Sheriffs Move to Arrest Pope Bergoglio, et al

The mechanism for the arrest of the real threat to humanity has been provided by the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State [ITCCS]. It is up to us to enforce its verdict.
Sadly, some quarters in the alternative department are still thinking twice whether to pick up the pitchfork or not.
We think we need to do a crusade much like they did when they tried to conquer Palestine, only this time, we will storm the Vatican with arrest warrants in hand.
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Building Bridges 2.0

In the tradition of Zheng He, modern China continues to do business progressively across continents around the world.
The only dark taint in its recent history was that with Chairman Mao, who was a Jesuit puppet just like Hitler and Stalin, responsible for the deaths of between 40 to 70 million of his own people.
While Western taxpayers are apathetically funding the destruction of Middle East countries and elsewhere, China has put all its efforts in expanding its influence via soft power over countries it has dealt with  hundreds of years ago.

Foreign Investment in Africa Seen at Record $80 Billion in 2014, Report Shows

African Economy to Grow by 4.3% in 2014, 5.7% in 2015

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UK's Foultry

It’s UK’s poultry industry, not China’s or the Third World’s.
Now they understand how to live in a worsening economy, where companies strive to preserve the bottomline without due regards to public safety.

Revealed: the dirty secret of the UK’s poultry industry

Two-thirds of fresh retail chicken in UK contaminated with campylobacter
Guardian findings prompt investigations at three major supermarkets
Government shelves plans to name and shame suppliers
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Inconsistent Reactions: Flight MH17 & Gaza

Let us assume for a moment that we don’t know who’s killing civilians in Gaza and who shot down Flight MH-17 off Ukrainian skies. Shouldn’t we condemn both as equally unacceptable acts of terror?
Yet we are still seeing politicians reacting harshly to “inciting to violence” rather than condemning acts of violence itself. While mainstream journalists mouthing old accusing lines ahead of proper investigation regarding MH-17 culpability while ignoring the Rouge State behind the massacre in Gaza that still continues to this day.
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Explosions and Cries in Gaza

We’ve not done enough.
The genocide has gone unabated in Gaza. The Nazionists are showing what they are really capable of, but the world has not.
Protests, press conferences — they’re nothing compared to the massive dense inert metal explosives [DIME] and cancer causing phosphorous bombs unleashed to the logistically inferior Palestinians in Gaza.
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240 Kiloton Gold Heist Disguised as Joint Naval Drill in SoKor

(A video update by Neil Keenan)
Since arriving here in Jakarta nearly two weeks ago – both the pace and developments have been relentless. The past two weeks seem more like two months, as the scope and magnitude of what we do here appears to expand, not by the day – but by the minute!
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"Palestinian Mothers Should Be Killed"

So says another woman, an Israeli politician named Ayelet Shaked.
The Israeli genocide is in full throttle while the rest of the world are fully entertained by Ukrainian Nazis and ISIS [Muslim Brotherhood].


Daily Sabah
Updated : 15.07.2014 17:02:13 Published : 14.07.2014 01:11:49

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Flight MH-370 Victims Reused for MH-17 False Flag

Just a few hours ago, we’ve been discussing with John G about the possibility of the victims of Flight MH-370 being used as the passengers of Flight MH-17 due to the initial reports of people seeing “rotten carcases falling from the skies” to stage another false flag operation over Southeast Ukraine.


What Did US Spy Satellites See in Ukraine?

Exclusive: The U.S. media’s Ukraine bias has been obvious, siding with the Kiev regime and bashing ethnic Russian rebels and Russia’s President Putin. But now – with the scramble to blame Putin for the Malaysia Airlines shoot-down – the shoddy journalism has grown truly dangerous, says Robert Parry.
By Robert Parry
In the heat of the U.S. media’s latest war hysteria – rushing to pin blame for the crash of a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet on Russia’s President Vladimir Putin – there is the same absence of professional skepticism that has marked similar stampedes on Iraq, Syria and elsewhere – with key questions not being asked or answered.
The dog-not-barking question on the catastrophe over Ukraine is: what did the U.S. surveillance satellite imagery show? It’s hard to believe that – with the attention that U.S. intelligence has concentrated on eastern Ukraine for the past half year that the alleged trucking of several large Buk anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia to Ukraine and then back to Russia didn’t show up somewhere.
Russian-made Buk anti-missile battery.
Yes, there are limitations to what U.S. spy satellites can see. But the Buk missiles are about 16 feet long and they are usually mounted on trucks or tanks. Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 also went down during the afternoon, not at night, meaning the missile battery was not concealed by darkness.
So why hasn’t this question of U.S. spy-in-the-sky photos – and what they reveal – been pressed by the major U.S. news media? How can the Washington Post run front-page stories, such as the one on Sunday with the definitive title “U.S. official: Russia gave systems,” without demanding from these U.S. officials details about what the U.S. satellite images disclose?
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Wrong Aircraft Identified As Malaysia Flt MH-17 Fuels Doubts

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Building Bridges

The massive global redevelopment has began.
After recovering full control of the global economy, Eastern nations are unveiling their plans to develop the eastern seaboard that will include a link between Beijing, North Siberia, Alaska, Canada and on to the US mainland.
This project is to be implemented alongside Russia’s rehabilitation and expansion of the Siberian Railways which could be used to transport minerals such as copper, silver, etc.
Although the official line is to use these projects to transport goods and spur tourism related activities in these areas, these colossal endeavors may also pave the way for the production of exotic appliances.
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Origins of Man

Michael Cremo’s archaeological adventure has led him to conclude that our civilization is far older than what’s in the books.
He asserted that, instead of having a planet that is 4 billion years old, there is a cyclical 4 billion period in which civilizations came and went.
Perhaps, if we will try to do it right this time, we might be the first to last longer than that.
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While we can celebrate the ongoing funeral of the worthless paper currency, we can’t help but wonder if promises of better economic conditions will come after China, Russia and Germany formally agree to work together on turning the planet greener.
Back in 2009, an Examiner article exposed a glimpse of what China and Germany are collaborating on:
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Polarized Intentions 3.0

Eastern nations want unity and unhampered march to progress, but there are those who seek to impose a divided world.
A victim of Nazionist’s Cold War, the Korean Peninsula was divided for Empire’s sake. Yet lies won’t endure as the human’s resolve for seeking the light.
No matter how they project their might in theaters of war and in the privacy of our own homes, the tradition of fear is ending, and the fearsome army of darkness is cowering from the corner of inevitable irrelevance.
We are moving into a new brave new world of our own choosing.  We will get there because we willed it and always believe it to be our only destiny.

Pyongyang calls for Koreas’ federalization & reunification without outside interference

Published time: July 07, 2014 03:31
Edited time: July 07, 2014 04:25
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attends an unveiling ceremony of statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il during the completion ceremony of Songdowon International Children's camp in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang May 3, 2014. (Reuters/ KCNA)
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attends an unveiling ceremony of statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il during the completion ceremony of Songdowon International Children’s camp in this undated photo released by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang May 3, 2014. (Reuters/ KCNA)

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US CORPORATIONS Are Dumping US$ in Favor of RMB

The Financial Reset is already unfolding right before our very noses. But it is done in a subtle manner to lessen mass disruptions.
Exactly who will benefit largely from this shift is still everyone’s guess, yet still we hope it’s the majority — the 99%.
The US Dollar had lost every reason to be the world’s reserve currency.
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Saudi Joining BRICS to Ditch USD

Everybody with sovereign wealth substantial enough to dictate the global economic direction are making their voices heard, and their action felt.
China and Russia spearheading the establishment of a World Bank of Hard Currencies, e.g. gold, is now being joined by Saudi Arabia which might replicate what Iran has been currently doing in the energy market.
All these moves will have one sure casualty — USDollar.
But what’s in it for us?
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ISIL: A Diversion from Israel's Apartheid Policy

There is no doubt that the Israel government has adopted a policy of displacement against the Palestinians who have all the rights to be in what is now known as Israel, a Rothschild’s WW2 brainchild.
In its most strongest words so far, a senior Iranian cleric accuses Israel of being behind the Takfiri mayhem in Northern Iraq in order to divert the world’s attention from its apartheid policies against the Palestinians.

ISIL covering up Israel crimes, says Iran cleric

This file photo shows ISIL militants in Iraq.

This file photo shows ISIL militants in Iraq.

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Beyond the Smoke & Mirrors