FBI Insider Warns A False Flag on 4th of July

While mainstream media are trying to dampen concerns about the possible grave effects of a Greek default to the Western economy, American patriots are being forewarned about a possible false flag event that is expected to occur on the 4th of July American Independence celebrations, and is also the eve of the Greek bailout referendum.
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'We Are All Greeks'

Here’s a good rundown which we can all relate to what’s happening over there in Greece. After all, both sides of the Atlantic and thereabouts are being choked and bled upon by the same group of financial Corporatocracy leeches.
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EU Bluff Against Greece and Russia Raises War Threat

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche
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March 6—The desperation move by European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi, to flood the Eurozone with €1.14 billion in so-called “quantitative easing,” while excluding Greece and Cyprus from this dubious bonanza, will doubly accelerate the inevitable collapse of the trans-Atlantic financial system. The simultaneous escalation of provocations against Russia by NATO maneuvers in the Black Sea and the forward basing of NATO troops and heavy equipment in the Baltic States, up to Russia’s borders, are directly related to the impending bankruptcy of the financial system.
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