Will Greece Be First in Europe To Join BRICS?

The newly elected Greek government remains defiant amid the scaremongering of European bankers led by Germany.
They are holding on to their campaign commitment of not accepting austerity-bearing loans, and they are demanding that Germany should pay for the economic damages it had inflicted on Greece during World War 2. These damages included interest-free bank loans and infrastructure damages it made against Greece.

Will Greece Be First in Europe
To Join the BRICS?

by Dean Andromidas
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Feb. 2—The Greek people gave Syriza and the Independent Greeks an overwhelming mandate in the July 25 elections to say “ochi” (“no”) to their foreign oppressors. The performance of the new government, led by these two parties, in its first week in office, demonstrates that it is fulfilling expectations—much to the consternation of the Euro-fanatics bent on saving their dying financial system.
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Greek Municipality Removes EU Flag

Patras, Greece authorities have removed the flag of the European Union from the city’s town hall, citing locals’ ‘hatred’ toward the supranational organization.
Municipal authorities in the Greek city of Patras have removed the blue and gold flag of the European Union from the city’s town hall, citing the ‘hatred’ locals feel toward the political-economic union.
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