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The methods that we are using are based on a proven, peer reviewed and patented technology that should have replaced all antibiotics and vaccines currently in the market today. A portion of that patent reads as follows…

The key phrases are:

  • “attenuate any bacteria, virus (including AIDS HIV), parasites…” « i.e. all types of parasites can be dealt with;
  • “but does not make the blood biologically unfit…”  «  i.e. no long-term side-effects (except that which is related to detoxification discussed below)

The method portrayed in said patent is uncompromisingly effective yet very invasive. That’s because the inventor himself is a good medical doctor, and that’s what he was trained for throughout his career – to do medical operations invasively. We have found a better method of delivering the same treatment but without cutting any part of your body, and with the same, if not better, outcome… If you’re still wondering why you haven’t heard of this technology before, just try reading all the articles on this website and you will find your answers. Every claim we are making is strongly supported with verifiable facts.


eTherapy is consist of at least four synergistic treatment routines given daily, each at predetermined durations. Each treatment routine accomplishes a certain goal and does not distinguish between types of parasites, but rather neutralizes them all. Every routine complements the others to obtain the ultimate purpose – the full restoration of the immune system.

When subjected to eTherapy, viral replication is decisively disrupted, without leaving any residue (chemo), or damaging any healthy tissue (radiation), paving the way for a full immune system restoration.

The full restoration of the immune system is absolutely necessary so that any known and unknown diseases can be defeated effectively and decisively. This strategy enables us to bypass invasive surgeries and maybe even certain diagnostic procedures. This could mean huge savings for the client. Our own immune system already knows precisely what must be done to a particular infection even without our conscious will to do it.

Fact of the matter is: the human body has survived and endured for billions of years (Cremo) of relentless parasitic attacks and we are not going for the exit yet. No other living organisms have the tenacity, intelligence and willpower to survive more than humans. It is therefore a grave mistake to even think for one moment that a tiny little virus could finally defeat us. No, not now, and not even in the near future. Our species will live and advance in spite of those who prefer to plunge us into regression.

WARNING: These eTreatments are so effective in the neutralization of the parasites, you need to take adequate amount of water to help the liver and kidneys in the detoxification process. Otherwise, a permanent damage to these organs can be expected due to toxin (i.e. neutralized parasites) overloading. Granting that the client has taken enough nutritive foods and has rested well, it is the LACK OF WATER that is the prime cause of all problems along the way, and not any of these eTreatments. Don’t take this warning lightly.

What are the actual treatments comprising eTherapy?

The body can heal itself if we have:

  1. neutralized the parasite,
  2. detoxified (eliminated toxic chemicals and neutralized parasites) completely,
  3. feed the body with proper nutrients, and
  4. allowed the body to enjoy much needed rest.

The first three below: Virutron, Shockwavv, and Agionixx, accomplish the first goal. While Ozone Detoxification accomplishes the second objective. The third and fourth conditions above (nutrients & rest), together with ozone detoxification are to be done in the comfort of one’s home. These imply that the responsibility to detoxify, nutritive dietary intake, and adequate rest are the sole responsibilities of the subject client, and eClinik’s responsibilities in these areas are mostly advisory. If one of these are not fully satisfied, then the whole protocol would be compromised. However, if the entire protocol is faithfully followed, all parasites could be neutralized, and as a consequence, all diseases derived therefrom are also eradicated.

No need for separate treatment to deal with other specific ailments. Just the complete eTherapy Protocol will do the job. Without leaving chemical residue, and no radiation, and its being non-invasive, long-term harmful side-effects are completely avoided. The only chance for problems to manifest is when the client fail to detoxify properly. So, please follow all warnings above and in other pages on this website and printed materials.

Virutron: Blood Cleaning

This involves precise application of electromagnetic waves in the blood where a considerable amount of parasites are propagating. Minute electric current is more than enough to alter the protein layer of the parasites inhibiting them from replicating any further. These neutralized parasites are eventually flushed out from the blood thru the kidneys and liver, assuming, of course, that you have followed the detoxification protocol..

Duration: 2 hours maximum.

ShockWavv: Lymph and Organ Cleansing

Electromagnetic waves are directed towards specific organs, and the whole lymphatic system. It has been found that when a person is having diabetes, a colony of worms have been established at the pancreas preventing it from producing enough amount of insulin. In like manner, when a person is suffering from asthma it’s now conclusively believe that the lungs is populated by the same class of worms causing diabetes and arthritis. Same parasites, different organ infections, different disease names – that’s the root of all these confusions requiring us to consult the “experts”.

Duration: 15 minutes maximum.

Agionixx: Immune System 2

Is made from a single naturally occurring element possessing antimicrobial / antiviral properties and to be administered in a form of ionic solution. Once taken, the ions stay in the body for about a week, neutralizing every parasite that comes in contact with. The logic here is: when parasites are attacked from the blood, organs and lymphatic system, they may go into hiding towards the deepest recesses of the body, effectively unreachable by any other means, except the actual penetration of all cellular membranes including that of the parasite itself. Ions are submicroscopically small (the next stop into smallness is the atom itself) and can penetrate even the structure of the virus itself effectively neutralizing it.

When parasites are targeted from all fronts, their survival is practically zero, and huge volume of toxins (neutralized parasites) can be expected requiring a more efficient detoxification protocol.

Dosage: 20 ml. for adult.

Ozone Detoxification

Ozone is triatomic oxygen, O3. It is a natural detoxifying agent and disinfectant. When bacteria come in contact with ozone, they are instantly transformed into carbon dioxide and water. Carbon dioxide being gas is readily exhaled and water is absorbed. This method greatly help the liver and kidneys from being overloaded with too much toxins, be it in the form of neutralized parasites or harmful chemicals.

It must be understood further, that each component of eTherapy covers a wide spectrum of parasites, that is – it covers all known and unknown types of virus, bacteria, microbes, fungus, pathogens, worms, etc. (Although, there are some quarters claiming that virus is actually not a living organism but chemical in nature.) This would mean that a much higher volume of neutralized parasites can be expected as opposed to what can be expected when using chemical antibiotics which are mostly engineered to deal only with limited family of pathogens. This fact reinforces the need for a more efficient detoxification protocol, hence the employment of ozone to transform biological wastes into carbon dioxide and water, to unburden the liver and kidneys in the course of administering the rest of the eTherapy Protocols.

The liver is a large blood filter amongst hundreds of its identified functions. It separates parasites from healthy blood cells, and works in tandem with the kidneys in removing all pollutants. When a person have cancer, these two organs work doubly hard to remove increasing volume of toxins, to the point of being affected themselves. This the reason why we have to start eTreatments very slowly during the initial phases of eTherapy, and for the subject client to adhere to the Detoxification Protocol (minimum daily intake: 14 glasses of ozonated water) throughout the whole duration of eTherapy.

We also take into account the findings of Dr. Otto Warburg that parasites, being anaerobic, thrives very well on highly acidic cells but can’t survive in an oxygen-filled environment, and it is in this regard where ozone could greatly help since its extra oxygen atom per molecule can readily attach to our own aerobic cells displacing the parasite in the process and greatly enhancing full recovery even from cancer.

IF there are only two causes of diseases: parasites and chemicals (manmade compounds, physiologic reactions ), we believe we have covered them all and are confident enough that we can defeat the ailments they may have caused with utmost certainty.

Dosage: at least 14 glasses of Ozonated Water per day.

What must be avoided during eTherapy?

All medications including all drugs, all herbals, caffeine, nicotine, all forms of alcohol (e.g. liquor, rubbing, ethanol, isoprophyl, etc.) should be avoided at all times due to increase absorption rate of the blood plasma during the entire course of eTherapy.

Pregnant women are not allowed to undergo this treatment to avoid harming the unborn. Persons with artificial pacemakers or other embedded electronics or metals and other implants, should inform us beforehand, so we can proceed appropriately and safely (e.g. ShockWavv treatment will be omitted).

Every client should take at least forty (40) minutes rest before driving or operating heavy and/or motorized machineries.

Avoid detoxification failure and /or permanent liver and/or kidney damage by taking in adequate amount of water (at least 14 glasses per day), preferably ozonized.

What can be expected during eTherapy?

1st month:

Occasional headaches, fever and other signs of detoxification failure due to inadequate water intake. Most clients take our advice lightly and will not take in plenty of water to help the liver and kidneys in the detoxification process. The capacity to detoxify determines the duration of the whole treatment. Less water intake means more days of treatment. More cooperative clients can achieve spontaneous total remission in as early as two months!

2nd month:

By this time, the blood maybe free from most, if not all, parasites and neuropeptides should begin to reappear, among which is interferon. Interferon interferes the growth of cancer cells.

Client can verify if the blood is indeed already cleaned through laboratory or visual tests. Before eTherapy, the blood color is usually maroon or dark brown, while thoroughly cleaned blood is light red or red orange.

We can check if the blood is already helping us in fighting against a particular infection by intentionally delaying the next treatment session for, say, eight hours. When this treatment session delay is done, the site of the actual infection, or thereabouts, swells and turns red, and to some degree, painful. The red swelling indicates that the blood is now concentrating its attack on said infection, and additional white blood cells may need to be reproduced, hence the increase of body temperature (fever).

Fever should not be stopped specially during the first four hours or so, so that adequate amount of white blood cells is thereby produced. Taking paracetamol during this time may lengthen the actual duration of the fever while the body forces itself to produce enough white blood cells to effectively combat the infection. Whenever possible, the sensation of pain should not be attenuated by taking in pain relievers as it has its own purpose, too.

When you have a clean blood, you are now relatively sure you have a fully functioning immune system, and that it is only a matter of time before spontaneous total remission is finally achieved.

3rd month onwards:

The pain associated with healing continues.

Another annoying but necessary development would be pus discharges, and skin eruptions. While we welcome these as a natural way of flushing out neutralized parasites, it is these kinds of events which the client may naively interpret as an escalation of the disease, and may require further explanation of the protocol.

A skin eruption is caused by the failure of the liver and kidneys to filter out the avalanche of toxins, i.e. neutralized parasites resulting from the effectiveness of the treatment. In this case the lymphatic system is forced to “push” these toxins out towards the skin as a last resort in getting the garbage out. This undesirable circumstance, which may include pain (associated with healing), could be minimized by taking more water than before.

It must be understood that the whole eTherapy can be accelerated as desired, and that the only limiting factor is the ability of the body to detoxify itself, and the amount of water intake the client does. We will not increase the session duration and intensity if failure of detoxification is expected. Otherwise, a permanent damage to the liver and/or kidneys would be possible. You have been warned.

What determines actual duration of eTherapy?

  1. Water intake and the ability of the liver and kidneys to detoxify. Most clients have weak organs, so it’s imperative that we must proceed very slowly especially during the first phase of the treatment to avoid overloading the same with toxins in the form of neutralized parasites. More water, less discomforts. We will not increase the session duration and intensity if failure of detoxification is expected. Otherwise, a permanent damage to the liver and/or kidneys would be possible. You have been warned.
  2. Severity of the infections. Obviously, a stage two cancer is much easier to deal with than a stage four cancer. The volume of alien organisms and toxic chemicals you have collected over the years is a significant factor in the determination of the length of eTherapy.
  3. Strong negativity. The power of the mind overshadows all physiological activities. If you have to undergo eTherapy, you must maintain a positive outlook. Your brains and other parts of your neurological infrastructure direct all activities in all other systems including that which performs actual healing. Anxiety increases acidity which aggravates parasitic infections. Most of these activities proceed without you consciously knowing about them. A complete understanding of this mechanism gives you the needed confidence about eTherapy. This must be done before you even decide that eTherapy is really for you. You can do that by fully understanding the methods stated and all that are written here. Otherwise, you will be more incline to listen to uneducated opinions and wild speculations along the way. You must ask all questions you may have beforehand to clear the air of any doubts. You should not undergo this treatment if you have questions that are still  unanswered. And most importantly, decide for yourself!
  4. Unconscious Death Wish. This is probably the worst of all factors hindering full recovery. It is estimated by experts that only 15% of the gross population really want to live as long as can be made possible. Some 85% don’t wan’t their ailments to completely disappear. This could be due to secondary gains (e.g. undivided attention, health insurance, etc.) or a desire to “escape into the afterlife” (which most members of the Judeo-Christian religion prefer). You might not know it if you have, but here are some signs based on our own limited experience:
    • “I think i’m dying…” or “I think i’m going to die with this disease…”
    • “I can’t take that minimum 14 glasses of water a day ’cause…”
    • “Can I just take 1 hour instead of 2-hour Virutron treatment today? I’ll be leaving for…”
    • too many “ifs” and “buts”, too many excuses not to do this and that (which could enhance the whole  process)…
    • The worst of all is when one doesn’t have enough compelling reasons or can’t recognize enough incentives to stay alive (eg. philandering spouse, juvenile delinquency, non-supportive family, bigotry).
  5. Defeat-the-Healer Syndrome. We don’t have an eTherapy protocol for this.

Due to these factors, we simply cannot save everyone. We can help you only when you are fully resolved in your desire to get well. Otherwise, we will only be mutually wasting our time and resources.

When do we know if we have achieved total remission?

Consult your doctor, and undergo the same battery of laboratory tests used in diagnosing your ailment.

Once you are declared free from any ailments, we will do a 24-hr marathon treatment to force a final blow to anything still lurking within your system. After which, we will gradually shorten your treatments for a few more days to allow your immune system to adapt from being in assisted mode to auto mode. This prevents you from experiencing mild cold or coughing.

At this final stage of the treatment, it is clearly observable that your immune system is actually having a reset – it may have forgotten the viral definition of Adenovirus (cold virus). But this is no cause for alarm but rather a reason for celebration. As expected, your immune system is more responsive than before, and autoimmune responses like cold and fever are necessary to clean the respiratory system and blood respectively.

By now, you may have a better understanding of what eTherapy is all about. We hope that we have answered most, if not all, questions you may have in mind. If not, please fell free to post them below or send an email to [email protected].

We will proceed with eTherapy with the presumption that you have fully understood all of the foregoing, and have fully decided to undertake the same with full cooperation until its desirable conclusion, which is nothing less than spontaneous total remission, is finally achieved.


We would rather suffer from being repetitive, but the importance of adequate water intake can never be overemphasized. Among the signs of detoxification failure are: headache, flu-like fever, skin rashes, skin eruptions, jaundice, joint and musclepain, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea or other symptoms. The irony to this is that, while we can not force the client to drink generous amount of water, it is during these stages when they would thought that things are getting worse. Even the use of ozonizer further aggravates this scenario because they will be thinking that every glass of liquid they’re taking into their stomach is more potent than before, and so they will drink less.

It is therefore our view that if you want to achieve a much faster resolution to all ailments you might have, it is imperative that you must help your liver and kidneys in the detoxification process by drinking a minimum of 14 glasses of water per day, absolutely ozonized. Otherwise, a permanent damage on these organs can be expected. You have been warned.

48 hours prior to the eTherapy, you should not take any of the following:

  • all drugs
  • all herbals, most especially garlic (highly toxic)
  • food supplements
  • all medications
  • all vitamins (inc. vitamin A, niacin)

One (1) week prior to the eTherapy, you should not take any of the following:

  • liquor
  • coffee
  • all mind altering drugs

Pregnant women are not allowed to undergo this treatment.

After each eTherapy session, take at least 40 minutes rest before driving and/or operating any vehicle or motorized machineries.

Thank you very much for your time. See you at…

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