What’s The Truth About HIV-AIDS?

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According to the UNAIDS 2007 Statistics: 33.2 million people are living with AIDS, 22.5 million are in Sub-Saharan Africa and 4 million are in SouthEast Asia. New HIV infections in 2007 alone is at 2.5 million, and deaths on that same year is 2.1 million.

In the Philippines, the 1984-2008 data are as follows:

  • Total Reported Cases = 3,589
  • Asymptomatic Cases = 2,787
  • AIDS Cases = 802
  • Children = 50
  • Reported Deaths = 311

These figures have increased tremendously for the last few months. Aside from knowing the numbers, don’t we want to know how HIV-AIDS came about?


If HIV was engineered, who was responsible for it?


So how do we stop HIV? Do we have the technology to do it? Do you really believe that man had already conquered the moon yet can’t conquer the parasites within himself?

Yes, we do have the technology. In fact, several antiviral technologies have preceded this dreaded disease of AIDS by decades already. One of the latest is this one.

So, the question now is, why do the health department and the media are still trumpeting, up to this day, that there’s no cure for HIV-AIDS? Are we being lied to? Or, are they afraid that people will soon realize that the same technology could be used to defeat cancers and all other parasitic diseases?

It seems we are left to ourselves as to how we should deal with it. And now that you have in your hand the knowledge of an anti-HIV/anti-cancer technology, wouldn’t it be nice to just use it and spread the good news?



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