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Putin & Obama Responded to Keshe Peace Roadmap Challenge

For at least four years, the Keshe Foundation has been calling on all governments around the globe to come to a mutual agreement of ending all wars of aggressions and give peace a chance through the responsible utilization of the foundation’s own plasma technologies.
We published The Keshe Peace Roadmap in our article, Forcing the Peace and Prosperity Agenda, just in case you missed it.
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Keshe USB 2012 Released

No amount of intimidation, e.g. Malaysian Flight 370 & endless HAARPing of Asia, etc., could stop the ongoing Truth Revolution.
The Keshe USB 2012 contains the technology and how-to information sent to governments who joined the space flight development program of the foundation.
Any space program covers all technologies that deal with normal terrestrial activities, e.g. food production, energy generation, etc. The advantage of the Keshe Technology is that all of these critical materials can be out of space wherever you are.
If you’re new to Keshe Technology, please watch this video in full…
Together, let us enforce peace and prosperity around the world!

The content of USB stick of 2012 has been released to public by Taiwanese KF group

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