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The US Establishment Fully Outwitted Trump | Medvedev

The US establishment has fully outwitted Donald Trump and used his administration’s weakness to declare a fully-fledged economic war on Russia, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said, adding, that the move leaves no doubt that bilateral ties will never improve. Continue reading The US Establishment Fully Outwitted Trump | Medvedev


With regards to progress and development, there is no stopping for the BRICS. This massive partnership is based primarily on mutual respect and prosperity which is what the New Silk Road symbolizes.
The Eastern Alliance is more than ready and sincerely committed to finance the redevelopment of the planet, including the financing of massive rehabilitation of Western economies for as long as the purge of dangerous parasites is done as soon as possible.

The New Enemy

At present, there is an emergence of two contrasting geopolitical philosophies. While China is busy strengthening relationships with its neighbors in Asia, and Russia is sending food and medical supplies to the war-torn Ukraine, Western oligarchs are busy sowing terror by proxies everywhere there’s oil, regrouping and enhancing their military command structure as if the East would buy into their warmongering habits.
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