Everybody's Happy After Minsk Talk 2.0 Except Poroshenko

As expected, the promised explosive presentation by Poroshenko didn’t make it to the screen. He came to the negotiation with nothing to bargain with. Worse, the BBC, in an attempt to redeem itself at this late hour, has finally aired the truth about the false flag shooting of policemen and Maidan protesters more than a year ago which was used by the West to justify its removal of Yanukovich from power. Continue reading

Minsk Peace Talks 2.0: Will Poroshenko's Latest False Flag Works?

All eyes are set to the ongoing Minsk Peace Talks between countries dubbed as the “Normandy Four”, i.e. France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia. Theatrics?
Yes, they have it.
Bear in mind, these negotiations are done against the backdrop of continuing attacks against civilians in Donetsk and Donbass. The rebels do have the upper-hand as approximately 7,000  Kiev troops are being trapped near the village of Debaltsevo in Donbass.
Among those trapped are English-speaking mercenaries like the one captured in a video few days ago.
Also, while Donbass residents and relatives abroad are passionate about defending their homeland, Western Ukrainians are actively opposing mandatory conscription to Kiev’s armed forces. Poroshenko currently has standing ” shoot to kill” order for all deserters.
Prior to attending the Minsk, Poroshenko promised an explosive presentation.
1018119705The problem with Poroshenko’s plan is that, just like the passports he presented earlier, this missile amounts to nothing as it had been fired from their own launcher — a false flag operation.
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