING” IS LOSING HIS MIND – How can a Stage Two Alzheimer Patient continue to terrorize American and World Leaders!? America is in grave danger by Washington Autocracy who have continued to fail to address the criminal actions of Bush Senior’s Dark Cabal who are in collusion with renegade bankers to … Continue reading White Hats Report #31

Secret Meeting of 57 Finance Ministers on Ship Charts New Financial System

Benjamin Fulford, August 30, 2011 For the past week, a secret meeting of 57 finance ministers aimed at setting up a new international financial system took place in a large ship on international waters near Europe, according to White Dragon Society representatives who were there. The meeting, hosted by Switzerland, deliberately excluded representatives from the … Continue reading Secret Meeting of 57 Finance Ministers on Ship Charts New Financial System

White Hats Report #28

 THE TROPOS AFFAIR:  The Theft & Demise of America For many months The White Hats have been reporting on numerous aspects of how America has been ripped off by its former and current leaders.  Readers have been informed of how it has occurred and how it continues to occur … in some cases, in real … Continue reading White Hats Report #28

White Hats Report #24

UPDATE:  OBAMA OFFSHORE TRADING PROFITS EXCEED 3 BILLION DOLLARS OBAMA IGNORES WORLD COURT ORDERS; OBAMA MENTAL CONDITION IS OF CONCERN TO STAFFERS; OBAMA IMPEACHMENT INEVITABLE! We have been informed once again that Obama has flipped and flopped on the World Global Settlements. Since our White Hats Report # 16 wherein we explain that President Obama … Continue reading White Hats Report #24