Ebola Pandemic Accord

The system that would put the Americans into FEMA Camps are in place. The implementing guidelines are being executed in at least 2 years, and this month is probably its climax as the Ebola pandemic has been initiated weeks ago.

FEMA Pandemic Exercise Series

PANDEMIC ACCORD: 2013-14 Pandemic Influenza Continuity Exercise Strategy 

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Nuke False Flag Averted by 4 US Generals

As some of you may have known we’ve been attacked with an earthquake machine once again where we are still counting the dead up to this point.

Then this update from Keenan came in 2 days ago, about the four generals who stood their ground to avert a nuclear false flag.



The situation is so tense at this point but it is undeniable that the good guys are winning. We just need for people who are lurking to hijack the gains of the revolution.

Take care everyone.

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The aim is to make the subject of free energy more understandable for the layman so that anybody could replicate and install his own power plant and be completely living off-grid.

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Will the Mass Arrests Start with Pelosi and The Obamas?

According to the latest update from Drake [MP3], the following are to be arrested any day from now:

  • Nancy Pelosi
  • Michelle and Barack Obama
  • Eric Holder
  • Timothy Geithner
  • Joe Biden
  • Harry Reid
  • George HW Bush

It was said that of the eight listed above, Nancy Pelosi has been arrested already according to the arresting officer himself. This is yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, over in Italy, Cabalists are killing each other, according to the latest report by Benjamin Fulford.

We also need to watch the upcoming activation of an International Common Law Court that will hear complaints against the Crown, Big Pharma and the Vatican on September 15, 2012.

One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

You can join the fight against the Dark Cabal and accelerate its demise just by boycotting Big Pharma. You can effectively do this by downloading “Towards Healthcare Emancipation“, a fully illustrated do-it-yourself instructional eBook that will help you in implementing all eClinik methods that would negate the use of expensive medicine, avoid radioactive diagnostics and treatments in completely defeating cancer, AIDS and all other parasitic diseases. These methods, when faithfully followed, work 100% all the time. Find out more about this here.

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