Germany Made 100 Billion Euros from Greek Crisis

Here’s one more proof that the whole financial system is one big swindle.
The paper-based monetary system started with nothing, literally. It came into life just by virtue of an imposed agreement. Played with rosy promises, the whole system was put into action  with deliberately complex layers of paper shuffling and mind-numbing plethora of financial gobbledygook to cover its empty, shallow foundation.
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Greeks Defy Imperialist EU Bailout by Returning to Barter System

The Greeks are defying the British Empire dictated, one-sided bailout package as accepted by the Tsipras pseudo-Socialist government, by returning to the old cashless exchange of goods and services, i..e. bartering. This is obviously making the job harder for the local corporate Tsipras government by not being able to collect the necessary taxes to serve its imperial debt obligations.
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Greek Parliament Capitulates to Germany / EU Lenders

Approximately $50 billion of Greek assets are to be sold out to obtain fiat liquidity in return. This is on top of the massive increase in tax rates and further reduction on its pension fund.
Even if all preconditions are to be followed this bailout agreement will never free Greece from its debt for the next 100 years because it is not designed to be so. This is a blatant raid on a sovereign economy.
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