We Are Entering a New State of the World Economy

The Schiller Institute and the LaRouche Movement are being listened to by Asian governments and the economic template that they have formulated decades ago is serving as the fundamental outline of the Eurasian Project and the reestablishment of the Silk Road multi-cultural economic sphere.
But it’s not Asia only, or the BRICS in general, that are entering a new sociopolitical and economic phase .
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Wipe Out Wall Street, the Detonator for World War

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Jan. 5—The maelstrom in the trans-Atlantic financial markets is gathering strength, sucking in more and more financial institutions, and threatening a systemic collapse, starting with the crash of the euro. The Greek elections, which are a harbinger of that nation leaving the euro, are still three weeks away, and the oil price appears to have no bottom. 2015 has begun with a bang.
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