China Investing $5.2bn in Russia’s First High Speed Railway

Other countries would commit their words into action in a matter of decades or not at all, but in China nowadays actions start in just a matter of a few months from the press conference.
All of its commitments around the globe are being complied in realistic timeframes, be it in Africa, South America or in its closest ally, Russia.
Surely, high-speed rides are a lot better than hypersonic warheads, don’t you think?
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Breaking! Russian Opposition Politician Shot Dead @ Front of Kremlin

It wouldn’t surprise us should this killing be blamed on Putin. Until recently, Putin enjoys at least 80% Russian population popularity. There simply is no motivation to eliminate political enemies at this time.
He should know. He comes from the intelligence community. And so far, all he’s done is being effective at his strategies in Ukraine, Syria and Crimea.
In deep contrast, the other side is so notorious for launching false flag operations when checkmated.
Well, the Minsk Peace Talks 2.0  was another checkmate for the CIA, right?
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