FBI Insider Warns A False Flag on 4th of July

While mainstream media are trying to dampen concerns about the possible grave effects of a Greek default to the Western economy, American patriots are being forewarned about a possible false flag event that is expected to occur on the 4th of July American Independence celebrations, and is also the eve of the Greek bailout referendum.
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THE INTERVIEW: A Prelude To Grassy Knoll 2.0

We’ve watched The Interview yesterday just to understand what the fuss is all about.
And just like “America – Imagine the World Without Her”, it lacks the depth and accuracy of the prevailing  geopolitical weather on the ground. Both films share the character of a typical propaganda that only mainstream brainwashed talking heads would subscribe on with.
With the economic embargo being imposed on North Korea, we don’t agree to the FBI’s assertion that it has the bandwidth capability to launch a cyber-attack on a technologically superior US-Japanese company. There certainly is no precedent for North Korea to have done an attack like this one in the past.
It looks like The Interview and the subsequent false flag hacking of Sony may be more than just to annoy North Korea.
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Spy Files 4.0

One of those who stand up to the system, even at an early age, is Julian Assange.
Others would connect him to the CIA to malign his reputation, but we can look at where he is today, and conclude that CIA agents are mostly spending their most valuable time with ISIL rather than holed themselves up in a virtual prison cell like the Ecuadorian embassy.
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