Take Your Garbage Home, Canada!

We are very grateful to all those who have helped us raise the public’s awareness about Corporate Canada’s blatant disregard of all established international decorum and its continued lack of decency to pull out the stinking garbage from the Port of Manila. While this mess may have been facilitated by private entities of both countries, … Continue reading Take Your Garbage Home, Canada!

China Moves for A New Global Currency

Just a few days ago, we read that China is setting the stage for a new world reserve currency. Although we are expecting this to happen, it is still a shocking reality for the West. Through its official mouthpiece, China unleashed some very strong words against US foreign policies. In reading the article below, let … Continue reading China Moves for A New Global Currency

UN Shit Causes Massive Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

Remember Haiti Earthquake 2010? The information spreading then was that it was deliberate and the goal was to plunder gold bullion from its central bank by occupation forces. Even the Red Cross personnel and equipment were not able to land on time for humanitarian purposes due to strict security at the airports. “After the colossal … Continue reading UN Shit Causes Massive Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

Yellow Metals, Infiltrators, and the Ignoramus

This is a continuation of our series on the Illuminati’s conquest in Asia. We are running these articles in the hope of illuminating more on the nature of errors committed against Asians and why they must be corrected. This is a very long article which will contradict Ben Fulford’s claim that: “The conclusion is that … Continue reading Yellow Metals, Infiltrators, and the Ignoramus

A Plea for Caution From Russia

Relations between us have passed through different stages. We stood against each other during the cold war. But we were also allies once, and defeated the Nazis together. The universal international organization — the United Nations — was then established to prevent such devastation from ever happening again. ¶ The United Nations’ founders understood that … Continue reading A Plea for Caution From Russia

Eve of Redemption

Russia is not giving up on Snowden, nay on humanity itself as a whole. She just made her point clear when she mobilized the biggest war game since Soviet times weeks ago. Except for the dwindling Sheeples, millions across the world are standing up against their tyrannical governments whose loyalties are not to them but … Continue reading Eve of Redemption

Fluoride & the Shrinking IQ

Had it not for the cyclical solar activity popularly known as Global Warming, we would have succumbed to the mentally destructive power of the fluoride. “Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century.” – Robert Carlton, Ph.D, former EPA scientist, 1992 Back in WW2, German chemists were using sodium fluoride to make … Continue reading Fluoride & the Shrinking IQ

Vice Pope Bertone Resigning

This just in. Thanks, Jean. The second in command in the House of the Demons is resigning. Cardinal Bertone is said to have handed his resignation letter, as the present Secretary of State, to Mr. Bergoglio, i.e. the pope. Jesuit “Mr. Pro-poor” Bergoglio is yet to decide about the matter. Both these resignations can be … Continue reading Vice Pope Bertone Resigning

Massive Resignations 5.0

Previously, we have documented these uncommon high-profile corporate shakeups which were highlighted by the Pontifical Resignation early this year. Massive CEO resignations are still continuing. Most peculiar is this array of resignations from mining, transport, telecommunications, and even the pharmaceuticals, suggesting that these critical components of the real economy are experiencing the crunch in hard … Continue reading Massive Resignations 5.0

NWO Cabal in Panic Mode, Financial Infrastructure Cut Off

This is an update from Neil Keenan emphasizing the danger arising from the Cabal’s desperation as its financial arm is effectively cut off. To add, proof of financial related development is the Bundesbank Repatriation of their Gold Deposit from Federal Reserve – New York. To our knowledge, more Central Banks are doing the same following … Continue reading NWO Cabal in Panic Mode, Financial Infrastructure Cut Off

Same Fertilizer, Different Day [UPDATED]

Update 13 jan 2013: Financial Reality Here it is in a nutshell. This does NOT have the legal/lawful standing everyone is looking for. IT does NOT work this way. However, there is remedy available through similar action AFTER one other major detail has been attended to. Only after the existence of these ‘corporate entities’ is … Continue reading Same Fertilizer, Different Day [UPDATED]

Chasing Filipino Dream for the World

Filipinos, today, can be seen in every country that welcomes immigrants and foreign workers. The lack of employment opportunities back home forces them to seek greener pastures elsewhere. They are said to contribute as much as US$20 Billion per annum to the government coffers, with as much as 80% going to service foreign debt. The … Continue reading Chasing Filipino Dream for the World

Inner Earth Theory Confirmed

For a time I’ve been itching to write about the Inner Earth theory which personally fascinates the child in me. Like every new subject that comes to my attention, I didn’t readily hop into the idea that we are standing above continents with civilization in them that is totally independent from our own. In fact, … Continue reading Inner Earth Theory Confirmed