The CIA and the Myths of the Bin Laden Raid

If you read the sketchy New York Times article on the Delta Force raid into Syria a few days ago — how an ISIS leader was killed when he “tried to engage” American commandos while his fighters used women and children as shields, and an 18-year-old slave was freed with no civilian casualties thanks to “very precise fire” you can be forgiven for thinking, “Haven’t I seen this movie before?”

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Susan O Comes From A Family Of Patriots

There’s no denying that everyone everywhere has to struggle on a daily basis in order to survive. How fortunate are those who are able to free their minds amidst the limits of the physical.
Although the Seers have predicted the people’s victory, but we are still at a time when the greatest war humanity has to fight is yet to be won. It is therefore incumbent upon all of us to do our part wherever and whenever possible.
How beautiful it would be if we are all committed to leave this world a lot better than we found it.
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