Victory in Aleppo: 1000s of CIA Daesh Terrorists Surrender

With yesterday’s failure of Western Daesh benefactors to obtain another ceasefire in Syria that could have extended the “regime change” operations of the CIA and US State Department [here], the ISIS commanders on the ground have no other choice but to raise the white flag and avail themselves of the long standing Syrian government offer of amnesty and safe passage away from Aleppo City and neighboring areas.
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Western Daesh Benefactors Failed to Secure a U.N. Ceasefire in Aleppo

In response to the clamor for help by the various Daesh commanders on the ground in Eastern Aleppo, the allies of the UK, US and Germany filed a UN Security resolution aimed at establishing another ceasefire that would only pave the way for the regrouping of Daesh terrorists already suffering heavy casualties amidst in-fighting within their ranks.
Permanent members, Russia and China, vetoed the resolution.
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