Finally, Obama’s Original Birth Certificate Surfaces!

Update, 3/27/2012: Painting depicts Obama burning the US Constitution… Update, 3/22/2012: Obama’s secrets go beyond his roots… (Thanks Don and “K”.) A damning development for the US President Obama emerges… Below, is a Certified Copy of Registration of Birth from the District of Mombasa, Coast Province of Kenya indicating the birthplace of one Barrack Hussein … Continue reading Finally, Obama’s Original Birth Certificate Surfaces!

White Hats Report #10

February 7, 2011 – White Hat Report #10 – The United States Supreme Court – Upholders of the Constitution or Just another Political Player? Democrats, Republicans, the Supreme Court and the Slow Death of the United States of America. “We the People are the rightful master of both congress and the courts – not to … Continue reading White Hats Report #10

Ben Fulford Updates

The articles below will give a summary of what’s really going on behind the scenes from Ben Fulford’s perspective. The battle for global control has been raging and is already reaching nuclear proportion. Don’t fear, but be on constant alert as the enemy is already bleeding.