We won’t be playing with your fate…

The methods that we are using are based on a proven, peer reviewed and patented technology that should have replaced all antibiotics and vaccines currently in the market. A portion of that patent reads as follows…

The method portrayed in said patent is uncompromisingly effective yet invasive. That’s because the inventor himself is a good medical doctor, and that’s what he was trained for throughout his career – to do medical operations invasively. We have found a better method of delivering the same treatment but without cutting any part of your body, and with the same, if not better, outcome… If you’re still wondering why you haven’t heard of this technology before, just try reading all the articles on this website and you will find your answers. Every claim we are making is strongly supported with verifiable facts.


  • Blood Cleansing – the ultimate object of this treatment is to purify the blood from any and all parasites. It’s been found that as the blood is freed from all parasites, 2000+ neuropeptides will return including interferon which “interferes” cancer cell growth;
  • Lymphs and Organ-Specific Cleansing – this complements blood purification to cover those areas which are not flooded with blood. Electromagnetic pulses are directed to precise areas to introduce minute electrical currents for purposes of “electrocuting” any lurking parasites that may reinfect later on;
  • Agionixx® Immune Boosting – using naturally occurring anti-microbial element, your immune system will be assisted in its fight against all types of microbes, viruses, pathogens, and other parasites, in between treatments. This is to make sure that you are protected 24/7 against any new infections; and
  • Ozone Detoxification – it’s absolutely unwise that we work hard in neutralizing parasites and leave your kidneys and liver in filtering out these deadly volume of  toxins alone. This may lead to a condition called Herxheimer Syndrome where the system undergoes a rapid detoxification to the point of permanently damaging the liver. This is the reason why we must, initially, go slowly for severe infections, and encourage all clients to take a generous amount of water (at least 14 glasses a day) to help in the detoxification process. This treatment is best done in the comfort of your own home. We are providing a portable ozonizer at no additional cost.

WARNING: These eTreatments are so effective in the neutralization of ALL types of parasites, you need to take adequate amount of water to help the liver and kidneys in the detoxification process. Otherwise, a permanent damage to these organs can be expected due to toxin (i.e. neutralized parasites) overloading. Granting that the client has taken enough nutritive foods and has rested well, it is the LACK OF WATER that is the prime cause of all problems along the way, not any of these eTreatments. Don’t take this warning lightly.

The whole protocol is synergistic towards a completely parasite-free YOU and done mostly thru non-radioactive, non-invasive, non-chemo, but the precise application of electromagnetics. This protocol is the most natural treatment you may be undergoing.

All services come with a 90-day MoneyBack Guarantee.


All parasitic diseases can be treated thru this protocol.

This list is not complete, but among the 650+ ailments that can be treated are the following:

abrasion  ·  leukemia · acne  ·  lupus  · acne rosacea  ·  lymphangitis  · AIDS ·  lyme disease  · allergies  · malaria  · appendicitis  · meningitis  · arthritis · mosquito bites  · athlete’s foot  · neurasthenia · hepatitis ·  bladder inflammation  ·  parasitic infections (viral & fungal) ·  blood parasites  · pneumonia  · blood poisoning  · pleurisy  · boils  · prostate  · bubonic plague  · pruritis ani  · burns  · psoriasis  · candida  · purulent ophthalmia  · chillblanes  · pyorrhea  · cancer · rhinitis · canine parvovirus · rheumatism · cholera · ringworm · chronic fatigue · scarlet fever  ·  colds/flu  ·  (septic conditions of the eyes, ears  – colitis mouth & throat) – conjunctivitis  –  seborrhea – cuts, scrapes  –  septicemia – cystitis  ·  shingles  · dermatitis  · skin cancer · diabetes · sores · dysentery · staph infections · eczema · syphilis · fibrositis · thyroid  ·  gastritis  ·  tonsillitis  ·  gonorrhea  ·  toxemia  ·  hay fever  ·  trachoma  ·  herpes  · trenchfoot  ·  impetigo  ·  tuberculosis  ·  indigestion  · virus (all forms) ·  infections  · warts  · inflammations · whooping-cough · itchy skin · yeast infection · vasculitis.


We would rather suffer from being repetitive, but the importance of adequate water intake can never be over-emphasized. Among the signs of detoxification failure are: headache, flu-like fever, skin rashes, skin eruptions, jaundice, joint and muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea or other symptoms. The irony to this is that, while we can not force the client to drink generous amount of water, it is during these stages when they would thought that things are getting worse. Even the use of ozonizer further aggravates this scenario because they will be thinking that every glass of liquid they’re taking into their stomach is more potent than before.

It is therefore our view that if you want to achieve a much faster resolution to all ailments you might have, it is imperative that you must help your liver and kidneys in the detoxification process by drinking a minimum of 14 glasses of water per day, absolutely ozonized. Otherwise, a permanent damage on these organs can be expected. You have been warned.

48 hours prior to the eTherapy, you should not take any of the following:

  • all drugs
  • all herbals, most especially garlic (highly toxic)
  • food supplements
  • all medications
  • all vitamins (inc. vitamin A, niacin)

One (1) week prior to the eTherapy, you should not take any of the following:

  • nicotine
  • liquor and all forms of alcohol (eg. isoprophyl or rubbing alcohol, ethanol, etc.)
  • coffee
  • illegal drugs

Pregnant women are not allowed to undergo this treatment.

After each eTherapy session, take at least 40 minutes rest before driving and/or operating any vehicle or motorized machineries.

For inquiries, please email at [email protected].

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