Most Americans Are Slaves; Israel Asks U.S. $300mn for Missile Defense

During the time of the Marcos Dictatorship (1966-1986) we were mocked at as the “Sick Man in Asia” or “a country of 60 million cowards and one son of a bitch” by the Americans of those days.
We did revolt eventually in 1986, only to be hijacked by the Jesuit/CIA agents comprising the Council of Trent – Makati Business Club clique, the day after they appointed Corazon Aquino, widow of opposition leader Ninoy Aquino, to the presidency.
“Ninoy” Aquino was assassinated 3 years before, and US politicians  and mainstream media were blaming the Marcoses for his death. Assassination of opposition leaders is not new for the CIA.
The root cause of our problem, therefore, is not domestic but foreign.
So, what would you do when you start to realize you’re just a slave, and the very government that’s killing your countrymen through false flag operations like 9/11 WTC would ask for more military aid on top of the $100 billion your government have provided before?
Would you just stand idly by and do nothing?
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